Anything For Us l.h

This is the third book to Anything Can happen.
©Copyrights of Jen Hemmings 2014 all rights reserved.


10. x.

                                                                                    Luke's point of view

                                            " Everyone shut it up, this is my favorite part' Ash says, we all roll our eyes and pay attention to the  movie. The scene went on for a good fifteen minutes, we all paid attention to the movie while Kendall slept.

        " She will mate, i mean do you see the way she looks at you ?'' Michael asks, i let out a small chuckle as my eyes turn their gaze to Kendall. Her small body on top of me and her head on top of my chest, her hazel brown eyes were closed. As she slept in peace.

                                                            '' I do it's just...i think I'm rushing things i mean we've only being together for eight months'' I hear Jesy sigh at my comment. I turn to look at her and she shakes her head.

                                                                '' You two already act like a married couple. I don't think there's a need to ask her to marry you'' Jade and Leigh Anne both scolded at her while i roll my eyes playfully.

                                                                   " Luke mate do you love my cousin ?"  Cal's voice was serious and everyone's eyes were on me. before i could say anything I feel Kendall move a little which makes everyone freeze included me. She moves closer to my neck. I wait a few minutes to hear a soft snore escape her mouth. i sigh in relief and turn back to Cal.

                                                           '' Cal you know i do. She's the only girl that's ever made me feel like this." Jesy let's out a squeal. We all hush her as Ash puts a hand on her mouth while i give her a small death glare.

                                     '' Sorry, that's just so damn cute'' She whispers, Jade let's out a small giggle. I smile as my eyes can't help but glace back down at Kendall. The others were now talking among themselves about random things. My phone rang causing me to remove my hand from Kendall's thigh. I grab my phone from off the table and see Selena calling, i click on the decline button and block her number as well as deleting it then i turn off my phone.

                                       Before i could put my phone back on the table Kendall's head comes off from my chest. She blinks a little as she rubs her eyes and looks at the floor before looking at me with a smile.

                                                                               " Hi" She says with a shy voice. I let out a soft chuckle as i put my hands on her waist and pull her towards me.

                                                                             '' Hey, you okay you look at little pale ?'' She nods and closes her eyes again as she rests her forehead against mine. I notice the bags under her eyes from her tiredness. 

                                                         '' Do you want me to take you home to get some rest ?'' My eyes are filled with concerned at the moment.

                                                                               " Do you think i can go with you. I don't want to wake Dad up'' I give her a smile and nod. She get's off of me and stands up. I do the same and grab my coat.

                                                                        '' Guys were going head home'' Ash and Jade begin to whine while the others try to tell him to shut up.

                                                                      " Fine we shall let you peasants leave'' Kendall let's out a small giggle while i roll my eyes at Ash.

                                                                  '' Ignore Ash, and be safe'' Jade says, we both nod as Kendall hugs everyone while i grab my phone and wave to the others. Kendall and i walk out the door with her in front of me and my hand on her back.

                                                                                    Katie's point of view

                                                                     "Katie, I didn't come here to have fucking tea. I want to know how to get Kendall back'' I roll my eyes at Ross as i sit across from him. Celia is taken back from Ross and his words as she runs a hand through her blonde hair.

                                                                   '' Calm down ok, we have to take this slowly. I mean she's fucking famous already it's going to be hard with security around her we have to patient." I say while moving my hands, he let's out a dark laugh while looking at me with cold brown eyes

                                       " Um Katie ?'' I turn to look at Celia whose looking down at her phone.

                                         '' What ?'' I spat, she turns to look up at me with worried blue eyes.

                                                  '' Kendall and Luke just got back together" I got up from my chair and snatch the phone away from her. I see a picture of Luke and Kendall walking out of a car. His hand on her waist as the two hold a smile on their faces. I look at the phone in disgust and hand it over to Ross.

                                                                         '' Who the fuck is this ?'' I give him a death glare and look out the window again with my hand on the gold curtain.

                                                                    '' Luke Hemmings, once we get Kendall get into your arms his mine. She stole him from me'' He laughs at my comment while i roll my eyes.

                                                                '' How are you two going to get the two to separate ?'' I look over at Celia who has a hand on her forehead.

                                             '' That's the problem, how ?''  I glance at the ground while thinking.

                                                            '' Well the two look like a lovely couple i don't see why you two want to pull them apart from each other'' I walk over to Ross and put my hand on the back of his chair.

                                                               '' I want her dead, she put me and jail for three years and I'm going to take my revenge on her by beating her. I don't know what Katie here is going to do with Blondie" I smirk while my brown eyes look at Celia.

                                                              '' I'm going to make him mine by getting him to marry me. All we have to do is get Kendall alone and we're good''

                                                                         " Good luck with that, because at this point they are known all over the world and won't be let out of sight by security'' I look at my nails and nod for Ross to talk.

                                                                         '' Leave that to Katie and I''

                                                                         Kendall's point of view

                                                                  " god i'm tired" I say as i collapse on to Luke's large bed. I hear him chuckle as well as the door closing. i close my eyes wanting to sleep after a long day.

                                                                       ''Here's a shirt i open my eyes to see Luke's back facing me as he gets a shirt. I stand up and walk behind him . I grab the shirt and go on my toes to give him a kiss on the cheek before turning on my heel and walk into the bathroom and change into the Luke's shirt. I looked at myself in the mirror after changing into his shirt which stopped at my thigh. I put my clothes in his hamper and head out and straight into bed with Luke. I get under the covers and snuggle with him.

                                                                       " I missed this" i hear him whisper as he wraps an arm around me leaving his hand on my bare thigh.

                                           " I did too'' i say, my head on top of his bare chest as i make little circles with my finger .

                                                           ''Why do these things always happen ?'' I ask in a low whisper as i look up at him meeting his blue crystal eyes. He looks down at me and gives me a warm smile.

                                                   '' To make us stronger people" I smile and sit up and plant a kiss on his lips. I feel him smile as he kisses back. Our pink lips moving in sync, after a minute i pulled away and layed back down.

                                          " Night Luke'' He turns off the lamp and puts his large hands back on my body.

                            '' Goodnight Kendall Marie" I smile and close my eyes and sleep in Luke's warm embrace.


                                                       My eyes flutter open at the sound of yelling i find myself in the dark with Luke no where in sight. I sit up and turn on the lamp and rub my eyes. I get out of bed and walk out of his room and in to the living room to find Luke and a tall man who looked awfully similar to Luke.

                                                                                " Luke, what's going on ?'' My voice was soft and low enough to be heard. Luke and the man bot turn to look at me. The man had the same colored eyes as Luke, the man's eyes went wide as Luke ran a hand through his hair.

                                                                                   '' Kendall please go back into the room...he was just about to leave'' I shake my head and walk next to Luke and look up at him.

                                                '' No tell me'' The man clears his throat which causes me to turn to look at him.

                                                                          " I'm Luke's biological father" My eyes go wide at the words that come out from his mouth.

                                                              " Why weren't you around when my mom died huh ? Where were you all these years ?'' Luke asks in a range.

                                                    '' Luke i can-'' I put my hand on in Luke's trying to calm him down. He takes it and tightens his grip on my small hand.

                                                           "Why did you come back ? i don't need you anymore you can leave" He yells. The man sighs and begins to make his way out the door, but  stops.

                                                                  " I don't care what you say i will come back tomorrow to explain" And with that he leaves closing the door. Luke falls to the ground and cries. I go down with him and sit on his lap and hug him. He takes my warm embrace and cries his pain out. 

                                             " Kendall." I shake my head and pull away and put my hands on his cheeks.

                                                               " Luke, calm down please take a deep breath" He nods as he inhales in and out his eyes were red from all the crying and his face was pale.

                                                            His hand sits on my thigh as he looks at the ground. My hazel brown eyes are filled with consider hoping he would calm down.

                                                                    " Why did he show up? I have so many question but no answers to them" His accent is thick and his voice is loud. I hush him as i put a finger to his soft pink lips touching his lip ring.

                                                               '' You'll get them soon, you need to listen to what he has to say" Luke sighs as he takes my hand and puts it down on his lap.

                                                              " What would i do without you ?'' I give him a warm smile as my hand goes up to his blond hair.

                                                                     '' Come on lets go to bed" He smiles and nods we both stand up from the floor and head back to his room. We lay back in bed in the dark and go back to sleep.

                                                           '' Thank you Kendall'' I smile and kiss his cheek and place my head on top of his chest again and sleep.

             A/n- Hey guys so i just updated again. Bet you guys didn't see this happening!  Please don't forget to like, favorite and comment for more updates ! I love you all and remember stay strong warriors!

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