Anything For Us l.h

This is the third book to Anything Can happen.
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11. xi.

                                                            " How about this dress ?'' I look up to see Jesy holding out a long black beautiful dress. I smile and nod. After the scene that 'Alex' had caused yesterday Luke and i slept peacefully until he had to go to work at the studio. I on the other hand went shopping with Jesy and Becky for some dresses since tonight would be the night of The Gemini awards. Which would be a nice elegant theme according to Becky. It was a music award show for Hispanics, Becky had invite the whole crew and Austin to come see her.

                                                                " What's wrong with you today chica ? You look upset''  Becky says as she comes out of the dressing room with a white dress on. I give her a forced smile but it soon fades into a frown.

                                                                  " I'm worried about Luke, yesterday his real dad came in and he got upset and broke down" Jesy and Becky both look at each other and walk towards me.

                                      '' Why did he decide to show up ?'' I shrug, as i look at my hands that were sitting on my lap

                                                              " I don't know and neither does Luke. I just don't want to see him upset, it hurts me'' Becky gives me a hug in which i gladly expect.

                                                                       "Mija, trust me things will be okay. Luke and his dad just need to talk, just like you and your dad remember how you hated him'' She says, i nod as we both pull away from the hug. Jesy pats my head, while i give her a confused look.

                                                                 '' What ? I'm not good with these kinds of things. That's why we have Becky'' Becky and I laugh at Jesy and her silly comment.

                                                            '' That's true no one can make some feel better like Becky'' I say, Becky gives me a smile and a little peace sign with her hands.

                                                            '' Yes no one can. Now let's go and find you a dress !" Jesy yells which causes people to look at us with weird facial expression. I laugh as the two drag me the rack of dresses. My hands run along the fabric of many beautiful dresses. 

                                                          '' How about this one Ken ?'' I look my from the color dress in front of me and to the one Jesy was holding. Becky was holding a thumbs up at the long high low dress that was black at the top with a gemstone belt at the waist and a pink pale color at the bottom. My eyes go wide at how beautiful the dress was.

                                                                '' It's beautiful but i don't think it would look good on me'' I say with a shrug. Both girls roll  their eyes at me and push me into the small dressing room.

                                                              " When you're ready come out and show us" Becky says as Jesy hands me the dress.Before i could object the door is closed. I sigh and began to take off my dress and put on the dress. I put it on and walk out of the dressing room and back outside to where the girls were. They both turn to look up and their eyes are wide. I raise an eyebrow and before i could talk they push me back in and turn me around so that i'm facing the mirror.

                                                                   "Holy shit'' The girl wearing this dress was me and i got to admit i looked stunning. For once in my life i was actually liked myself. The dress hugged my body tightly from the waist, the dress was beautiful as my curves stood out and were perfectly shown. My hands ran down to the end of the dress touching the smooth fabric.

                                                               '' You look amazing, you have to buy it !" Jesy says with a huge smile, Becky nods as she takes her phone out.

                                                          '' We should probably get going, since it's going to take us forever to get ready" I nod as i turn on my heel to face both of them.

                                       " What are you two going to buy ?'' The two girls laugh, while i raise my eyebrow.

                                                                               " We already bought our dresses ahead of time. Now let's go and get dolled up" I laugh and go into the dressing and change back into my outfit.


                                                               After buying my dress the girls and i drove to our own houses to get ready. Since the party was gonna to be held early, according to Becky there was going to be a red carpet as well. I had just finished taking a shower and doing my hair. I sat at my vanity to start on my makeup, before i could begin my phone begins to ring. I answer it without checking the caller.

                                                " Hello ?'' I ask as i try to look for my Naked pallet.   

                                                                " Hey babe, i have a problem" I stop searching when i hear an Australia accent through the phone.

                                                       " What's wrong ?'' I cross my legs waiting for him to reply.

                                   " I don't know what to wear to The award show" I let out a small laugh at his comment.

                                            " Wear a suit" He sighs, i could feel him run a hand through his hair.

                                                                               " Babe, you know i don't like to wear suits. Their to uncomfortable" I roll my eyes playfully as i put my phone down and put him on speaker.

                                                                   " you sound like Jade right now" He laughs at my comment, leaving me to roll my eyes playfully once more. I apply my foundation and concealer while i wait for him to answer.

                                " Why thank you, i will tell Jade you compared us'' I laugh and shake my head.

                                              " Fine wear a dress'' I say while laughing, he laughs as well.

                                         " I'm serious Babe, what do i wear." I take my blush and apply it on.

                                                     " Wear your black suit with a black tie" I suggest.

                          " Well...can i wear like some sweat pants and a hoodie" I mentally pretend to hit my face.

                                                            " You could, but you would be going by yourself" He groans at my comment while i laugh again.

                                                                     " Fine I'll wear my suit, I'll pick you up at six with the other as well,okay ?'' I stand up and grab the phone and put it off speaker.

                                                                      " Yeah that's fine, but if you show up with sweats pants. You won't have a date" He laughs one more time at me.

                                             " I won't i promise. I love you Kendall" I smile as i play with my white curtain.

                                                                              " I love you too Luke"

                                                                             " Bye Kendall" I smile.

                                         'Bye Luke" We both end the call and i go back to finishing my makeup.

                                                             Once i was done i grab my shorts and a crop top and walk down stairs. It was only five forty so i wasn't going to change until five fifty.

                                                          I see Tucker playing with Mate outside in the backyard with My dad sitting in a chair. I go out the kitchen doors in the backyard with them. Both Tucker and Mate stop what their doing and run towards me. I smile and bend down to hug both of them. Mate licks my cheek which makes me laugh. I kiss the top of his head as well as Tucker. Who had grown up a lot and became bigger.

                                                                  I stand up and have the two follow me. I walk towards my dad and sit next to him in the empty chair.

                                                   " Hey dad" I say with a smile. he looks up from his book and smiles.

                                                                                        " hey kiddo, what's the special occasion ?'' He says while raising an eyebrow. I smile and look down at my hands.

                                                                   " Today's The Gemini Awards Becky invite me, Cal and the others are going as well" He nods as he closes his book.

                                               " Is Luke going" i nod and frown when i see his eyes fall in disappointment.

                                                                   " His coming to pick you up ?'' I nod once more, while his eyes move to the ocean view in front of us.

                                                        " Then i can talk to him'' I raise an eyebrow at his words.

                                                               " About...making sure not to hurt you again" I tilt my head but nod not wanting to get deep into the conversation.

                                                                  " I really love him... He makes me feel, so different and i..." My dad chuckles which causes me to stop talking.

                                                                  " Kendall, I'm not going to separate the two of you. I've already had people separate me from your mother.I'm not going to do that with you...I just want to talk with him.'' I smile and give him a hug.       

                                                    " Thank you" We both pull away and look at the ocean view.

                                                                         " That's how i felt towards your mother...I loved her so much, i felt different and'' He chuckles as he closes his eyes.

                                                " You remind me so much of her" I smile at him and put my hand on top of his.

                                                                   "I miss her too" Tears began to threaten my eyes.

                                                                          "Kendall, don't cry, don't cry'' He begins to make funny faces while the dogs bark. I began to laugh while waving my hands close to my eyes.

                                                                   " Aye you should probably get ready"He says after we stop laughing i nod. I get up from my seat and walk to my room to get changed. Once i enter my room i see the beautiful dress i had purchased today on my bed. I smile and take it with me to the bathroom. I change out of my clothes and put on the dress. I zip it up and walk back out of my bathroom and to my walk in closet and look through the shelf's of shoes hoping to find a pair of black heels. Once i did i sit down on my bench and put on my heels. I stand up and grab a black clutch with gemstones in the middle. I look at myself in the mirror and smile. I walk out of my closet and grab my phone putting it in my clutch and a couple of other things

                                      I hear the door bell to the front door go off. I walk out of my room and downstairs and see my Dad by the door with My Aunt Joy. I approach them and see Luke at the door with a smile. That was until his lips parted as his blue eyes scanned my body. 

                                                             " Kendall, you look beautiful " My Aunt exclaims, my dad gives me a big smile and turns back to Luke.

                                                              " Take care of my daughter, and i want her here after the award show. Understood'' I roll my eyes playfully at my dad.

                                                             '' Yes sir, i promise'' I hug my Aunt Joy and my Dad.

                                                                    " Don't worry Dad I'll be fine. It's you who has to take care of yourself'' He laughs as we pull away from the hug.

                                                                  '' You kids have fun. Be Safe" My Aunt Joy waves. Luke and I nod, i walk outside as the door behind us is closed.

                                                  " You look stunning'' My cheeks begin to heat up at his words.

                                                                  '' Thank you, i could say the same about you'' He laughs as his arm goes around my waist.

                                                                         '' Shall we go into the limo with the others. I nod and give him a smile as we both go in the limo.


                                                               A/n- Hey Guys hope you liked this chapter, tell me what you think about it in the comments. Don't forget to like and favorite please ! The dress above is the one Kendall is wearing for the award show just to let you all know. Love you all and remember stay strong warriors !                  

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