Anything For Us l.h

This is the third book to Anything Can happen.
©Copyrights of Jen Hemmings 2014 all rights reserved.


18. xviii.

                                                              I walk into the room, my blue eyes see her laying in bed. Machines hooked up to her. I close the door behind me and take small steps towards her. My eyes go wide seeing her in the state she's in, it's almost like she's a different person. As i get closer i feel my hands shake, tears threaten to fall once more.

                                                                   I sit next to her my eyes scan her body up and down. Her hands are filled with scars dried up blood around them. I touch them and their cold. Her skin is pale like a snow pale. Her lips are chapped with a scar in the middle. Her eyes closed not allowing me to see her colorful eyes that always held joy. 

                                                  I bite my lip, this was hard seeing her like this. I felt like destroying everything. I hide my face by her stomach and just cry. i cry i take out my pain. Theses tears are of sadness and madness, i feel unless not being able to help her get out of this horrible nightmare. 

                                                          My mind shifts to the baby inside of her. It would mean the world to me for her to wake up so we can experience this together. Get prepared to become parents, paint the baby's room, pick out the furniture the clothes.But that won't  happen until she get's better, which is unknown. I look back up at her and kiss her forehead.

                                                    " I love you Kendall" I whisper as i put my forehead against her.

                              " Remember forever and always ?'' I ask softly hoping i can hear her say yes. But i can't.

                                                               " Please, i need you to wake up. i need you here i want to hear your laugh and your voice. I want to see those beautiful eyes of yours. I want to kiss your lips well your awake, i want to see the smile on your lips. I want to see your hair blow in the wind. I want you to be able to hold your hand. I want to feel the touch of your skin. I want to hear you say you love me'' I say as my voice cracks and i continue to cry.

                                                              " I just need you here with me"


                                                          " Luke you need to take care of yourself. I know it's hard to see Kendall like this but you need to eat and sleep right.'' Cal says, It's been three months. And she still hasn't been able to get out of her coma.

                                                                   " I can't Cal. i just need to be with her to make sure she's alright. I want to see her when she wakes up." He signs but nods with me.

                                                                    " We all do Luke, but we need to be strong... Kendall would want you to get your sleep and want you to take care of yourself"

                                                                            " You don't understand, what if she leaves me and i. i....i just ca't i already lost my mom, i lost my ''dad'' i have to deal with my real dad, i what if i lose her the love of my life. What if she leaves and i wasn't there to say goodbye or hear her last heartbeat. I can't Cal i need to be with her"

                                                 I run a hand through my hair trying not to breakdown again.      

                                                                  "I know Luke I know but we need to stay positive and take care of ourselves too. Kendall wouldn't want to see you like this now please come spend the night with me and Jade so you can get your rest Alex and Zayn will be here to watch Kendall'' I bite my lip and just nod and let Cal lead me to his house.


            Almost four months have passed by and Kendall hasn't awaken. It's hard not being able to hear her voice and her laugh, as well as looking into her hazel eyes and getting lost in them, her lips always holding a frown it was hard seeing her like this. All i wanted was for her to wake up and have everything go back to normal. During the time she's being in her coma i haven't been able to get the best of sleep or eat well. I always looked tired and paler than usually i spent all my time in the hospital just looking after Kendall and hoping she'll wake up soon.

                                                                      Today The guys and I have to go tell the fans why we can't continue the tour, no one but me and Kendall's friends and family know that she's in a coma. We made sure the press stayed out of the hostial by getting her a room with security. The girls will be joining us as well since they were going to be joining us. I didn't feel the need to go, but Cal told me we had to do it. We had gotten to the Syco were the meeting with the press will be held, the fans will be able to see through their computers at home. 

                                                                    " Do you think she woke up ?'' I ask Ash, he shrugs and hold a frown on his lips. It seems like everyone these days haven been holding a frown on their lips. 

                                                                          " If she does Zayn and the others will tell us" I nod, by the others he meant Harry , we might not get along but i don't feel like fighting with him when Kendall's like this.I  turn to look at Alex, he wanted to come with us to tell everyone the reason as to why his daughter hasn't been around. We take a seat in front of the press, Alex seating in the middle i sit next to him and look at the press taking pictures on us and getting their notepads out to write down questions.

                                             Alex clears his throat and looks at his hands before  looking back up at the press. He turns to Cal and nods at him to talk Cal nods back and begins.

                                                                     " Morning uh... The reason has to why we wanted to hold this meeting is to say that, We canceled the world tour." Talking becomes louder as question are being thrown at us. Jesy manages to shut them all up. Alex takes his mic and begins to talk.  

                                                              " As you may know almost three months ago my daughter Kendall Hilton O'Connor was in a car accident. At the times we didn't want to share the information with anyone accept with our family since the news was terrible to hear...Kendall is currently in a coma. We don't know when she'll wake up, this was the reason as to why we decided to cancel the tour for both bands." The room goes quiet for a moment.

                                         '' What if she never wakes up ?'' A question is popped from the crowd of people.

                                                         " She will i know she will" I say as fast as i could.

                                                            '' Little Mix, Will you stop your careers just for Kendall ?''

                                                                 " Absolutely she is like our sister she made this dream come true and if she isn't here to live it with us then we're not living it either'' Jade says.

                                                                     '' I think that's enough questions for the day''Simon says, we all get out of the room and head back to our cars in silent. I ignore the flashes of the press and hide my face, i feel so so unwanted so cold all i need is a light to help me out but the only light that can help me out is Kendall. What's going to happen ?

                                                                                 " Guys...Ross woke up"


              " Why the hell were you with her ?'' I ask as i storm into his room my hands in fists as i look him in the eye.

                                                    " Get out of my room" I laugh and step closer to him.

                                                                " Not until you tell me mate.'' Before he could speak Cal and Zayn come in and hold me back. 

                                                                            '' Luke you can't attack him he is in a cruel state" Zayn says. I look back at Ross and my eyes are disgusted. He shouldn't be alive my mind said.

                                                                               " Answer my fucking question"He looks taken a back but he manages to do what i say.

                                                                       " I, I...I kidnapped her and drove to my apartment but we didn't make it because we kept fighting and i crashed." My blood began to boil and i felt the need to beat him up maybe kill so he feels the pain i feel but physically.

                                                                          " You motherfucker, i will beat the living crap out of you" Before i get my hands on him I'm being pulled away and the next thing i know i'm outside in the parking lot.

                                                                          " Lucas calm down, we're pissed to but we can't beat him up for him'' Cal says as he tries to keep me from going.

                                                                       " His the reason for this Cal, he is the reason that Kendall's in a Coma" I cry as i point to the hospital.

                                                          A/n- hey guys, how do you love this chapter ? I still have two more weeks till my cast gets off. And i've been dealing with some haters saying that it's just an excuse for me not to update. which is complete false. Now i'm never a rude person but when it comes to haters...let's say my bitchy side comes out tehe. BUT for the fans who believe in me i love you so much with all my heart. And i want you to know that. please comment below and have a wonderful day. once again i love you all and remember stay strong warriors! 


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