Anything For Us l.h

This is the third book to Anything Can happen.
©Copyrights of Jen Hemmings 2014 all rights reserved.


7. vii.

                                                             "Kendall, don't say that. Please don't cry, i hate seeing you cry'' I sniff and notice that Zayn and I have been sitting by the window for quite awhile. I was on his lap with my head on top of his chest and his strong tattooed arms around me. I look up at him and his caramel eyes are worried he put a hand up and wiped my tears away. I force him a smile, but it slowly fades back to a small frown.

                                                                '' Can cookie dough and watch Netflix ?'' I ask in a small whisper. He gives me a small smile and nods.

                                                                    '' Ill get the cookie dough'' I nod as i get off his lap. He goes downstairs while i go on my bed and grab my laptop and go to Netflix. As i wait for Zayn to come i take my phone and dial Cal, i put the phone against my ear and as i wait for him to answer i browse through the movies and tv shows.

                                               '' Hey Ken !" His voice is full of glee just like i thought it would be.

                                                                   '' Cal, are sure sure that the Luke and Selena are only dating for the press ?'' I hear singing in the background, It sounded like Michael.

                                            '' yeah that's what Luke told us...unless they really are a thing'' I sigh and run a hand through my hair.

                                                                    '' I'll get more info out of Luke, don't worry okay ?'' I nod, but then forget that he can't see my actions.

                                                                '' Yea, bye Cal'' We say bye and i put my phone down on my night stand and pet Tucker and wait for Zayn to come with the cookie dough. I look at the laptop's screen and click on American Horror Story only because it was my favorite show and i felt like watching something scary instead of crappy love stories that don't happen in really life.

                                                  Zayn walks in closing the door and sitting Next to me while putting the huge bowl of cookie dough on the bed with two spoons. I smile at him.

                                        '' Thanks Zayn, not just for this but everything'' I say hugging him, he chuckles.

                                                                 '' Your welcome, now let's watch some American Horror Story'' I let out a small laugh at how excited he is. We spent all night watching two seasons of the show until we got to the third  season i was on top of Zayn's chest scarred. He made fun of me which made me hit his chest a few times. He really got my mind of things. I yawned and closed my eyes just wanting to sleepAnd that's what i did. 


                                                                      I wake up to find myself in a very familiar place, i just can't seem to remember. The room was the dark and the only source of light was coming from the little lamp from the desk. I walk around and try to find clues as to where I'm at. I'm in the living room and the big window in front of me shows the Big Ben, I'm in London. I look at the coffee table and see a picture frame, i pick it up but instantly drop it.

                                                                             All the memories from being with him came back, the way he hit it me to when he tried to kill me with his bare hands. I began to breath at a rapid pace and quickly run to the door trying to open it but it wouldn't budge, i kicked it and punched it but accomplished nothing.

                                                         Tears began to fill my eyes as i walk around the large flat.

                                                                         '' darling, you can never escape me'' I freeze, his voice echoed the room. His voice was harsh and cold just like him. I hear his footsteps making their way towards me.

                                                                         '' Did you miss me ?'' The tears that had formed in my eyes were already on my cheeks, my hands were shaking as my heart began to go at a speed of lighting.

                                                                        His hand came to my arm as he turned me around, i was met with a pair of cold brown eyes. He hasn't changed at all, expect for the fact that he looked stronger.

                                                                                 '' Ross...leave me alone'' I whisper, this makes him let out a dark and low chuckle his hands travel to my neck. 

                                                                         '' Why would i ?'' Before i could respond he begins to choke me, he walks me to the wall and makes the grip on my neck harder. At this point I'm grasping for air, my hands on his trying to get them off my neck.

                                                                   '' You put me in that jail for two damn years, you ruined my life...but i'm going to ruining yours'' He lets me go and begins to hurt me by punching my stomach and kicking me. I land on the floor until he picks me up and pushes me to the wall. Before he could continue Katie walks out.

                                                               '' Leave her alone Ross, she's in pain'' I sigh in relief as i cough out blood hoping she would find a way to stop this. But instead she pulls out a gun and aims it at me.

                                                                                  '' Let me get rid of it'' 


                                                  I wake up screaming with sweat on my forehead. I look around to see I'm in my room. Zayn is now awake as He takes me in his arms once more, i hold on to him tightly not wanting him to let go of me.

                                                                  '' I...I saw Ross'' I sniff as i feel Zayn stiffen at the name. His grip grew tighter around me as if Ross would show up any minute.

                                                                       '' It's okay. His in jail he won't be coming out any time'' His hands made small circles on my back trying to calm me down, a tear slipped hoping that he wouldn't find me again. And that Katie wouldn't come near me like she said she would.

                                                    I sigh and lay back down Zayn I'm still in his arms not wanting to move away from him hoping the horrible images would leave my mind.

                                                        '' You'll be safe" I wipe my tears and get closer to him, I let him run a hand through my hair to calm me down. I close my eyes as i hear him sing a song his voice was soft and nice to listen too. I out a hand on his chest and start to sleep again.


                                                                       After getting some good sleep, Zayn and I had gone to the studio since i was needed there, the girls offered to show him a tour along with Cal and Ash. Zayn accept and left me alone to practice my dance routine with the team.  I was in the middle of dance when the music stopped. I turned around and my smile formed into a frown when i saw her. Behind her was her dance time, i cross my arms against my chest as she makes her way towards me. I adjust my black tank top that stopped at my belly button and dust off my black leggings.

                                                '' Kendall, long time no seen'' I scoff as she smiles like nothing was wrong.

                                                                  '' What do you want Selena ?'' She laughs as she looks at me with her cold brown eyes. Her facial features reminded me of Katie, which was creep.

                                                                       '' I'm just trying to say hi to my friend...I see you all trying to dance'' My whole dance team rushes over to me and stands behind me looking at Selena's dancers with hatred. I tapped my foot on the floor hoping she would leave or the girls would come back. Jesy would probably rip her into shreds within two minutes.

                                                                             '' I wouldn't be talking, I mean we all know that you guys suck...Go ask Justin'' My lips form into a smirk as her smile drops into a frown. We both knew i had gone a step forward when i brought up Justin.

                                                                  '' Please, I've got the best dancers, we are the best'' I snort as my dancers begin to threaten her.

                                                                      '' If you're so sure about that why don't we just battle this out...unless you're to scared to lose'' Her eyes light up and her smile soon turns into a smirk.

                                                                      '' Let's do it, the only one whose going to taking back their words is you'' I roll my eyes and walk to the one side of the stage while Selena walks to the other. 

                                                                      '' Okay, we got this. we can beat them'' I tell the team, they all smile and get in their places. We let Selena and her dance crew start it of to see what we are dealing with. One of her songs begins to play and they began to dance to the beat. I look at their every move, they aren't so bad but we can do better. Some how i get the feeling of wanting to put Selena in her place by making her lose this battle. Hoping it would make me feel better. I move my black Nike high tops trying to warm up.

                                   " Ken, can we start ?'' Tessa, one of my dancers says tapping her foot up and down really fast.

                                                           " Just wait'' She groans which makes me laugh as i keep my eye on the moves. The became lazy as Selena starts to yell at them.

                                                        '' Okay, now'' They all smile and we start to dance to Uptown funk. The boys did some back flips and many more stunts, while i lead the girls. Selena's eyes were wide i smirk. I continue to dance and i notice Jesy, Leigh Anne and Jade joined me. I smiled at them as we all danced to the song, once the song was over Selena let out a scoff.

                                                                  '' DAMN" Jesy yelled, which made us all laugh. We put are arms around each other and looked at Selena. But she was looking at something behind us.

                                                                   '' Luke,baby'' I turn around and of course i see his blue eyes bore into my hazel brown. I hold my lips into a tight line. Selena runs past me and into Luke's arms he manages to catch her by surprise but his eyes never left mine. I turn around and look at the ground.

                                              '' Well looks like we won'' Jade says, i give her a small smile and nod.

                                                                     '' This time'' Selena's annoying voice says, i roll my eyes at her. My eyes turn their attention to the door Cal and Zayn walk in with Ash eating a banana. I smile as i see him talking to the two who were Laughing at something Zayn said. 

                                                                   '' We're done for today guys'' I say, i grab my sweater and walk down the step of the stage and over to Zayn. I give him a smile, he gives me one in return showing his teeth while his tongue is behind them. it's kinda cute, i guess i never paid attention.

                                                                 '' How was rehearsal?'' I shrug as i stand next him. I notice that we were alone Cal and Ash left us to see their girlfriends. I felt like i was the only one in the whole group who had nobody to love, it was kinda depressing. My eyes wander off to Luke whose looking at Selena but his eye wander to me

                                                   " It was..okay'' I turn my attention back to Zayn who nods, he takes my hand and leads me out of the building i laugh at how random he was being.                         

                                                                          '' Zayn, where are we going ?'' I ask as i walk faster, he turns around to look at me and smiles.

                                                                    '' You'll see, we enter the lobby and go into a small room with a piano. He closes the door and leads us to the piano. We both sit down our bodies close to each other, our shoulders and thighs touching against each other.

                                     '' You remember the first time you sang to me ?'' I raise an eyebrow as i try to remember.

                                                        '' Yeah, i was playing the piano and then you took over'' He nodded with a smile. I furrow my eyebrows trying to figure out what he was doing.

                                                                    '' Do you happen to remember the song ?'' I look at the piano and try to think back five years ago. Which was a long time ago, i close my eyes and try to think of the song.

                                                    '' Bleeding Love, right ?'' My eyes open when i mention the name.

                                                                 '' Well i want you to sing it this time, but i want to join'' I smile, Zayn had an amazing voice. I still wonder why he isn't famous it's disappointing because he deserves to be known. 

                                                                           '' Okay lets do it'' I say nodding, his eyes light up and his hands go to the piano and he begins to play. I let out a small whistle tone and then nod for Zayn to start with me.


                        We sang the whole song together till the end. He let out a small high note while i let out another whistle tone. The piano stops playing and we both sit their looking at it.

                                                                                  '' Kendall...I saw him looking at you and i think you should go and talk you two need to sort things out'' I look at the ground not really sure if i can go talk to Luke.

                                                                          '' I don't know Zayn...what if he'' 

                                                                    '' No stop with the what if's and go find him.'' He takes my hand and leads me to the stage once more. my stomach begins to grown butterflies, i don't get why Zayn is doing this i thought he had feelings for me.

                                            We stop by the stages doors Zayn waits for me to go in by myself.

                                                              '' I can't Zayn'' My eyes move to the door not wanting to go in. I hear Zayn sigh as he puts a hand on my shoulder.

                                                   '' You need to talk to him'' I take a deep breath and look at him.

                                                         '' Fine, can you go home and check up on my dad ? I don't want you to wait out here by yourself'' He nods and gives me a smile. I give him a forced one and open the doors to the stage and walk in. My eyes land on Luke, his back was facing me as he held a guitar in his hands. He was by himself no Selena or boys. I make my way towards him slowly, my heart began to beat faster with ever step i took and my eyes wander every were they could but at him.

                                                                '' Luke'' I let out a soft whisper but it was loud enough for him to hear. My look up to see his. He runs over to me and takes my hands, i try to back away but i can't for some odd reason i just can't.

                                                                '' Kendall, i...What you saw with Selena it's fake okay none of it is real'' I notice the bags under his eyes from the lack of sleep his been getting. His blue eyes seem to lighten brighter than before.

                                                                 '' Cal told me, i went by your flat yesterday and i saw you two'' He shook his head, he knew what i was talking about.

                                                              '' She doesn't know this is...fake, i swear if i could get out of this i would but it's management that's doing this'' I give him a small nod and take my small hands away from his large ones. His places them on my waist and pulls me closer to him. he puts his forehead against mine and the grip on my waist tightens. My breath hitches at how close we were.

                                                            '' What about that blonde girl ?'' He sighs, and brings one hand up and puts a strand of my hair behind my ear. I look at his lips and back at his eyes. Being this close to him, i just made me want to kiss him.

                                                           '' I was drunk, i didn't know what i was doing. But i can assure nothing happened between me and her. I wasn't even in the same room with her in the morning i woke up in a hotel, that's why i arrived to the hotel we were staying at late. You need to believe,I know I've screwed up in the past but please.'' I look at his eyes and realize that Katie would've done this her words from the music shop came back to my mind. Three months, i had three months to leave him. She must have done this to get me away from him, after the dream i had of her and Ross i had a strange feeling i would see her again...and soon.                                                                      

                                                                     " i believe you but this still doesn't fix us'' He moves his hand to my cheek and then puts a thumb by my lips. I put a hand on his chest hoping that he would move but he doesn't.

                                                                      '' What do you want to do, I'll do anything'' I sigh not wanting to push him away. I want him to myself, i want to feel his skin against mine and his lips. I wanted him so badly, i wanted all these problems to go away i longed for us to be alone together the only ones in the world and be us without the press on our trail. But i knew that wouldn't happen.

                                                                         '' I need you to leave Selena. I don't care what you do talk to management please'' He nods and brings me closer to his body. His lips had formed into a smile, something i don't see from him. Sure I've seen pictures of him on magazines but he never seems to look happy.

                                                                         '' Is that all ?'' I nod and give him a smile. He bites on his lip piercing as his eyes land on my lips.

                                                                 '' Well...i...Katie'' His eyes move up to mine instantly and they show signs of fear and anger.  He pulls away from me and runs a hand through his hair at the name.

                                                                   '' What did she do ? did she hurt you ?'' I shake my head no as i put a hand on his shoulder trying my best ti calm him down and have him listen to what i need to same.

                                                              " In November when i was working at the music shop she came in and told me a few things... She said to stay away from you within three months or else everyone i loved would be hurt''I explain, his eyes are wide as if his seen a ghost.

                                                            '' Why didn't you tell me ?'' tears began to come out of my brown eyes, he holds me in his arms as i cry in his chest.

                                                                             '' I was scared, i was going to move with my dad to New York and break up with you but i couldn't'' I whisper as i continue to sob. his hands touch my bare skin from my stomach making me feel butterflies and just happy on the inside.

                                                                   '' Don't worry we can confront her together. As for Selena i will tell management I'm done with the act'' i don't say anything just because there was no need to say anything. I pull away and smash my lips into his. I close my eyes as our lips move in sync, i missed this feeling so much it made me want more.

                                                                 He pushed me gentle against the wall as he his lips left mine and trailed down to my neck leaving small love bites. I hold on to his hair and bring his lips back up to mine. I bite on his lip piercing as his hands travel down to my thighs. 

                                                                          '' i miss you so much Kendall, I missed everything from your voice to your lips'' I smile as we both take a moment to breath.

                                                       '' I missed you too'' he smiles and puts his forehead on mine.

                                            '' I wrote a song about you, but it's not quite ready'' I smile and touch his cheeks as his smile grows bigger.

                                               " I'll see you later, i need to go check u o my dad Zayn's with him'' Luke stiffen at  my words and shakes his head.

                                                   '' Kendall, promise me you won't spend so much time with Zayn'' I raise an eyebrow trying to figure out what his saying.

                                                                '' Why ?'' he sighs and runs a hand through his hair.

                                                    '' Are you jealous ?'' I ask, he shakes his head no but i know he is.

                                                               '' okay...maybe just a little, i just feel like you're closer to him'' I let out a small laugh at how jealous he was being.

                                                                  '' His my best friend i love him his like a brother to me.'' he nods letting out a sigh of relief. He places his lips on mine giving me a long passionate kiss.

                                                                        '' Call me when you get home'' I nod, he lets me go. I walk off the stage and head home to check on my dad. 

                                 A/N- Luke and Kendall are back together ! Sorry for the long wait i have been practicing for my dance recite and my violin solo so i hope this chapter paid off. Don't forget to comment, Like and favorite. Love you all and remember stay strong.                                                                               



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