Anything For Us l.h

This is the third book to Anything Can happen.
©Copyrights of Jen Hemmings 2014 all rights reserved.


17. xvii.

                                                                 " Where is she ? Where's Kendall ?'' I ask like a crazy person. We had reached the hospital and i ran all the way into the front desk where i spot Alex and Joy. The two stand up and calm me down.

                                                          " she isn't here yet they had to rush other people on to the ambulance as well and " Before Joy could continue talking i hear yelling. I turn around and my eyes go wide.

                                                             " Move please'' I don't until Cal pushes me over. I see her laying in a bed, her eyes were closed. She looked paler than before. I run towards her and walk with the two nurses. I put my hand on top of her small one. Her face is marked with small scars and her arm is bleeding so much. I notice her pink lips are now chapped.

                                                                         "I'm sorry sir, but you can't come in she's going into surgery" A man stops me from coming in as they take Kendall into the room. I try to fight him and push him off of me.

                                                                             " I need to see her she's my fiance" I say rather loud. I feel two hands pull me away. I turn around and i see Cal.

                                                                               " Luke we need to wait. Everything's going to be alright" Tears begin to rush down my cheeks. I run a hand through my hair and walk out towards the waiting room and look out the window. Wanting to be alone, hoping just hoping that everything well be alright and that she'll come out fine.

                                                                             I don't want to lose Kendall, i can't my life wouldn't be complete without her i need. And i don't have her then i might as well leave this world. I've had so any people leave my life so fast and then there's Kendall whose been with me the longest. She's a part of me she makes me feel complete. And i just can't lose her. I run a hand through my hair and let out a huge sigh. i wipe my tears and walk back and forth.

                                                     " Luke, please calm down'' I look up to see Ash and Jesy.

                                                                   " How the fuck do you want me to calm down?'' Jesy looks at Ash. Whose face is upset.

                                                                        "look we're all stressed and want her to be alright but don't take it out on Ash. Kendall is going to be alright she's strong and she'll be fine" Jesy says. I sit down on the chair ans use my hands to cover my face.

                                                                           " I don't know i just, how did this happen ? how did she get out of the building ?'' I ask them. I look at Jesy and see guilt spread on her face. Ash sits across from me and looks up at Jesy before talking.

                                                                          " She was with Ross her ex." I feel angry, if he didn't come in, Kendall would be fine.

                                                          Why was she with him ? did she plan this ? 

                                                                    " What ?'' I stand and run a hand though my hair, all these questions were bothering me. I just wanted to get away from everybody and have Kendall here with me.

                                                                             " That's what we said, but we won't find out until Ross wakes up. Because there's a big chance he could be in a coma" Ash says.

                                                                         " I, why ?'' Jesy comes up to me and gives me a hug. I hug her back and cry. I just need her to be safe.

                                                                    ''Jesy, i can't lose her'' I sob, i let out every tear i could.

                                                                           ''you won't lose her'' i pray shes right.


                                                                                It's been three hours but it's felt like years.  I been up and down worrying , praying and just waiting for the doctors news on how Kendall is doing. Everyone was quiet and anxious to see what was going to happen.  Cal thought it was right to let Zayn and the others back in London know what happened. All seven of them would be here as soon as they could. 

                                                             '' Family member s of Ms. Kendall O' Connor" I look up to see Alex and Joy walk towards the Doctor. Jesy and Cal walked towards me and told me to come. I nod and walk with them and stand next to Alex. Who was just in the same condition i was heartbroken that his daughter was here.

                                                                        " Okay so we have so bad news and some good news. The good news is that she is in a stable condition and there's no surgery that we had to do, and the baby is safe as well." I let out a small sigh and so does Cal.

                                                                              " So what's the bad news ?'' Jesy asks. The doctor sighs and crosses his arms and looked at me. I began to feel my heart pound faster and faster.

                                                                     '' Well she got hit pretty pretty hard in the head. We had to see if anything big was going on. And we found out she's in a coma. Sadly we don't know for how long. It's her bodies choice on whether she can wake up again or not. I have looked through her files and found out she had been in a comma for a month...this coma might be longer'' I begin to feel my whole world stop.

                                                                       ''will she ever wake up ?'' i ask.

                                        ''like i said we're not sure. So what our plan is to keep her in the hospital for the rest of her pregnancy. Since the baby is still alive we can give Ms. O'Connor a lot of medical attention to help the baby. When the baby is due and Ms.  O'Connor isn't awake yet we can put her in a c section to have the baby. If Ms. O'Connor isn't awake by then you can choose to pull the plug'' I turn around and walkaway, i can't take this pain inside of me. I can't lose her i can't.

                                                                 i walk, i just walk into the hallway that has all the rooms of patients. I look around me and i feel like everything is broken. There's nothing left in my life if she doesn't wake up. I blink and i feel tears fall. I put my back against the wall and slide down. I sit on the cold floor my hands covering my face as i feel my mind do in one large circle.

                                                          How could everything go so fine but end up in a tragedy ?

                                                                          I take a couple minutes processing everything. Trying to wish this was a dream but i knew it wasn't.

                                                                       i feel someones presence. I look up and see Jade. Her eyes are red from crying, her lips that usually held a smile were put in a frown.

                                                                      '' Luke, i know this is hard for you...all of us but she's strong and i know she'll wake up.'' I stand up and just look at her.

                                                                    ''what if she doesn't Jade ? What if...she leaves ? I never got to say goodbye or hold her ?'' She shakes her hand and takes  her hand and wipes her tears away. 

                                                                           ''don't say that, she's going to be fine and before you know it everything will go backs to normal." She says as she wraps her arms around me. I hug her back and we both stand there crying.

                                                                             ''We just need to wait and see''

                        After a few minutes we pull away and head back to the waiting room. I had found out that family members were only allowed to see her just for today. And that tomorrow Jade and i could see her, i respected that so i stayed in the waiting room. Michael was sitting next to Leigh Anne. The two seemed to be talking their eyes looked tried and red. Jesy was on her phone sitting by the corner she was probably talking to Zayn and the others.

                                                                     Jade was drinking coffee and tears were still leaving her eyes. Ash was sitting by himself looking out the window. I was leaning against a wall looking around and thinking. I get off the wall and begin to walk to the chapel located on the other side of the hospital. I needed to ask him to have him wake her up.  

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