Anything For Us l.h

This is the third book to Anything Can happen.
©Copyrights of Jen Hemmings 2014 all rights reserved.


14. xiv.

                                                 My hazel eyes flicker open to find myself wrapped around white covers.  I rub my eyes and pull the blanket closer to me and move closer to Luke's body. Last night came into mind and i can't help but bite my lip at how wonderful it was. I look up at Luke and his eyes are closed, his blonde hair was all over the place as well. He let out small snores and his neck was full of my red lipstick stains as well as a few love bites. Before i could continue admiring him i feel a pain in my legs, he defiantly made me sore. I ignore it and put my head on his chest, he shifts a little and moves his arm to my bare back. I close my eyes wanting to sleep again but I'm startled when my phone begins to ring. I let out a small groan and slowly turn around to the night stand and grab my phone and answer it. 

                                                                                 " hello'' I mumble.

                                          " Ken, are you coming to dance practice ?'' I groan as i hear Jesy's question. I loved to dance with the girls and practice but i just couldn't,my legs were to sore. I can't tell Jesy she'll be teasing me for the rest of my life saying she s=was i guess i have to make something up. 

                                                          " No i can't go, I have a bad headache and stomachache" I lie as i ran a hand through my messing brown hair. My eyes darted to Luke who was still sleeping like a baby.

                                      " Aw, feel better then. Do you want me to come over and take care of you ?'' 

                                                     " No it's fine Jesy, now go practice before you get yelled at" She laughs and we say our goodbyes. I put my phone back on the nightstand. I turn around and place my head on Luke's chest once more.

                                                         I close my eyes and fall into a graceful sleep.

                                                                        Luke's point of view

                                                                 I wake up to find Kendall's small body against mine. The white sheets covering our naked bodies, i smile at how peaceful she looks. Her beautiful hazel eyes that looked hazel green in the light,are closed as she takes deep breaths in and out. Her brown hair all over the place and love bites all over her neck from last night. Memories from last night flash into my mind, my smiles grows. My blue eyes dart to my clock to find out it's only three in the afternoon.

                                                           It was almost unreal that i had her for myself. I wish i had the courage to tell her to spend the rest of her life with me but wouldn't that be too risky?

                                                            My thoughts are interrupted when i hear my phone go off. I take it off the night stand to find a message from Cal.

                                                      Cal: Hey Luke, you coming to the studio today ?

                                                            Shit i totally forgot that we had some new songs to work on. But i didn't feel like going, maybe i could just stay here with Kendall. But that means lying to Cal. I sigh and reply back.

                                               Luke: I can't, I'm feeling a little sick. 

                                                                Within a second my phone goes off again.

                                                      Cal: Do you need us to come over ?

                    Luke: No i'm fine just carry on without me.

                          Cal: Alright feel better man.

                          I put my phone back on the night stand, when i turn around i see Kendall with her hazel green eyes open. I smile and peck her lips, she lets out a chuckle and her eyes bore into my blue ones.

                                    " Morning princess" A smile spreads on her lips and her cheeks turn a soft pink.

                                     " Good morning, Luke" I smile and sit up with her. She let's out a small yawn.

                           '' What are the plans for today ?'' She closes her eyes for a moment before opening them again.

                                                         '' Hm, watching movies all day'' I laugh at her shyness but nod. i get out of my bed grabbing my boxers and walking over to my drawers to get some sweats pants. When i put my pants on i turn around to see Kendall still in bed rubbing her eyes. I let out a soft chuckle and grab her a hoodie from out my closet and a pair of sweat pants.

                                          " You want to change or lay in bed all day" She laughs but shakes her head.

                                                                               " Lay in bed" I laugh.

                                                                        " I'll let you change" I say as i place my clothes on the bed for her to change. She nods and i quickly walk out the room and into the living room. 

                                                                                Kendall's point of view

                                                                  As soon as Luke leaves i grab my bra and panties that were on my side on the bed. Once i pull the hoodie over them i try to get out of the bed. A pain comes in contact with my legs, i try to ignore it and quickly change. But instead of changing into Luke's sweat pants and pull out a pair of comfy shorts from my bag and begin to slowly walk to the bathroom. I grab some pain killers and swallow them. I walk out of the room and into the living room to find Luke's back facing me. I rush over to the couch and sit down running a hand through my hair. When he turns around he raises an eyebrow.

                                                   " is everything okay ?'' He asks, i nod not wanting to make him feel bad.

                                                                He slowly nods an sits next to me. We spend the whole day watching movies, sharing kisses, laughs and eating.

                                                                                          * three week*

                                                             After spending two romantic weeks with Luke we both had to go back to our music. I will say that both of us haven't been able to kept out hands off each other.Anyways,the tour was coming up in less than three weeks and everyone was excited for it. The girls and i had been attending many photo shoots and interviews. While i was still working on my album, of course with the help of Luke and Jesy i was able to get by pretty fast and only needed two more songs. 

                                                                       I was currently at home doing my makeup since i had to go to a photo shoot to promote my new album 'My Everything'. I put my makeup brush down and head to bathroom to look at myself in the mirror and to grab my hairspray. When i step in i feel a big pain in my stomach, my head begins to spin, my hands shake and i go towards the toilet feeling the need to throw up. I put my hand up to my forehead and within a minute i throw up. After finishing i flush the toilet and close my eyes.

                                                                                I have been have weird craves lately and feeling nausea for the past five days. I also find myself to have a lot of headaches. Of course i haven't told anyone not wanting to worry them. I sigh and get up from the floor and stand up to brush my teeth. Once i'm done i put my hand on my flat stomach and look at myself in the mirror. i gulp and walk out of the bathroom grabbing my bag and phone. I walk out and into the black car that was waiting for me outside.


                                                           After the photo shoot i sit in the doctors office. I needed to know what was going on. I threw up at least three times during the shoot. I sit in the soft chair my hands shaking once more. My eyes focused on the window watching small amount of cars passing by. I sigh and close my eyes.

                                                                        " Kendall Hilton ?'' I look up to see Dr. Martinez, i give her a small smile and stand up and follow her into a room.

                                                                              " Alright, what brings you here ?'' I sigh and sit on the chair as she sits at her desk.

                                                                      " Well I've been having a lot of headaches and very weird cravings which lead me to throw up. And in the mornings when i wake up i begin to throw up with an empty stomach. And I've past out two times already.It's been going on for almost five days now" I explain, i see a smile appears on her lips. I raise an eyebrow.

                                                   " Ms. Hilton, when was the last time you had sex ?'' My eyes go a little wide, but i answer the question.

                                                                     " About two weeks ago" 

                                                       " And when was the last day of your period ?''

                                                                        Does this mean I'm 

                                                  " February fifth, today days march tenth'' I say slowly.

                                   " Well Ms.Hilton, You are pregnant'' I looked at the ground with wide eyes.

                             " But i was told i could never had children" I hear a chuckle come out of her mouth.

                    " Well whoever told you that was wrong, But just in case i want to check." I nod and stand up. We walk out of the room and i'm handed a small cup and instructions as to what to do. I nod and walk into the bathroom, my mind is filled up with so many thoughts. 

                                                 I'm going to be a mom. Luke and I are going to be parents, but we're too young. I mean there's the tour that's going to be going on for almost six months and the press who are going to be on our tails. How do i tell Luke ?

                                                             I'm scared, i want a child but. I can't go through this. I sigh and walk out of the room with the small cup and hand over to one of the nurses and head back to Dr.Martinez office and wait for the results.


                                                                        " Okay Ms. Hilton. The results came positive. There are some things we need to discuss. You need to make an appointment every month to check on how the baby is doing, since you have been told that you couldn't have children there are high probability that you could have a miscarriage so i want you to call me if you feel any pains okay" I and and give her smile and walk out the building.

                                                                           I get in the black jeep and we begin to drive home. I look out the window trying to fix my thoughts and calm myself. My hand is on my stomach, there's a baby inside of me, i think.  Before i could continue my phone goes off. I unlock it to see a message from Luke.

                                       Hey babe, i have a surprise for you. Dinner at seven with our friends.

                                                                               I quickly text back.

                                                                   I have a surprise too.


                          A/n- Woah, whose excited !!!!!!! I'm truely sorry for not updating i have had basketball games, softball practice  and dance competitions and i just haven't had time to update. I will update again because i'm on spring break so don't worry. Please don't forget to like and favorite and please comment, i love reading what you have to say towards the book. Remember i love you all and stay strong.

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