Anything For Us l.h

This is the third book to Anything Can happen.
©Copyrights of Jen Hemmings 2014 all rights reserved.


19. xix.

                                                        ''I can't just calm down, he made this mess, he put the love of my life in a coma and my child is paying the price, what if something happens to both of them ?'' I begin to panic and i just breakdown.

                                                                         " Mate, listen to me. I want to beat his ass too, but we would get in trouble. We already said he was going to jail.  Once Kendall's awake she'll be safe." I watch Zayn runs a hand through his hair while Cal tries to talk me out of beating up Ross.

                                         "I don't know, i just want to be alone." He shakes his head and puts a hand on my back.

                                                         " You have to be strong, for Kendall" I wipe my tears.

                                                                   " Luke i think it's best if you talk to a friend of mine, She was in the same situation Kendall is in now" I look at Zayn confused. Cal nods while i shrug.

                                         " Let me call her and see if she can find a flight" I nod, Cal walks me to the hospital and into the waiting room


            It's been eight months now and Kendall is still in a coma. Summer wasn't fun it was many days spent in the hospital. The fall approached and everything around me seemed depression we didn't get out much or perform many gigs. Maybe two or three a month but that's it. i wanted to hear the story Zayn's friend was going to tell but at the same time i wanted to be with Kendall. Zayn's friend had trouble getting here since she was helping children in Africa for awhile.

           I was sitting down in a hospital chair in the waiting room. i look up and see Zayn back with a girl. She had long blond hair, blue eyes and a small smile on her face, i notice she was short and skinny. She also had a white stick, she was blind. She sits down across from me with the help of Zayn.

                                                                              " Luke, this is Ana." 

                                                                     " Hello" I say almost in a whisper.                   

          " Hi Luke... Zayn told me what happen to your finance, i was actually in a similar situation when i was younger i got in a car crash and ended up being in a coma for a year...I had been kidnapped by a stranger who tried to hurt me." She takes a deep breath before she continues.                     

                                                                        '' While i was in my coma i could hear everything my family and friends were saying but my body wouldn't let me wake up. After i woke up from the coma my family was filled with joy. But i became blind, my brother wanted to take his anger out on the man who hurt me." Her smile fades into a frown. 

                                                                             " He did, he killed that man. My brother is now in prison...he did it because he wanted revenge he wanted pay back for making my life miserable. But what my brother didn't know was that i was still the same person, i just can't see" I look at Zayn and he nods.

                                          " Your not mad at the person who did this to you" She shakes her head.

                                                           " I was at the beginning but it's all over now his gone, the only memory i have of him is that i'm blind. But I've learned to deal with it."

                                                                        " Then what should i do ?'' 

                                                                       " worry about Kendall right now" Her lips form a smile. I stand up and walk over to her and give her a hug.

                                                 " Thank you, your story helped" She wraps an arm around me.

                                " No need to thank me" I pull away and walk over to Zayn who was leaning against a wall.                                                                       " Thanks for bringing her over mate" He nods and pats my back.

                                                                        " I knew she would help you out" I nod, and turn to see Ana talking to Cal and Jade.

                                                     " How did you two meet ?'' He puts his hands in his pockets and looks at Ana.

                                                      "Well i actually bumped into her in London. I was was walking out of my flat when i saw her. We grew close to each other and after knowing each other for a couple months she's now my girlfriend" A smile on his lips as he tells his story. Before i can tell him anything i notice...Katie.

                                         " That's great mate...ah hold on I'll be right back" He nods and i make my way towards Katie.

                                           " What are you doing here" She turns around and a frown is on her lips.

                                           " Luke i heard about Kendall when i was in Sydney, and i also heard about Ross. I tried to stop him that day" I raise an eyebrow and look around. I grab her arm and drag her out of the waiting room.

                                            " You knew about this ?" She nods and moves away from me.

                                             " He told me the day of the accident he wanted to take her away. I called the police but they didn't get there on time. I would've stop him but he choked me and locked me in the room." She explains using hand motions and tears coming down her cheeks.

                                            " I just wanted to come check on Ross, if that's fine ?'' I nod and look at her closely. She turns around and walks.

                                          " Katie" I say, she turns around and waits for me to say something.

                                       " Thanks for trying to help that day" She nods and gives me a small smile.

           " I know you love her Luke, i just tried my best" I nod and she leaves. I walk back to the waiting room and wait.

                                                                                Katie's point of view

                                                               I turn around and i see Luke walking away. I quickly make a left turn into to room 324. The nurse said it was Kendall's room, i make sure no one is following me and i open the door and get in. I close it and i see Kendall, i smirk and walk towards her. I notice her poor state, i roll my eyes and sit next to her.

                                                             " What a sad thing to you like this" I laugh and stand up as i walk around, i notice the big baby bump on her stomach.

                                                            " I can't believe Luke believed me... Of course after i leave all he'll have is me" I tell to the unconscious person in front of me.

                                                                " Despite Ross trying to kill me, he did a good job in putting you in a coma. But he didn't finish so i guess i have to do it" I smirk and slowly make my way towards the machines i begin to take one by one out.

                                                                " Goodbye Kendall" I was about to take the last one out but a nurse walks in with a doctor.

                                                               " What are you doing ? Security" The doctor yells, the nurse runs towards me and connects the plugs back in. I try to run out the room but i get caught by a big and bold man.

                                                     '' Let go of me you ass" I yell while I'm begin dragged out.

                                                                                Luke's point of view

                                                                 We all hear yelling coming from a girl, she's swearing at the security guards and kicking. The whole hospital looks at her as if she was mental. before we can see who it was a nurse runs up to us.

                                                                             " Ms. Hilton's family" We all stand up. She looks a little shock but continues.

                                                                           " We have some news, can i see her parents or ay siblings'' I look at Cal and he drags me with him to Kendall's room, I'm about to say something but i get stopped by the nurse.

                                                                 " Someone came into Ms. Hilton's room and tried to...tried to kill her by taking out her plugs. The security team came in on time to take the girl away, but we do have some problems." Joy is shocked covering her mouth, Alex turns pale, Cal is trying not to cry. While i try to hold everything in.

                                                                    " Since the patient has asthma she had trouble breathing but we controlled, the good news is she's awake" We all look at her as if she was lying.

                                                                      " She's awake ?'' Joy asks, the nurse nods. 

                                                           " Yes...but before you can see her she is running into labor right now. We would've called the father of the children but they had to get the baby out as fast as they could. The problem is it's two months early" My eyes go wide.

                                                " My baby is coming ?'' I ask, she nods and moves to the door.

                                                                " Yes and there's one more surprise but you will have to wait... Can you actually wait in her room. We had to take her to the delivery room, she'll be back" We all nod and walk in.

                                                  I feel so many emotions i don't know what to do or say. i stay by the door waiting for Kendall to come in with our child. Finally I'll be able to hear her laugh, see her smile and hear her voice. I smile and wait. something I've been doing for so long.                                                                            

                                                      A/n-  Hey guys, i finally updated. What did you think of this chapter ? I'm so happy now, i can't wait for yall to read the next chapter. Any who Ana, Zayn's girlfriend is played by Ana Mulvoy ten just for those of you who wanted to know. Please don't forget to comment, like and favorite. I love you all and remember stay strong

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