Anything For Us l.h

This is the third book to Anything Can happen.
©Copyrights of Jen Hemmings 2014 all rights reserved.


13. xiii.


   The month of February approached us rather quickly. Dinner with my Dad and Luke was amazing. The two got to learn more about each other, and Luke managed to gain my dads trust again. My dad has gotten better and him and my Aunt Joy are now engaged. His been happy and can't wait to get married. Cal and i are happy for our parents and can't wait to be siblings. Today is Valentines day, Jesy and i were shopping for some clothes since we would be spending the night with our boyfriends. Luke said we would be doing something causal and then go watch Netflix at his flat.

                           Jesy and i were shopping at Victoria Secret since she wanted to buy some bras and something special for Ashton. I stood by the clothing section since i had a bunch of bras already.

                                                                              " Come on Ken. Buy something special for Luke I mean it is Valentines day" Jesy says as she approaches me. I laugh and shake my head as i put the pair of sweat pants back on the table.

                                                            " Jesy, Luke isn't that kind of boy who only cares about sex" She rolls her eyes and pushes me towards the Valentines day lingerie dresses that had a lot of lace on them.

                                                          " Well i know that, but when was the last time you two had sex ?" I think for a moment. It would almost be three months. I mean it wasn't a long time but it would be nice to feel his skin against mine.

                                                           " Three months but we'' She stops me by putting a hand up.

                                                                 " Okay, So surprise him'' I laugh at her and shake my head. I look at the ground and think about.

                                                 " You really think so ?'' She nods and scans the small dresses.

                                                            " I think so. But even if you say no. some how you two are going to end up in bed. So you might as well do it in style'' i laugh at her and nod.

                                    " Fine only because your right" She laughs ans we both look through the dresses.

                      My eyes land on a black silk dress, the straps were very thin and it looked very short. But out of all the dresses it was the most decent one.

                                               " I'm taking this one" Jesy looks up and gives me a thumbs up. I also grab black lace bra with matching panties

                                                                 " Took you long enough Ken. Now let's go pay i can't wait to see Ash" I laugh and we both go to pay.                                                                               


                                                     I pat my jean shorts down and fix my floral shirt, which was strapless it stopped at my belly button and was rather flowy .I look at myself in the mirror my long brown hair was down in it's natural state. the beautiful curls were at my tips and look ed just amazing.I grab my duffle bag since i would be spending a few days with Luke. I had packed the things i had bought at the store today hoping it wouldn't be a mistake.

                                               I  take my things and walk downstairs. I pet both Tucker and Mate and feed them their food. Since Both Aunt Joy and Dad went out for a fancy dinner. Before i could walk out of the kitchen the doorbell to the front door. I walk towards the door and open it to find Luke's back towards me. He turns around a huge smile is on his lips as his eyes scan my body. His holding roses with a box of chocolates and a bear. I notice a picnic basket on the floor next to him, a smile is formed on my lips .

                                                         " Happy valentines day, these are for you" I walk p to him and hug him.             

                           "Thank you babe, and Happy Valentines day" I say as he gives me my gifts step aside for him to walk in. He does with the basket at his side ,once i close the door he takes my hand and spins me around. I laugh as my eyes land on his.

                                   " You look very beautiful Kendall" My cheeks heat up at his words. His lips are instantly pressed against mine before i could say anything. His hands come to my hips as he pulls me closer to his body, our lips move in sync at a slow but passionate pace. I pull away and shake my head with a smirk on my face.

                                          " Thank you, now where are we going?'' He laughs and takes my hand.

                                                           " We are going to your backyard '' I raise an eyebrow, before i could say anything I'm letting Luke lead the way to my backyard. I manage to place my gifts on the couch, while Mate and Tucker follow our lead we are met with a warm breeze an the sun shining down on us, the waves of the ocean were calm, we walk towards the beach the warm sand touching my feet. 

                                                               Once we stop Luke takes the basket and grabs a blanket and sets it on the ground. My eyes turn to the dogs running around and chasing each other. 

                                  " So basically a picnic on the beach ?"  I hear a chuckle come from his mouth.

                                            " Yes, do you like the idea ?'' I turn around and nod.

                                                            " I love it" He smiles and quickly picks me up and kisses my lips again. I can't help but smile into the kiss i pull away and put my forehead against his.

                                                                              " I'm glad you love it'' 

                                                                                 I'm put down and we both are sitting on the blanket. I go towards the basket and take out a bunch of food. 

                                                            " Wow you really prepared'' He laughed and nodded.

                                                                   '' That was Ash he got a little carried away'' We both laugh and began to eat half of the food that was packed. At the moment I was wrapped in Luke's arms as we sat on a rock, my back against his chest as we enjoyed the sunset view. Mate and Tucker were laying down on the sand sleeping.

                                                                       Our peacefully evening was disturbed when Luke's phone begins to ring. I pout as his arm is removed so he could get his phone. I hear mumble a shit, i turn around and look at his screen it reads an unknown number. My eyes flicker to see Luke's face filled with anger.

                             " What's wrong ?'' His blue eyes move away from the screen to my considered ones.

                                                      " It's him." My eyes go wide, it was Alex his dad. From what Luke told me, he hasn't stopped trying to get in contact with him. Luke was mad at him but he got anger when Alex told him he had a family and a child of his own. 

                                                    '' I just don't know what to do anymore" I wrap my legs around him and put a hand up to his cheek.          

                                                                  " Everything will be okay, you just need to wait and make up your mind'' He smiles and takes my hand and gives it a kiss.

                                                                 " Thank you Kendall'' I smile and nod.

                                                             " Come on let's go on a walk" he nods, we both stand up and begin to walk hand in hand. The dogs instantly wake up and walk in front of us. The wind blew my hair softly away from my shoulders, my eyes flicker to look at out hands locked.

                                                   " I glad we get to spend today together" I give Luke a smile and nod.

                                                                       " Me too" He smiles,it slowly fades into a smirk. I raise an eyebrow but continue to walk. 

                                                  " I think i can beat you at a race?'' I laugh and shake my head.

                                        " We both know I'm the best runner'' He chuckles and pulls his hand away.       

                                                            " Is this a challenge" I nod and begin to run.

                                                                      " Hey that's cheating" I hear Luke yelling, i laugh and continue to run until a hand comes in contact with my arm. I'm turned around to face Luke.

                                                                                   " Beat ya" I roll my eyes, he picks me up and before i know it i'm set down on the cold water. I close my eyes for a second and water come sin contact with my body. I open my eyes to see Luke laughing, i splash water at him and in front of our eyes we are splashes each other. Tucker joined us while Mate sat down and watched.


                                                 (warning this will be a sexual scene read at your own risk)                       

                           " Kendall, hurry up" I hear Luke groans. After our little water fight we drove to Luke's flat, i was currently in his bathroom while he was in the bedroom. I roll my eyes playfully and apply a red lipstick. I put it down and look at myself in the mirror. The black silk dress hugged my tan body, you could easily see my black lace bra and matching panties. The dress stop right at my stomach, i gulped not knowing if this would be a good idea our not. I take a deep breath and open the door a little and see Luke's bare back facing me. I fix my hair and quietly step out and make my way towards him.

                                                       Once I'm near him i put my hands around his eyes.

                                                                    " Hm i wonder who it could be" I laugh, my hands are quickly taking away. He stands up and turns around to face me his lips that held a bright smile are now parted. His eyes take the time to scan my body, i stand with my hands behind my back as i bite my lip.

                                                                     " How do i look ?'' He is still speechless but he manages to put his arms around my small waist pulling my closer to him. Our bodies so close to each. He puts his lips by my ear and moves a hand down my bare thigh. I trace my finger on his wing tattoo.

                                                                       " You look so don't know how bad i want you" he whispers seductively as his hot breath fanned out against my neck. I didn't realize i was holding my breath until i wrap my arms around his neck.               

                                                                      " Show me Luke" I whisper back. His left hand travels back to my waist as he lifts me up. My legs now wrapped around his torso grinding my hips against his.

                                                                                   " With pleasure baby girl" He groaned. He lays me down on his bed and gets on top of me. He tugs the soft silk from my body and yanks it over my head and flings it across the room his lips quickly attack mine, they move in sync while our tongue dance together. I manage to let out a moan as they fought for dominance, i soon gasp when i feel his finger run across my core through the thin black lace.

                                                               Our lips brush against each other once more, he trailed wet kisses down my neck and down to my pantie line. I let out a small laugh when i hear him playfully growl.soon takes my panties are off. His lips come in contact with my stomach as they slowly go  down. I tug on his blonde hair wanting him to be inside off me.

                                                                    " I'm going to make love to you Kendall" I gasp when i feel him licking my center. He grips my hips and tugs me closer to him.

                                                     His tongue darted inside of me and i couldn't help but moan his name.

                                                              "Luke" I bucked my hips pushing him further into me. I arch my back as i continue to moan his name. Then i find myself screaming his name which makes him remove his tongue and put in his fingers.He pumped in and out of me at a fast pace. He continues this process while adding in his tongue. He pulls away and stands up taking up his sweat pants and black boxers before coming back on top of my body. My lips run down his neck leaving love bites.

                                                     "god Kendall" He moans. I wrap my arms at his neck as my eyes flicker to his which are looking down at me.

                                             " I'll be gently" I nod and soon find him slowly easing into my tight warmth.

                                                        He pulls out and rolls his hips into mine again. I let out a oan and a little cry of pain. He gave me another thrust before pulling out. A soft moan left my lips as i tilt my head back.

                                    '' What are you doing to me Luke" I whisper as i feel his lips against mine.

                                                    " That's what i ask myself"" I smile and kiss his lips. He pulls away and gives me another thrust moving to the right. I gasp and arch my back moaning his name.

                                                          " Luke, harder'' i pant out. He does as i say. I move my hands to the sheets and hold on to them as he gave me a harder thrust.

                                      I groan and dig my nails into his back when his thrusts became harder by the second. 

                                           " Kendall" he moans as he moves his head to the crooks of my neck, sucking on my clammy skin gently. He continues to thrust slow but hard. I pant, my bra which was still on was falling unevenly He moved his hands back to my clit putting pressure.

                                                                       " Luke" I moan as i arch my back the cups of my black lace bra were pressing against his chest.

                                                                                " Shit Kendall" He groans against my neck, which were covered with love bites.

                                                            My nails move to his back again. I moan his name as i feel myself tighten.

             He moves his hands to the back of my bra taking it off and kissing my breast before getting off of me. We wrapped ourselves with the blankets. I smile and move my self to Luke and kiss his lips. He smiles and kisses me back. We both pull away and i see my red lip stick stain on there.

                                       " I love you so much Luke" I say as i feel his arms around me. My head on his chest.

                           " I love you too Kendall. You are the best thing ever to happen to me'' I smile and close my eyes.

                                        "  Forever and Always right ?'' He chuckles as he moves our bodies to the side.

                                                    " Forever and Always" I smile. I close my eyes and go into a peacefully sleep with the person i love beside me.

                                             A/n- well that was interesting! I hope you like it. Please don't forget to like this chapter. Favorite and comment please That's what motivates me to update more.i love you all! And please remember to stay strong.                                      

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