Anything For Us l.h

This is the third book to Anything Can happen.
©Copyrights of Jen Hemmings 2014 all rights reserved.


8. viii.

                                                                 I got out of my car and go inside to my dad's room to find him reading a book. I smile and scan the room for Zayn whose nowhere to be seen.

                                                                        '' Hey dad'' He looks up from his book and looks at me with a smile on his face. I make my way towards him and sit on his bed.

                                                                      '' Hey kiddo, how's your day going'' My lips form a bigger smile, i was excited to tell him that Luke and i were okay now and we're back together. But at the same time i was nervous, i knew my dad wasn't fond of Luke but he still manage to respect him.

                                                           '' It was great...Luke and i are back together'' My eyes were focused on my hands as i played with them hoping my dad would be happy about it.

                                                    " Kendall you took him back ?'' I nod, knowing my dad was going to give me  big lecture.

                                                              '' After what he did to you ? He just lost all my respect for him, i can't trust that boy'' I sigh and run a hand through my hair. 

                                                                '' Dad,he explained to me what was going on and I'm happy'' he looks at me with worried eyes. I hug him and try to forget about the conversation.

                                                                '' I know he does but i just don't trust him anymore'' 

                                                                      '' Are you feeling better ?'' I ask trying to change the subject, i pull away. he nods but i can still see the bags under his eyes and how pale he still was. The only good thing about him was the way his eyes lit up and his voice had come back to normal it was no longer weak.

                                                            '' good, i'm just tired of laying down in this room. Joy has helped me out and made me feel better,but i need some fresh air'' I nod and stand up.

                                                             '' Come on then, let's go on a walk. Let me just grab your cane'' I say as my hands grab his blue cane.

                                                              '' Thank you Kendall... Oh i almost forgot Zayn had to go back to England his sister is in the hospital so he left in a rush'' My eyes went wide, I suddenly wanted to go and support Zayn but if he didn't tell me this it was probably so i wouldn't worry.

                                                     '' Do you know which one ?'' I ask as i help him stand up, we made our way out of the bed room and out the door since my dad's room was located on the first floor.

                                                           '' The youngest one, Trica didn't tell him what went wrong so i told him to go and check in on her'' I nod as we were met with the nice breeze and the sun shining down on us.

                                                   '' I just hope she's okay'' My dad nods in agreement, as we walk on the beach. I was right next to him holding on to him making sure he wouldn't fall since he still didn't have the strength to walk by himself yet.

                                                       '' Let's just see what god does...Kendall, what would you say if i asked...Joy to marry me'' I stop walking and my eyes light up.

                                                                '' You're going to ask Aunt Joy to marry you ?'' He nods and i smile. I knew my dad needed someone after he had left her almost eighteen years ago...and that someone was Aunt joy was the one.

                                      '' That's great, when are you going to ask her ?'' He shrugs as we sit on a bench.

                                                    '' I don't know, i mean i doubt she would want to get married with me. What if she still thinks about her old husband'' I sigh and look at him.

                                                                   '' Dad, i bet she will say yes you will never know until you ask her'' He nods and gives me a proud smile.

                                                                 '' You're right, thanks kiddo'' I smile and we spend a couple more minutes on the beach before heading home again. 

                                                                             Katie's point of view

                                                                 I was seating in my living room with my Aunt Celia  as we discussed my plan to win Luke back.

                                                       " Exactly how are you going to get that boy back. I mean his a celebrity already'' I smirk at my Aunt Celia as i look out the window. My legs crossed and my hand by my mouth.

                                                            '' Just because his a celebrity doesn't mean i can't get him. I mean i already got him to break up with Kendall. I just need him to dump Selena, and his all mine'' Celia scoffs as she takes a drink of her beer. I roll my eyes at her and stand up my black heels making me look taller as i walk around the room making an echo. 

                                                              " If you do get rid of the other one how will you win him back ?'' I look at the window as i watch the cars past by. I was currently in France waiting for someone to arrive hoping he would hurry up.

                                                          '' I'm young, beautiful and of course i can please him in the bedroom. What wouldn't he like about me'' I turn on my heel and look at her.

                                                     ''Just keep thinking that Katie, but i can just see him running back to that girl, what's her name...Kendall yes her'' I groan at her name. I hated her so much, she was a too innocent for Luke. In fact what did Luke see in her ? She's nothing like him.

                                                     '' Aunt Celia, i get anything i want no one has never said no to me.'' She laughs but i ignore her. Luke Hemmings will be mine. 

                                                  The door opens which makes us both turn to see who it is. A smrik spreads on my lips.

                                                                  '' Ross, glad to see you again'' Kendall better watch what's coming to her. Because it's not going to be pretty.

                                                                               Kendall's point of view

                                                               After calling Zayn and checking up on how his sister was doing, i was currently in my room but was sitting outside on the balcony. I was looking at my surrounds taking in the warmth of the sunny day and the small breeze hitting on my face. After walking with my dad i had taken a shower and changed into some black shorts and a floral tank top that stop at my belly. The ocean had looked perfect it's sparking blue water reminded me of Luke's blue eyes. I had called him earlier but the call didn't last long since he had band rehearsals. I sigh as i listen to the song Love me like you do by  Ellie Goulding that was blasting from my room. The song remind me of Luke because of how much i loved him. 

                                                      He does something to me that can't be explained by words.I run a hand through my hair, and look down at my stomach i was suddenly craving ice cream and a bunch of junk food. Aunt Joy and Dad were at Dad's check up, he didn't want me to go since he thought i needed rest. So instead of fighting with him i stayed here.               

                                                          Before i could stand up and walk to the kitchen for some food a pair of hands covered my eyes. I froze for minute hoping it wasn't Ross.

                                                                         '' Good evening Princess'' I smile at the Australian accent. I take my hands and put them on top of his and stand up. He spins me around so I'm facing him.

                                                                          '' Luke you scared me'' I say trying to slap his chest playfully hoping it would hurt him but he laughed. I roll my eyes playfully as we both sit down, his arm around me and my head by his chest.

                                                                     '' That hurt a lot'' I laugh as i look at the ocean.

                                                        '' I hope it did... Did you talk to management yet ?'' I looked up at him to find him looking at the ocean as he took a deep breath and closed his eyes.

                                                                  '' They told me. I can't, unless she breaks up with me. Which isn't going to happen anytime soon'' I sigh and put my head on his chest as i listen to words of the song. Luke grabs my small hands and puts them in his as he laced our fingers together. 

                                                               '' So what's going to happen with us ?'' I hear him take another deep breath as i kept my eyes focused on our hands not wanting to let go. He played with my hair with his free hand as i closed my eyes and got closer to him.

                                                          '' We can go and convince them once more can get Justin to get her back'' My eyes open quickly, knowing that she would take Justin back no matter what.

                                                                  '' That's not a bad idea. I can call him tomorrow and he will agree'' Luke chuckles and kisses my the top of my head. 

                                                       ( Song for this scene, Crazy in Love Beyonce (fifty shades of grey remix)

                                                                   '' i missed you so much.'' He puts a finger under my chin making me look up at him. I give him a smile as he pulls me on to his lap. I wrap my arms around his neck as he makes my legs wrap around his waist. I put my forehead against his as my hazel brown eyes bore into his bright blue eyes. His thumb is touching my lip touching it softly.

                                                       '' I did too,so much'' He smiles and removes his thumb from my lip and places it with mine instead. I smile at the way our lips touch, his hands cup my cheeks as our lips move slowly in sync my heart begins to beat faster and my stomach is filled with butterflies, just like the first time we kissed.

                                                            My lips slowly move down to his neck as i place a few love bites. His hands travel to my hip as the move up to my shirt. I move my lips as he starts to move his lips down to my neck. He gets up from his seat carrying me inside and placing me on to the bed. His body on top of mine as he takes off my shirt. i close my eyes as my lips brush against his. I open my eyes to see his shirt off and his hair is all messed up.

                              '' I want you so bad'' He moans as his lips go on my stomach.

          Before we could continue with our heated make out session, his phone began to ring. I pull away as he takes out his phone i bite my lip waiting for him to hang up as he runs his hands up and down on my legs. I'm on his lap waiting for him to end the call so we can get back to each other. I kiss his lips not caring who he was talking to.

                                                                  He stops me with a smile on his face. I raise an eyebrow as he put the phone down and looks at me.

                                                              '' Who was it ?'' I ask watching his hands travel to the clip back of my black and white lace bra.

                                                        '' It was Simon he said we both have to go down to the studio since we have a show tonight'' I pout and put my head on the crook of his neck.

                                                    '' Do we have to leave ?'' He lets out a low chuckle at how i was acting.

                                                   '' Fine, let me go get my shirt on'' I sigh as i look up at him. His eyes were on mine already.

                                                 '' I like your tattoo by the way'' I say with a smirk. He laughs as i trace his tattoo that was on his was a wing.

                                              '' I thought you would'' I smile, and try to stand up but his hands go to my hips and pulls me back down.                                

             '' Without giving me one more kiss ?'' I giggle and put my wrap my arms around his neck once more.

                                               ''Just one ?''I ask while leaning in watching the pout on his lip turn into a silly smile.

                                                  '' Maybe hundred'' I roll my eyes playfully and place my lips on his. It lasts about a minute until i pull away and smile, but he gives me a frown and looks down at my hands and turns them around to see my wrist. But before he could i take my hand away and put it on my lap.

                                                      '' Kendall'' I gulped and put my hand on his.I had tried covering the cuts up with a huge amount of makeup everyday so they weren't noticeable. I promised Luke and everyone else i wouldn't cut but the hate, my dad and Luke everything just got to me.

                                              '' Why ?'' His finger running through the scars on my wrist that were so close to fading away. But were still noticeable.

                                                  '' I was...i''Tears begin to rush and i find Luke's warm arms around me. With my head on his chest as i cried, we stayed in my bed for a good ten minutes until i wiped my tears and looked at the ground.

                                           '' It's just that i didn't know how else to take away the pain'' I feel him place a kiss on the top of my head while taking both our hands as our fingers laced. I sniff as i try to stop crying.

                                               '' Please just promise me you wouldn't do it again'' I nod and look up at him.

                                             '' I promise'' He gives me a small smile and kisses my lips.

                                          '' Come on let's go before we get yelled at'' I laugh as we both get dressed and walk into Luke's car and head to the stage we were going to perform tonight.

                                    A/n- i know it's a short chapter but i will update soon. Don't forget to comment,like and favorite. I love you guys all and remember stay strong !                                                                                      


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