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This is the third book to Anything Can happen.
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6. vi.

                                                       Zayn and i had arrived at my Aunt's house, we had just walked into my room to find all my things back in place my closet doors opened revealing my clothes. I see Tucker and Mate, i smile and hug both of them as they also go and attack Zayn with kisses.I sat on my bed and looked at my hands, the bed deepens as i turn to See Zayn looking at the wall. And then turning to me.

                                                                  '' Get some rest, I'm going to sleep downstairs on the couch." He explains as he stands up. I put my hand on his tattooed arm stopping him from going anywhere.

                                                                 '' Do you mind just staying here ?'' He looked at my eyes and gave me a nod.  gave him a small smile and we both got in the middle with a space between us in the middle. 

                                            '' Thank you'' I whisper, i heard him chuckle as i looked at my ceiling.

                                                                        '' There's no need to thank me, I'm your best friend it's my get some rest'' I smile and do ass he says and close my eyes falling asleep.

                                                                      I wake up to the sound of knocking from the front door i turn to see Zayn still sleeping. I get up and put on his hoodie and walk downstairs to open the door. Once i open the door i have the urge to close again but he puts his foot by the door so it didn't close the whole way. He opened it and looked at me.

                                                     '' Luke get out'' I say, not in the mood to talk to him at all.

                                                              '' No not until you hear what i have to say'' He says coming closer, i back away not wanting to be near him,

                                                       '' There's nothing to say, you broke your promise...this what we had is over i don't want to be hurt again'' I explain to him looking at the ground turning to ignore his blue eyes staring at me.

                                '' I didn't break it, please just let me explain to you what happen'' I shake my head no.

                                                '' No, i don't want to hear it. Leave, just leave'' I plead him, before he could say anything Luke's eyes turned dark and he clutched hi hands. I turn around to see Zayn behind me. He gently took me and pushed me behind him.

                                                           '' She said to leave'' His British accent sounding thicker.

                                                                   '' Don't get into this Malik, this has nothing to do with you'' Luke spat, i haven't seen him like this only once but that was with Cameron.

                                                                ''  It is if Kendall came to me first'' I hold on to Zayn's hand noticing his knuckles were turning white.

                                                                  '' Luke just leave please'' He moved his eyes and sighed. He walked out the house closing the door. Zayn and I stay in our spots as we watch his headlights disappear. I take a deep breath and turn around and sit on the couch. Zayn joins me after two minutes and puts a hand on my knee. 

                                       '' Kendall, don't worry about him not now at least'' I give me a smile and a hug.

                                                        '' Thanks Zayn...i know I'm going to have to talk to him later though'' Running a hand through my hair. He nodded.

                                                              '' Do it when your ready'' I nod and cross my legs.

                                                                                           '' i will''


                                                                            Dad had just been released from the hospital and  got to go home. Aunt JOy sold her house and moved to a little closer to the city of course i tagged along as well as Dad. While my dad was in the hospital i had gone everyday to talk to him and take care of him. Zayn came as well and my dad and him became friends i guess.

                                                              '' Okay, i have to go get ready for an interview. Zayn and Aunt Joy are going to be here. Will you be fine ?'' I ask, i haven't really been in the press as much as the girls. I mean the world already knew Jesy and Ash were dating, Jade and Cal were engaged and Leigh Anne and Michael got the same tattoo.


  The only thing our fans know about me is that...Luke and I broke up and my dad in the hospital. It still hurt thinking about him, but i knew i had to take my time to talk to him.Last time i saw him was two weeks ago, I've been avoiding him as much as i could. Zayn had manage to stay with me during that time knowing how much i needed a best friend.

                                                         The holidays were great since i got to spend time with my family and Zayn's. It was great finally getting to see them since they were like a second family to me. 

                                                             '' Kendall don't worry, go before you get yelled at for being late'' I force a smile and hug him. Then i walk out and go to my room and get ready.  I grabbed my outfit and changed since i already did my makeup and took my morning shower. My outfit  looked like this.


                                                                   I put on my heels and walk out the house to see Matt pull up in the black jeep. I get in and the car starts to drive again. I sent Zayn a text to warn me if anything happens to Dad since he was still asleep.

                                                                     I sigh and look out the window kinda regretting leaving my Dad home. I play with my hands trying to think in the good things. After twenty minutes we came to a stop. When i got out of the car i see fan yelling and smiling at me holding up sighs that say stay strong ken and we love you. I give them all a big smile and wave. I walk towards them and take some pictures and sign there things.

                                                                  '' Come on Ken'' Matt says i nod and walk with him inside to the Sydney's Radio station. When i walk in it's a lot more peaceful,  Matt leads me to where i was suppose to have my interview.

                                                             '' Hey Kendall, nice to meet you I'm John and this is Riley" John says when i enter the room. I smile both at John and Riley.

                                                                    '' Hey thanks for having me'' I say giving them each a hug.

                                                                        '' No problem, now let's take a sit and start yeah ?'' Riley ask i nod and sit next to her. The interview was off at a great start until i got asked a certainly question or two.

                                                      '' I just want clear this up.who is this boy right here'' John explains. I look at the pictures and see Zayn and i I stiffen a little but relax myself some how.

                                                                     '' my best friend Zayn Malik. Who was currently there to support me when my father was in the hospital'' Riley nods as John looks at me wanting me to go on. 

                                                   '' That's all i can really say'' I say adding a laugh. Riley joins in as well.

                                                      '' Then how's your love life ?'' Riley asks with a sweet smile, but 

                                                                      '' Because you have recently just released a new single called Problem and another one called Best mistake so is it about some one special that most have been a recent or a past relationship'' I shit uncomfortably in my seat.

                                                                      ''Basically my mind is fighting with my heart. Best mistake is talking about how this person was the best mistake i had but everything started to crash down and nothing can be the same unless we can fix it...Then there's Problem, a song saying that I'm better off without this person'' I explain looking at my hands a lot.

                                                                  '' So much going on'' Riley said, which made me laugh.


                                                                            After the interview i had gone straight home. I got out of the car thanking Matt and went straight inside. I put my bag down and pet both Mate and Tucker, i walk up the stairs and see the door to Cal's room open and Zayn lean against the door.

                                                 I stay hidden against the wall listening to their conversation.

                                                                 '' I don't know what happened between her and Luke, but I'm glad you were there to support her'' My dad's voice is heard.

                                                                      '' She needed someone to comfort her, she's my best friend'' Zayn's accent got thicker. I move my leg wanting to get closer.

                                                                      '' Zayn, you see her more than a friend.'' Zayn put's his hands in his pockets as his back straightens.

                                                                  '' How do you ?'' My dad laughs and then get's serious.

                                                              '' The way you look at her says it all, I think you've liked her more than a friend for a long time'' I hear Zayn sigh . I raise an eyebrow. Zayn...likes me ?

                                                                  '' Okay i do...but she wouldn't go for someone like me she's always gone for the bad she will go back to Luke just like always'' I felt a sting in my heart hearing Zayn's words. Because that's what i thought of him when i liked him.

                                                                 '' They aren't now, try telling her how you feel...And if she wasn't yours than there's plenty of more girls around the world'' I walk back downstairs just in case either of them caught me. I walk into the kitchen and run a hand through my hair. He likes me, was the only thing taking control of my mind.

                                                                        before i could continue my thoughts i turned the tv on and the first thing on was something about Selena Gomez. I raise an eyebrow, her and Justin broke up just three months ago which was sad because Justin really did love her.

                                                                 '' News has it that Selena Gomez and Luke Hemmings are a couple now !'' my heart sank at the words that came from the reporters mouth. I couldn't believe he moved on so fast. I know i said i didn't want to see him unless he could prove his love to me. I guess he never loved me, especially since he starts to date one of my friends. I turn the tv off and look out the window.

                                                                    The love we both had was fake, i should've known. I stand up and go to the living room grabbing my guitar and walk outside to the backyard and sat near the pool. I admired the sun shining down on me and the blue sky. The air was warm with a cold breeze making it perfect to be outside. I started to strum on my guitar and thinking of something to sing. Before i could start i hear the door close. I turn around and see Zayn making his towards me, i give him a smile waiting for him to sit next to me.

                                                          '' How was your interview ?'' I shrug as i look at my guitar.

                                                                  '' It was okay, to many questions though'' I say putting my head on his shoulder. I couldn't seem to process everything i learned today. But i didn't want to tell him not yet at least.

                                                                         He laughed as he looked over my guitar.

                                                            '' Do you still play ?'' I ask, when we were younger we would always sing together and play instruments together as well.

                                                              '' Never stopped...are you okay you'' He says, i put the guitar on the floor so it's lying in the middle. I sigh as i run my feet through the pool's water.

                                                                     '' I...He moved on'' Biting my lip looking at him waiting for him to say something. His eyes turned into a different shade of brown which was weird.

                                                                             '' I just thought he would fight for me and...and come back to me'' He takes the guitar and looks at the pool's water.

                                                                          '' I...I'm sorry to hear that, but if you love him why don't you fight for him ?" I turn to look at the water as well. It was a sparkling blue and just reminded me of Luke's eyes.

                                                                              '' I...don't know, he moved on Zayn why would he want to take me back'' He sighed and looked at me.

                                                                        '' He hasn't even tried to talk to me in two weeks, his avoiding me and i just'' I shake my head not wanting to get pitted by Zayn. It only made me look wake.

                                                                             " Kendall, if you really love him why don't you go after him. Get him back tell him what you're telling me'' I glance back at Zayn.

                                                                             " Because i don't know what my heart wants anymore" I run a hand over my hair frustrated on what to do. I want to go and confront Selena and fix things with Luke but at the same time i can't.

                                                                  '' Why are you telling me this. Go tell him" He says patting my back. I look at him for a minute.

                                                           '' You're right.I'm going to go tell him this'' I say standing up Zayn nods as he looks at the ground. I lean down and kiss his cheek. I look at him and realize that his blushing, i totally forget about what he said earlier.

                                                            '' Thanks Zayn'' I will confront him later about him liking me. He smiles ad looks up from the guitar.

                                                              '' Don't thank me, now go'' I smile and run to the front of the house and into my white jeep that my dad had given me for my birthday. I back out and make my way over to Luke's flat. I'm going to get him back.


                             I took a deep breath, i was still in my car not knowing what i was going to tell him.

                                                                  What if he didn't want me back ? 

                                               I sigh and run a hand through my hair. I grabbed my bag and my phone. Before i could open the door my phone began to ring i looked at it and saw Cal calling. I answered it and put the phone to my ear.   

                                                               '' Kendall i need to tell you something. What you heard about Luke and Selena is true but it's only to get us famous then what we are now. They aren't really dating management made them'' He explained before letting me say hello. I'm in shock, so he must love me.

                                                      '' Thank you Cal, for telling me. I will call you back soon'' We say our goodbyes and i quickly get out of the car and walk inside to where Luke's flat was located. I just wanted to be in his arms again and this time i wasn't going to let go. What him and Selena have is fake, and didn't mean a thing they only had to act like a couple in public. A proud smile is formed on my lips as i turn into the empty hallway where Luke's flat was. 

                                                     My smile soon turned into a frown when i see both of them, making out my eyes water. Was Cal lying to me or were they really dating. I watch in shock as the two have their lips on each other.

                                                           '' God, i love you Luke'' I hear Selena say, i walk away and back to my car. I let the tears fall i wanted to run up to them and find out what their relationship was. Were they friends or more ? I already knew the answer they were clearly more, the press was no where in sight so they didn't need to fake it. I walk out the building and i meet the raindrops. I look up and it's dark and gloomy the sky holding a dark shade of grey. I make my way into the car and get in. I was soaked but at the moment i didn't care about anything, just when i thought i could find my way back to Luke everything falls apart again.

                                                          I look around me and began to cry more and more. My vision getting blurry by the minute my mascara running as i put my hand against my mouth. All i wanted to do now was disappear and never come back. But i knew i couldn't do that.

                                       I start the car and head back home. Wanting to cry all my pain away, and be left alone.


                                               I arrive home to find it empty, i remember Aunt Joy saying dad had a doctor. I don't know exactly where Zayn was which was weird cause he said he would be here till i got home. I was met with Tucker and Mate with a sad expression in their eyes. I force a smile and pet bot of them, i walk upstairs with the two following me into my bedroom, i stare at the white walls my eyes began to water as soon as Luke ran through my mind. I plopped on my bed and hug my pillow s i cry some more. Mate lays down by my feet while Tucker cuddles by me. I let out all my pain as the two stay quiet the only thing you could hear besides me sobbing was the sound of rain and lighting going on outside. 

                                                    After a few more minutes i sit up and pet Tucker and Mate. I wipe my tears away and change into something comfortable. I walk towards the Two large windows and sit on the floor.I look at the sky and notice that there would be a storm approaching soon. I hear the door and open from downstairs, usually the dogs would run to see who it is but not today.                                                       "how did it go ?'' I turn to see Zayn at the doorway and once he sees me his eyes are concerned as he walks to me and wraps his arms around me.

                                                                         '' I...i will never get him back'' I sob into his chest. We both sit by the window, as i sob some more into his chest just wanting to stay like this and never leave.



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