Anything For Us l.h

This is the third book to Anything Can happen.
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16. xvi.

                                                                                 "Okay now Kendall, i do want to know where you got that ring ?'' Jimmy asked. Yes Jimmy Fallon. He was in Australia for a couple days and the girls and i were currently getting interviewed.

                                                                            The girls and i laugh before i could say anything. This was my first interview since Luke and i had been engaged and honestly  Luke and i wanted it to be private since we do enjoy our privacy unlike Jesy and Ash who feel perfectly fine with telling the world all of their problems. They were like an open book. I clear my throat and cross my legs.

                                                                         " Luke and Kendall are engaged" Jesy squeals before i  could say anything. Jade and i look at her in shock while Leigh Anne and the audience is laughing.

                                                        " Well thank you Jesy for you help" She smiles and laughs.

                                                                         " Woah woah, wait a second here. You two are engaged, and i haven't been informed ?'' I turn a little red and let out a small laugh.

                                                                                        " I'm sorry Jimmy you should've been in Australia a month ago'' He laughs and stands up.

                                                                                " You two are great at keeping secrets, but i am invited to the wedding right ?'' I shake my head no and he pretends to be hurt.

                                                                                    "Don't worry Jimmy you can be Leigh Anne date to the wedding" Jade says, we all end up laughing while Jimmy does another playful eye roll.

                                                                           " At least someone loves me besides my mom" The audience is filled with more laughter.

          " Well i'm happy for both of you come on let's give an applause for the couple" I turn to give Jesy a small glare and her face is ready to explode with laughter.

                                                                      " Alright up next we will see Kylie Jenner and Khole " We get off the stage and the first thing Jesy does is laugh. I roll my eyes and hit her.

                                                                              " Did you guys see Jimmy's face when Jesy said that ?'' Jade asked we all nodded and walked outside and into our car.

                                                      " Yeah it was funny" Leigh Anne says while adding a laughing. Before i can make a comment my phone rings. I answer it since it was Luke.

                                                                                         " Hi Luke" I smile as i wait for his respond , i mange to hear Ash and Cal yelling at each other in the background. While someone is saying pizza.

                                                                     " Hey babe, are you coming to our show with the girls tonight or would you rather stay home ?'' His accent is soft when he asks the question.

                                                                        " We'll be there we just got out of the interview, we just have to drop off some things and be there in ten minutes" The girls all give me weird looks and mouth 'who is it'.

                                                                                        " Alright, I'll see you then I love you" I put my finger up to the girls who are now on top of me trying to listen to the phone and who I'm talking to.

                                                                                        " I love you too, bye' I hang up and start laughing at Jade whose asking questions Jesy taking my phone away and Leigh Anne laughing with me.

                                                                                  " It was Luke he wanted to know if we were going to their gig tonight and i said yes" They all let out an oh.

                                                                                        " Then that makes sense i mean who else would she say i love you too" Jade says while giving a cheeky smile.

                                                                                        Katie's point of view

                                                                   " Ross are you a complete idiot ? Do you not see the fucking ring on her finger ?'' I yell while putting my hands up in the air. He snorts and walks around the room in a circle.

                                                                            " I have eyes Katie i'm not fucking blind....listen we have to wait if we'' i shake my head no and turn him around so his facing me.

                                                                              " I'm not waiting anymore we are going to do the plan. Today, i don't give a damn on what your opinion is, you need to get Kendall while i distract Luke. And today they play a show and we will be able to get her by sneaking in backstage.'' I demand he laughs and takes his large hand and puts it on my neck and pins me against the wall choking me. I bring my skinny one hand up to his and try to claw them off while i gasp for air my vision becoming faint.

                                                                       " Oh darling, did you forget whose the one in charge ? We aren't doing that, you stay here while i go and get Kendall and beat the crap out of her and i will bring her over to you. Got it ?'' He says, i can't fully hear him all i can do is nod and try to reach for air. He lets go and i fall to the ground. My eyes glance up to cold brown eyes staring down at me.

                                                                              " That's what i thought, I'll see you in a couple sweetheart" I hold on to my neck and watch him leave.

                                                                               " No one disrespects me like that, no one" I whisper and stand up and grab my phone.

                                                                    " Hello miss how can i help you ?'' 

                                                          " Hello, i have information on Ross Lewis" I smirk.

                                                                                  Kendall's point of view

                                                                                       " I have to go to the bathroom I'll meet you guys in their dressing room" I tell the girls. We had arrived at the stage the boys would be playing at. Of course we had given fans autographs and took pictures with them.  

                                                                            " Alright but be fast" Jesy warns i laugh and nod and make my way to the bathrooms. I go in and i feel like puking again, honesty it was really stressful being pregnant but at the same time i was kinda of happy that i was going to have a child.

                                                                               I get out of the stall and risen my mouth and put on some mouth spray and walk out of the bathroom. Before i could head to the dressing room a hand comes in contact with my shoulder, i'm turned around and suddenly i freeze. I can't move my body, i feel memories rushing in my mind and not the good ones. His evil, cold brown eyes were staring down at me and his lips held an evil smirk.

                                                                              " Lovely to see you here Kendall" My hands are shaking and before i can open my mouth I'm being dragged out of the building. 

                                                                             " Let me go Ross" I yell as i try to hit him and push him away from me. But it's no use his body is to strong for me. He lets out a dark chuckle and grabs my wrist tightly. I let out a wince at the pain his grasp was to tight. Before i know I'm outside and I'm thrown into a car.

                                                                             " Trust me Kendall you're mine now and nobody else is going to come near you" He begins to drive at a fast pace and i cant help but yell at him.

                                                                           " I'm not yours Ross and I'm not afraid of you anymore. So let me out and forget about me." He takes my hand and gives it a tight grip.

                                                                           " You listen to me darling, you're mine and i don't give a fuck about anyone else you made my life a living hell in jail so now it's payback" Tears begin to form and i try to pry his hand off of mine.

                                                                      " No I'm not let me go you prick" I start slapping his hand away and i feel the car moving side to side. I stop and look ahead.

                                                                              " Ross watch out'' I yell once more and before he could say anything the head lights of a semi truck is in front of us. I yell until i longer can. 

                                                                               Luke's point of view

                                             " Where's Kendall ?'' I ask the girls as i put my guitar down. I haven't seen her all day and all i wanted to do was attack her with kisses and hug her. 

                                                                      " She's in the bathroom, she'll be here in a few" I nod at Jade and grab my water and take a drink. Ash and Jesy are watching tv while Cal and Jade are making out and Leigh Anne is on her phone while Michael is eating. The two broke up not too long ago. They thought it would be better to see other people.

                                         I join Ash and Jesy and grab the remote and flip through the channels.

                                                          " Lucas you're so rude" Ash says, i roll my eyes playfully and continue to change the channels.

                                                                 " really me rude, don't you mean you ?'' I ask, he thinks for a moment and stays quiet i let out a chuckle and find Jesy snatching the remote away from me.

                                                                          " We're all rude it's okay" She says Ash and i laugh and turn our focus back on the tv. 

                                                                             " Jesy why did you stop on the news ?'' Ash asks, i turn to look at Jesy who shrugged.

                                                                  " I don't know i feel like somethings wrong. I'm going to go check on Kendall" We nod and watch her leave i grab the remote and before i could change it the reporter says something that catch's my attention.

                                                      " The vehicle crashed into this large semi truck. the truck drive was rushed to the hospital as  well as the two teens who crashed.''   Images were shown of the crash and it was pretty bad.

                                                                    " One of the teens were identity's were discovered. Kendall Hilton pop singer and idol to many teen girls. We don't know the conditionals of the two but there pretty bad"                                  

                                                  I drop the remote and suddenly a picture of Kendall is shown.

                                                                     " Guys, Kendall isn't in the bathroom i can't find her anywhere'' I stand up and look at Cal whose on the phone.

                                                                 '' We gotta go to the hospital now" He says. I nod and run out of the dressing room ad into my car. I don't care about this show all i care about is Kendall. I wait for Cal to come in and drive knowing i wasn't in the condition. I need to see her.

                                               A/n- hey guys ! Sorry for not writing I've been in and out of the hospital and it's just been crazy. But heres a chapter, please tell me what you think. Don't forget to comment, like and favorite. Also i just published a new movellas called Catch me a Luke hemmings fan fic so if you don't mind checking that out ! I love you all and remember stay strong.

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