Anything For Us l.h

This is the third book to Anything Can happen.
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12. xii.

                                                     " Damn Ken you looking amazing'' Michael says, i smile as the door is closed and the car begins to move.

                                         " Thanks Micky'' He groans at my name which makes Leigh Anne and the others laugh.

                                                                    '' We helped her pick the dress" Jesy says while Pointing at Becky. I smile at the two girls who had proud smiles on their lips.

                                                                           '' I guess we should call Becky and Jesy to buy our clothes'' Jade says, we all laugh again at Jade's comment. Then everyone went into there own conversations.

                                                                         " You know, i never got a kiss this morning'' Luke says into my ear in a whisper. I laugh at him and turn to look into his blue eyes.

                                                                " Oh really ?'' He nods with a smile on his lips.

                                                                    " Really'' I give a smile as i slowly lean in.

                                                                          " Well your just going to have to wait till tonight" I say while pulling away.he let's out a groan which makes me laugh.

                                                        " Your no fun'' I roll my eyes playfully and hit his shoulder.


                                                                      " Okay well the girls and i will take group pictures. Will meet you guys by the entrance'' Becky explains, the car had stopped in front of the red carpet. We all nod and get out of the car, the press were at the far end of the corner while fans were at the side asking their favorite artist to sign their phones and other things.

                                                               " I'll see you in couple okay ?'' I turn to Luke and nod. I kiss his cheek and walk with the girls and take some pictures with the girls and Becky.

                                                                          " Hola" Jesy says as she passes people. Jade, Becky and i laugh while Leigh Anne tells her to stop.

                                                                    " It's okay Leigh Anne, i don't know how to speak a lot of Spanish either" I smile as we continue to get our pictures taken.

                                                                              " so what exactly is this award show for ?'' Jade asks as we walk down the red carpet.

                                                                    " Basically to recognize all the Hispanic singers and congratulate them for their accomplishments"  I nod as i move my hair to one side.

                                              " Are you going to get an award ?'' I ask, she laughs and shrugs.

                                                     " No, unless they surprise me but i don't think so''

                                                          " Aye, what's with you and Austin ? Are you two a couple ?'' Leigh Anne says while wiggling her eyebrows. We all laugh at her as we take another picture.

                                                               " No his dating Camila the bitch. Her and her band are going to be here because he invited them'' We all turn and wait by the entrance for the boys.

                                  " You mean Lauren is going to me here ?'' I ask, she nods sadly and sighs.

                                                  " Yeah, but if she does anything we will beat her ass. Right girls ?'' The girls all nod and let out yeahs as we receive weird looks from others. I laugh and hug them all.

                                               " Thank you" They smile and suddenly all their eyes go wide.

                                                                      ''Hi girls" I turn on my heel and see Lauren. I look at the ground hoping she would leave.

                                                                      " Ah the bitch is here'' Jesy voice is loud enough for everyone to hear. I look up to see Lauren's smirk turn into a frown.

                                                " Becky do you happen to know where Austin is" Camila's perky voice asks.

                                                                   " His right there'' I look behind Lauren and see Austin, Luke and the other boys making their way towards us. Lauren holds a smirk on her face as she scans Luke, I feel a hand on my shoulder and see Jesy and Becky.

                                                             " Go to Luke before she starts drama" Becky warns, Jesy nods and pushes me towards Luke. I walk up to Luke with a forced smile. Once I'm face to face with him, he gives me a smile and puts a hand on my back.

                                                                                       " You okay ?''

                                    " yeah I'm fine.'' Before i could finish my sentence a photography approaches us.

                                                      " Kendall, Luke do you mind if we take some pictures" The man had a soft Mexican accent. Luke turns to look at me, i nod and we both walk to the middle.

                                   He puts his arm around my waist while i turn to the side a little. We both smile as more photographers walk near us and take pictures.

                                                                       " Alright let's go before they leave us" Luke whispers into my ear. I nod and we both walk away while waving to the photographers and walking to Becky and the others. We all walk in and sit in our seats, Luke Austin and Camila left with her band members to sit somewhere else.

                                                                 "Becky, Austin needs to open his eyes and realize that Camila is a bitch and a cheater'' Jesy says from beside me while holding her hand up. I nod in agreement, Becky gives us both a small smile.

                                                               " Thanks chicas. But i don't even think it's worth it anymore'' Before any of us could response the award show begins. Throughout the whole event we all danced to the cheerful beat and even tried to sing in Spanish but failed which made Becky laugh.

                                                               " Alright guys, i gotta go perform wish me luck" We all yell and wish her luck as she laughs and heads backstage.

                                                                 I put my head on Luke's shoulder and let out a small yawn. The award show had a small thirty minute break and of course everyone of us were tried. But Ash and Jesy manage to hide it by yelling and laughing.

                                                                               " You okay Princess ?''

                                                                 " yeah just a little tried" My eyes blink a little before turning my gaze to see Lauren approaching us.

                                                                       " Well Becky will be the last performance so'' His cut of by someone putting a hand on my shoulder i turn around and see a panicked look on Becky's face. I stand up and look at her.

                                                                           " Becky what's wrong ?'' She moves her hand around the air while talking in Spanish. I put my hands on her Shoulder and try to calm her down.

                                               " Becky, calm down and explain'' Luke says from behind me.

                                                            " I was suppose to perform with Thaila. But she's sick. And nobody knows my song like you can you please perform with me ! We already got the custom and"

                                            " Kendall go, before you two waste time" Luke says stopping Becky.

                                                            " Alright let's go" Becky nods and we both run down the steps and backstage. I lift my dress up with both hands. We finally arrive backstage and I'm quickly pushed into a dressing room with a beautiful white strapless top that had shorts connected to them. I change out of my dress and into the outfit i was given.

    I go back out and people are around me talking in Spanish. I look at Becky who is also giving them weird looks. They put a long white skirt around my waist and connected it with the belt. Becky and i had the same outfit expect her's was gold. I get handed a mic and told to walk to Becky.                                   

                                         " Alright what song ?'' I ask making my voice a little louder because of all the talking.

                                                                          " Can't stop dancing and Can't get enough. Oh i just can't wait, we're going to be amazing" I laugh at her while giving her a hug.

                                                                              " Any time Becky. And the person you should be thanking is Luke'' She nodded and held a goofy smile on her face.

                                                 " Yes I got to thank your man" I laugh once more and fix my hair.

                                                                        " Becky start going over the dance with Kendall" Becky nods and she begins to teach me the dance. Which was fairly easy.

                                                                                 " Alright, On stage now'' We nod and go on stage the curtains closed. Becky and i walk to the middle and turn around so our backs are touching.

                                                                                   " We got this guys'' She whispers to all the dancer. We all let out a low laugh and before we know it the music begins and the curtains open.

                                                                            " The Lights are shining like the sun out tonight. Just keep your body moving how i like. Oh yeah the music feels like paradise cant get any better no" Becky sings as i feel her walk away. I keep my stand and put the mic up to my lips.

                                                                                " I wanna stay right in this moment for life Baby, treat me wrong, treat me right" I sing and turn on my heel and walk next to Becky we both nod and begin to dance.

                                         " Ay,ay,ay,ay,aye just can't stop dancing don't wanna chance it so don't let go let go of me" We both sing, we stop moving our hips to the beat and walk towards the fans and give them high fives while singing. I let out a few whistle tones before we sing together again.

                                         We both end up meeting in the middle of the stage. Both of our eyes land on our friends who are dancing and waving at us. We dance and sing while moving our hips and our hands.

                                                " Again no, spin around no, down now to the floor now. Kendall take it from here" Becky yells into the Mic. The fans let out screams and yells from where they are seated.

                                                " Believe it, i feel it. It's in the air although you can't see it you know it's there My heart keeps on racing in overdrive. Once the music hits my body i feel so alive. And it alright" I point at Becky and she let's out her high note.                            

We do a couple of more dance moves and then stop. A new beat begins to lay and we both smirk as pit bull comes out and begins to rap.

                                     '' Music taking me higher moving my body. keep turning it up, yeah i can't get enough yeah. I'm feeling inspired don't want you to stop it keep turn it up yeah I can't get enough" We both sing as we run around the stage and dance. Then the three off us meet at the middle and begin to sing.

                                            " We got that fire, they want that fire. Let's give that fire. Tenemos fuego, quieren fuego, a que dales fuego fuego"  Pitbull and i stop and watch Becky sing her high note.

                                          The three of us hold each others hands and put them up to the air. Golden balloons fall from the ceiling and everyone let's out a scream. Becky and i both Laugh and thank everyone and run off from the stage.


                                                                       " Damn you two were amazing" Jade says, we were now in the car and were talking about the performance.

                                                                    " Aw thanks jade" I say, Becky attacks her by giving her a hug. 

                                               " Yeah i didn't know you spoke Spanish" Ash says while waving his hands in the air. I laugh and put my head on Luke's shoulder.

                                                                 " well Becky taught me'' We all laugh. During the ride we talk about a lot of random things. One by one we were all dropped off at our own houses.

                                              It was only Luke and I at the moment and we were at Luke's house.

                                                " Please, i wan to stay with you" I pout making him laugh.

                                                               " I promised your dad i would take you home. And that's what I'm going to do" I cross my arms against my chest and look at the ground. We were currently in his room and he was changing into something comfortable since he could't stand the suit anymore.

                                                          " I'm sorry princess. I swear that if i didn't promise he i would've let you stay" He says while  putting a finger under my chin making me look up at him.

                                                                  " then come and spend the night with me please" I beg, i put my arms around his neck and pull him closer to me. He lets out a soft chuckle and brushes his lips against mine.

                                        " Alright, only because i can't say no to you'' I laugh and kiss his lips. I tug on his hair, which makes him push me gently back on to the bed. His lips move down to my neck leaving love bites.I close my eyes and move my hands to the end of his shirt. But he puts his hands on top of mine and looks at me.

                                 '" Babe, as much as i want to kiss you. We need to get you home'' I pout and make a frown.

                                                                    " Fine" He laughs and get's off of me. I stand up and put on my shoes while he packs a bag really fast.


                                                  I open the door to my house and close quietly letting Luke in. Lucky the dogs weren't around. I take off my heels and we both run up the stairs and into my room. But before we could go in i hear my dad's door open i push Luke into my room and stand by the railing to the stairs.

                                                        " Kendall" I turn to look at him and give him a smile.

                                                 " Hi daddy, i jut got home." He nods and gives me a smile.

                              " I was getting worried. I was going to call the police" I laugh at my dad's comment.

                                                      " I'm fine dad, now go back to sleep you need to rest" He nods and walks back into his room. I sigh in relief and walk into my room. I see Luke petting Tucker and Mate while sitting on my bed. I smile and put my shoes in my closet as well as my clutch. I grab an over sized hoodie that belonged to Luke and take it with me to my bathroom. I get out of my dress and change into the big hoodie. I take off my makeup and leave my hair down. I walk out of my bathroom to find Luke shirtless and laying down in my bed.

                                                          I walk towards him and lay down next to him.

                                                                 '' What did he say about me this time'' I laugh a little at his worried voice and tap his chest. 

                                                          " He just said he was worried and he was going to call the police" Luke shakes his head while i let out another laugh.

                                               " He hates me so much'' I shake my head and bring my hands to his cheeks.

                                                       " No he doesn't...he just doesn't know you so well......I have an idea you can have dinner with us tomorrow and he will get to know you'' I say with a smile. 
                                                              " But'' i shake my head and put a finger to his lips.

                                                                         " Nope, you are having dinner with us. Now let's go to sleep'' he laugh but agrees. Mate and Tucker were sleeping by our feet while i was wrapped in Luke's arms.

                                                         " Night Luke" I say while turning off the lights.

                                 " Good night Kendall" I smile and close my eyes and fall into a peacefully sleep.



                                                  A/n- the outfit above is what Kendall and Becky wore for their romancer. Expect Kendall's is white. Anyways i hope you guys like this chapter. I had fun writing it. Please don't forget to and favorite. I love you all ! Remember stay strong warriors.



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