Anything For Us l.h

This is the third book to Anything Can happen.
©Copyrights of Jen Hemmings 2014 all rights reserved.


15. xv.

                                                                             After texting Luke i arrived home and changed into a pair of jeans and a crop top since Jesy told me we were all going to a causal dinner. Of course we were going to The Bay, the local restaurant by my Aunt Joy's old house and also the first restaurant i went to when i got here. I left my hair in it's natural curls and just applied a small amount of makeup. I put on my white converse and grab my phone and walk down the stairs to see my dad and my Aunt joy at the door. Luke had invited them as well since he said it was really important.

                                                                   " Ready to go kiddo ?'' I nod at my dad and we all walk out the door. My dad's arm around my shoulder while my Aunt Joy walked next to me. We got in the car and began to share laughs and a couple jokes here in there.

                                                      We arrived at The Bay and spotted Luke and the whole crew. They sat outside with a perfect view of the beach. The sunset painted in the sky. We all walked towards them, Dad and Aunt Joy take a seat. While i walk up to Luke, who is now standing and gives me a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

                                               " You look beautiful" I smile at his words and kiss his lips.

                                                           " Thank you" He smiles and we sit down. 

                                    The table was filled with laughter and loudness. After a good dinner we all waited for our desserts to come. My knee was bouncing up and down nervous on how to tell everyone about Luke and i having a child. I don't know how they are going to take it especially Luke. My thoughts are interrupted when Luke clears his throat. The table is silent and all eyes are on him. He stands up from his seat and clears his throat once more, my eyes move to Jesy and Ash who have their phones out and are recording this, i raise an eyebrow but turn back to Luke.

                                                                " Alright, so the reason why i asked everyone to come for dinner was because i have a really important question that could change my life forever" I shift in my seat to turn my body towards Luke. he clears his throat once more before talking again, i could tell he was nervous and honestly i as afraid of what was going to happen next.

                                                          " This restaurant that we are in right now, id the restaurant in which i fell for Kendall Marie Hilton. I remember the day we got lost on our way home from the airport and how you argued with me and wouldn't keep your mouth shut. We hated each other, but the thing was i loved you and you didn't know because i covered it up with hate. We had our ups and down through this ride and to be honest I've never been so happy, every moment that i spend with you is amazing. I never want it to end, but sadly it does and i have to wait till the next day to tell you i love you. I love everything about you. your laugh,your smile,your eyes,your voice everything. You were made for me" He stops his sentence and by now i feel tears of joy coming. I wipe them quickly with my hand.

                                                                     " I'll take care of you with all of my life... If you left me i wold never be able to love again that's a promise, i need you in my life. If i can't have you, then no one can have you because you are the most valuable thing in my world and i want to wake up every morning to see you and tell you how much i love you. I want to be cooking in the kitchen on late nights making a mess, i want to sing for you at every concert and i want to grow old with you. I will love you for the rest of my life until the day i die" By now his eyes are filled with water tears threatening to come but a proud smile is on his lips. He gets down on one knee, my hands come up to my mouth and my hazel green eyes go wide. He pulls out a small blue box from his pocket and opens it. To reveal a beautiful diamond ring.

                                                                       " Kendall Marie Hilton, will you marry me" I stand up and hug him almost tipping him over. his arms wrapped around my waist.

                                                                              " Yes oh my god yes Luke" I hear the sound of claps coming from all of our friends. I pull away and kiss his lips. I feel his lips smile into mine.

                                                                I open my eyes once we pull away and smile at him. 

                                                                    " Well then i believe this belongs to you now" I look down at the ring and hold out my hand he puts the ring on my finger and i hear the boys let out yells and whistle which makes me laugh.

                                                    We both stand up and Luke puts his arm around my waist. Before he can sit down i hold on to his hand making sure he doesn't sit down.

                                                                 " Wait, i have another surprise'' Everyone looks at me with enticement written all over their eyes. I take a deep breathe and look down at my stomach.

                                                             " I'm pregnant" I bite my lip and wait for everyone to respond. My eyes search the whole table. The boys eyes are wide my dad's mouth is wide open and before i could look at the girls well there;s a yell. I look towards Jesy and she runs towards me and hugs me. Jade, Aunt Joy and Leigh Anne also run towards me. I chuckle and hug Jesy back.

                                                                                  " congrats Ken. if it's a girl you can call her Jesy" I laugh and we pull away and hug the other girls.

                                                                 " sure Jesy" She laughs and hugs me again.

                                                                         " Ken i think you killed the boys" Aunt Joy says. I look at all of them and their in a trance, especially Luke.

                                                " Boys hello" I say, Jesy and i wave into Ashton and Luke's faces.

                                                                 " So i'm going to be a dad ?" I nod and Jesy and i continue to wave our hands in Ashton's face. 

Before we could continue i feel Luke's hands on my waist as he carry's me in the air making me laugh. He sets me down and hugs me.

                                                                                  " I'm going to have a baby penguin" The girls and i laugh. I kiss his lips and nod.

                                                                             " Luke, I'm going to be an uncle. Oh lord, just letting you know i'm going to spoil your kid" Cal says with a smile.

                                                           " Cal that's not important. I'm going to be an uncle too and so is Michael. Right Luke" Cal rolls his eyes while i laugh. Before Luke can respond Jade comes in the conversation.

                                                                 " Ash your forgetting that Leigh Anne, Jesy and I are going to be Aunts. This is so exciting" I smile at Jade and give her a hug.

                                    " Of course you guys are, you're like sisters to me" The girls smile and give me a hug.  

                                                      " Hey ma your going to be a grandma" Cal announces i turn over to my Aunt joy who is by my dad. My eyes go wide when i see her waving a hand in front of his face. I walk over to them and out a hand on my dads shoulder.

                                                                 " Dad, you still there" I ask him, he didn't replied back. My Aunt Joy and i kept waving our hands in front of his face. When suddenly he snapped out of his trance.

                                          " Kendall i...a word" I nod and help him stand up and walk towards the beach.                                                                                                   " I'm happy that you and Luke are going to get married...but are you two even sure you can take care of a child. I mean you have a world tour coming up" I cross my arms and think for a moment, he had a very good point. i can't let the girls down they've been so happy about this tour as well as i. And it would truly be heartbreaking to tell them.   

                                                    '' what do i do ?'' He puts a hand on my shoulder.

                                                                    " I think you should stay here with Joy and I. I don't want anything happening to that baby. And i want you to be for you and Luke , i want you too wait" i nod knowing he was right. If Luke and i wanted to get married there wold be many plans to make for the wedding. And i do want to be safe and healthy with this baby. Dr. Martinez told to take good care of myself.

                                                                            " But I'm still happy for should of seen how nervous that boy was when he asked me for your hand" I laugh a little and hug my dad.

                                                                                         " Thank you dad" I whisper. I hear a small chuckle escape from his mouth.

                                                                        " I'll be here every step of the way"

                                                " I know you will" We pull apart and give each other smiles.

                                                            " Come on let's go join the others" I nod and we walk back to our table and talk with the others.

                                                          This night has been the best night of my life, not only because i was with m friends and family. But with the love of my life.

                                                                      A/N- Hey guys sorry for the long wait. but heres a chapter hope you like it. please comment,like and favorite and tell me what you think. I love you all and remember stay strong.                                


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