Anything For Us l.h

This is the third book to Anything Can happen.
©Copyrights of Jen Hemmings 2014 all rights reserved.


5. v.

                                                                    I wipe my tears away and look up at Zayn and give him a warm smile. He gave me one in return and kissed my forehead.

                                                                      '' Thank you'' He doesn't say anything, he just looks at me with worried eyes. Almost as if he was afraid to let me go. Before we could move the sound of lighting and thunder are heard from outside, i jump in Zayn's strong tattooed arms.

                                                                '' I see you're still afraid of storms'' He chuckles, i couldn't help but laugh a little at him. I sniff again and rub my eyes.

                                                                  '' yeah, i never stopped being afraid'' He nods and pulls his arms away and walks to get the remote. He sits back down next to me and hands it to me.

                                                                              '' You need to get your mind off things, so how does Netflix or what ever movies you want to see and a bunch of junk food sound ?'' I laugh at him, we would always do this when i lived in London. I give him a nod and his lips form into a big smile.

                                                                       '' pizza has to be one of them'' I say looking at the tv in search of a good movie to watch. I knew Zayn wanted me to get distracted so i wouldn't cry anymore. It was hard but so far i was doing a good job.

                                                                '' Well, Pizza is one of the most important junk foods ever'' I roll my eyes playfully at him as i get up and look through his collection of DVDs and pull out  Top Gun. I turn to look at Zayn's eyes and their wide. This was his favorite movie, i would always decline it because i found it boring and i never bothered to pay attention.

                                                   '' My love for you just grew bigger''I laugh at how silly he was being.

                                    '' Shut up and just order the pizza'' I say with a smile on my lips. He took his phone out.

                                                             '' Just order the pizza" He mocks me, i mange to laugh once more. He put the phone against his ear as i hummed to I got my eyes on you by Drake. For some odd reason i felt high, was because of all the crying ? I ignored it and kept humming. 

                                                                       Then the song actually began to play, i turn over to look at Zayn with a smirk on his face. I raised my eyebrow as he sang. I knew Drake was one of his favorites.

                                      '' Zayn, you ruined my moment'' I whine, this makes him laugh i join him after a minute.

                                                    '' I'm sorry, did i just hear Kendall Marie Hilton whine for the first time ?'' He asked surprised. I rolled my eyes and threw a pillow at him. While standing up and walking to the kitchen which was behind the living room. I looked through his fridge. I pulled out a tub of Ice Cream and two spoons. In the process i heard Zayn still singing. I let out a soft laughed, knowing he would sing it all night.

                                       I make my way back and sit closer to Zayn since he had the blanket all to himself.

                                                          '' Ah the chocolate Ice Cream, Classic'' He said making his voice sound french. I laughed at his attempt.

                                                          '' You should just stick with the British accent'' I say patting his shoulder. He rolls his eyes playfuly and takes some Ice cream as we start to watch the movie. After ten minutes the pizza had been delivered and we were currently eating. This time i was actually paying attention to the movie.  

                                                      '' This movie is...Awesome'' I exclaim. Zayn smirks.

                                                   '' I told you, but you never listen to me'' I roll my eyes and continue to eat until my phone went off. I looked at it and i stopped what i was doing. It was him. Zayn had noticed and looked at the phone. I gulped and put my pizza down. I looked back at Zayn and he was hot red.

                                                               I stay in my place and nod at Zayn for him to answer. He doesn't take even a minute to grab the phone. He answers and puts it to his ear.

                                                                             '' Hello'' He says, trying to play it cool so that he could rat on him. I stay in my seat pausing the movie.

                                                                 '' Listen here buddy, she knows what you did. And let me tell you know... you sure arent a man because of what you did no woman deserve that it's disrespectful alright, i want you to stop calling'' And with that Zayn hing up and put my phone in a drawer. I looked down at the ground, trying to kept a blank expression on my face.

                                                                   '' Thanks Zayn'' I whisper as i hear him sit down next to me. He took a finger and out it under my chin. Making me look up.

                                                                '' Don't thank me, and don't let that bastard ruin tonight. Now let's continue eating pizza getting fat and watching movies. yeah ?'' A smile cracks and i nod. We continue to watch the movie without an interruptions.                                                                                                              XXX

                                                                        We had finished watching Top Gun and watched other movies like The Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles, Rush hour and Rush hour 3. I was now laying the couch while Zayn was on the other couch. He looked wide awake. I let out a small yawn and turn my attention to the Tv. 

                                                                '' If you want you can sleep in my room, I'll take the couch'' He suggested. I shake my head no.

                                                  '' I'll just go and get a hotel'' He stands up and turns the tv off.

                                                        '' No, i don't want the press to follow you. I doubt they know you're here. So stay as long as you.'' I smile at him, he was always like this around me. I stand up and hug him.

                                                          '' Thanks Zayn, but you sleep in your room'' I say pulling away. He thinks for a moment and carries me to his room. I raise an eyebrow as we entered his room. Which was a usually teenage boys room. He puts me down on the bed as he walks to the couch.

                                                                     '' Okay, i sleep on the couch you sleep on the bed'' I roll my eyes knowing he wouldn't give in.

                                                              '' Fine, but you better not complain about how your back hurt's in the morning'' I warn. He laughs as he takes a pillow and a blanket.

                                                                  '' Here, let me get you something to change into'' I nod as i look around the room. I see pictures of Safaa and Doniya as well as Waliyha. I smile, i haven't seen them in a long time.

                                                                    We were all very close to each other, they were like sisters to me.  Zayn comes to me and places a hoodie and sweat pants on the bed.

                                                             '' You can change in there if you'd like'' I give him a nod and smile as i walk over to the bathroom and close the door. I change into the over size hoodie and the sweat pants which were really big on me. I notice that i had lost a lot of weight since November. It was normal, i looked slimmer than before...fragile.

                                                                                        I get out and see Zayn who looks up and starts laughing. I raise an eyebrow and cross my arms against my chest.

                                                 '' What's so funny Malik ?'' I ask as i walk to the end. Of the bed.

                                                      '' It looks so big on you'' he said once he stopped laughing and scratched his chest. I roll my eye playfully as i look at the new tattoos he has on his chest.       

                                                                  '' I know, i would get my things but, it's rain outside'' he nods and lays down on the couch. I do the same but on the bed while turning off the the lights. My head meeting his pillow, his strong scent was on it. The smell of cigarette and cologne.

                                                                       '' You know, i missed you'' he said after a long silence. Since the other and him came back to live here i haven't really been in contact with them. Because of my busy life.

                                        '' I missed you too'' I say, letting out a soft yawn. Which made him let out a low chuckle, he was my best friend and a brother to me. Sure i use to have feels for him but that was in the past when we were just kids. Now we're adults.

                                            '' Goodnight Zayn'' I whisper as my eyes close. My hands hugging his pillow.

                                                                           " Goodnight Kendall"


                      I wake up to the sound of thunder. I look around and see the dark room, i was in Zayn's room. I had a nightmare and my forehead was sweating. I get out of the big bed and turn the lights on then I walk over to Zayn and poke him. His eyes slowly opened when he saw me. The sweat pants he had given me fell of while i was asleep since they were to big for me.           

                                                          '' Are you okay Kendall ?'' He asks taking me in his arms.

                                               '' Zayn, i...Can you sleep with me'' Afraid of seeing those horrible images.

                                                                     '' yeah, come on'' He says, guiding us to his bed. He sits me down as he turns the lights off. We get under the covers as i put myself by him wanting to feel his warm embrace. Like he was the only one who could keep me from seeing those images. I had stopped shivering as i placed a hand on his chest.

                                                                  '' It was just a nightmare" He whispers, smoothing my brown hair. I nod and close my eyes. And go back to sleep.   

                                                                           Zayn's Point of view.

                                                        I wake up to find Kendall in my arms. Her beautiful brown eyes were close, her hair was back as her hand was on my chest her head joining. I would be lying if i said i didn't have feelings for her anymore, because the truth is they never left. I tried to ignore them when she was with that dickhead, but at the moment i knew she was in pain and wasn't looking for anyone. When she arrived three days ago i thought i would see her with a smile on her face. But instead i found a broken smile and tears. She didn't deserve that, she was a beautiful girl who deserved someone to keep her safe and happy.

                                                              I sigh knowing she wouldn't go for anyone like me. I was only a best friend...a brother in her eyes that all i ever was. She comes closer to me her face wasn't so far away from mine. I took the moment to look at her features. Her soft pink lips, that yelled kiss me. Her face was flawless without any makeup on. But she was always insecure about it just like her body. I don't know why because she was just flawless in every way.

                                                                       I held her a little tighter from a waist as we lay in bed together. Memories before she moved hit through my mind. I remember m mom would always tell me to go for her...But i couldn't she went for the bad boys in town that's for sure. She would never go for an outcast like me.

                                                                         '' Morning" I heard her soft voice. I look down to see her looking up at me. I gave her a smile, trying not to stare into her light brown eyes.

                                                                         '' How did you sleep ?'' I ask sitting up, she did the same as she let out another small yawn.

                                                                               '' Good, how about you ?'' She asks playing with the hem of my hoodie which was obviously to big for her.

                                                                             '' Never better, aye how about we make breakfast ?'' I suggest, she nods and we both get out of bed and walk to the kitchen together. I notice that she was only wearing my black hoodie her messy hair was all over the place making it hard for me not to kiss her.  We get to the kitchen and pull the things we would need for breakfast.

                                                                '' So exactly what are we making for today's meal ?'' She asks making her accent thicker. I can't help but laugh at her.

                                                                 '' Well, we shall make us some pancakes and that's all i know how to make beside waffles in the toaster'' I say making mine thicker just like hers.

                                                                         " That's why you have me'' I roll my eyes playfully but follow her instructions. After throwing flour at each other we manged to eat and then clean up.

                                                                  '' Now what do we do" I ask, both of us seating on the floor looking out my balcony from the inside. The snow slowing falling from the sky hitting the ground.

                                           '' I don't more'' I laugh at her. I could image her pouting at me. 

                                                             '' I'm good, if i eat anything else i might explode. Ask Niall though'' She laughs at me bringing up Niall. 

                                                                                 '' How is he ?'' I shrug.

                                                                 '' I haven't seen him since we left Australia'' I turn my gaze to her. She gave me a nod as her eyes were glued to the view outside. She looked perfect, the way her hair fell down her shoulders and her eyes so focused on the snow.

                                                         '' well you surly get out much'' I roll my eyes playfully at her.

                                                   '' Well i don't like people'' She laughs at me, and turns to look at me. Her warm smile on her lips. I stared at them wanting to kiss them.

                                                                               '' But you like me and i'm a person'' I shrugged, finding myself leaning in cloer to her. I couldn't control myself.

                                                        ''I'm going to the bathroom" I say, she laughs as i rush to the bathroom. I splash cold water on my face and look in the mirror. I got to get my act together.

                                                                    When I get out i see Kendall on her phone.

                                                                       '' Yeah, I'll get a plane ticket. I'll be there as soon as i can'' She hangs up and turns to look at me a sad expression on her face.

                                                                          '' What's wrong ?'' I ask stepping closer to her. Tears began to form in her eyes once more.

                                                                   '' My dad's in the hospital'' I take her in my arms as she cries. I use my hand to make circles on her hands to comfort her.

                                                                       '' Come on, get ready and we can both go and see him'' I say pulling away looking at her. She nods as she goes to find something to wear. I go to my room and pack some clothes. Not knowing exactly how long i was going to stay.

                                                                                   Kendall's point of view

                                                 After taking a quick shower. Zayn and i went to the airport taking the first flight to Australia. I knew dad had some type of cancer he just didn't want to tell me. I would always ask him if he was okay and he would say yes. Why would he lie to me ?

                                                                 I look out the plane's window just wanting to get there as soon as possible. I wanted to hug my dad and confront him over why he lied. 

                                                                       '' Zayn...why is this happening to me ?'' i look over to him waiting for him to answer my question. He takes my hand and looks at  me in the eye.

                                                            " Bad things happen to good people like you makes you stronger'' He explains. I sigh and put my head on his shoulder.

                                           '' but...I don't get it'' It takes him a moment to say what he wants to say.

                                                                 ''It;s life... let's just say it's not fair'' I close my eyes worried about my dad. And keep Zayn's words in my mind.


                                                                   After dropping off our things at my aunts house we got in my jeep. Zayn drove, since i was to nervous to drive. My focus was on my dad and i knew if i was driving i would probably crash. The car came to a stop and we both quickly got out of the car and walked to the entrance of the hospital. I walked closer to Zayn wanting to be by him, he put an arm around my waist as he walked over to the waiting room were my Aunt was. The others were there as well...including Luke. I look at my aunt and she is walking towards Zayn and i who still had an arm wrapped around me.

                                                                           '' What happened ?'' I ask her, i didn't bother giving her a hello. Not because i was being rude but because i wanted to know.

                                                                              '' I went to his house and when i opened the door i saw him passed out on the ground. I called the hospital and they said he had cancer in the past and it was getting better. The pain came back they tried to give him pills but he didn't want them'' Tears escaped my eyes as i hugged her.

                                                              She pulled away and looked at Zayn. And gave him a warm smile as her eyes stopped forming tears.

                                                                   '' Thank you for taking care of my niece'' She says, wiping her last tears away. Zayn gives her a warm smile and nods.

                                                                     '' There's no need to thank me'' She smiles, and walks back to her seat. i turn to look at Zayn.

                                                                   '' Can you come with me and wait by his room ?'' I ask, he nods and we both walk to my dads room and we sit down across the room on the floor waiting for news from the doctor.

                                                                          " Everything's going to be fine'' he says, giving my hand a squeeze. I force him a smile and sigh.

                                                                                                 '' I hope so"

                              After an hour of waiting we were allowed to go in. I stood up and walk into my Dad's room alone. I close the door and turn to look at him. His in the bed laying down he looks up at me and puts a finger up and makes the bed move up. I wipe the tears off my eyes and put my hands back down letting form into a fist. I look at his weak body laying in bed. His face showed tiredness as well. It was also pale making him look weak.

                                                     '' Kendall'' I stay quiet and look at the ground waiting for something to come to mind.

                                                                        '' You lied to me Dad" I say trying not to break down into tears knowing i would within a few minutes. He sighs and turns to look at me. 

                                                 '' I didn't lie'' I look at him strongly. pretty sure my makeup was running.

                                                            '' Yes you did, you said you were fine dad. But you're not fine, you're in a hospital for crying out loud" A tear slipped from my eyes as i looked at him with a strong stare.

                                                          " I thought i was getting better, i didn't lie to you'' I turn to look at the wall and then back at him i run a hand through my hair.

                                                             '' Is this the reason you wanted me to live with you ?" He looks at me in disbelief. But he let me continue to talk my mind out.

                                                                        '' Did you want to find your only child so you wouldn't have to be alone these past few months ? Is it ?'' He looked at me with his eyes filled with sadness. Almost as if he wanted to cry with me as well.

                                                                   '' No, i was hoping i would get better. I wanted to see you and get to know you. I didn't want this to happen'' His voice was weak just like his body. I couldn't help but start to cry.

                                                                            '' I didn't want this time with you and Joy to be like this'' He explain, i shake my head. Looking at the ground and then back at him.

                                                                 '' But it is now daddy'' I say my voice shaking tears rushing down my cheeks, as i moved my body trying to stay still.  he shakes his head.

                                                          '' No it's just, something that decided to come up and and...I will admit i'm not feeling good. But everything's going to be okay'' I sigh and break a small smile and nod.

                                                             '' I love you daddy'' I say walking towards him.

                                       '' Sweetie" I sit next to him on the bed and gentle place my arms around him. As i cried into his chest not wanting him to leave me.

                                                     '' I love you too'' He says, we stay there. I didn't want him to leave me. Not after i just met my father. I cried more and more as he held me a little tighter.

                                                                 '' We'll get through this together" he said, i didn't do anything but cry. The only thing I've been doing the last few days.


                                                              After talking to my dad i step out to see Zayn sitting in the same place i left him. He stands up when he sees me and i run up to him and hug him.

                                                     He places his strong arms around me as i sob some more into his chest.

                                                                       " I don't want him to leave'' I cry into his chest. Making his black shirt wet from all my tears. He tries to calm me down with so many words but they don't seem to calm me down.

                                                                    '' Kendall, you have to be strong not only for you but for your father as well'' I sniff and nod.

                                                                  '' Come on you need to rest, we can come back tomorrow'' I nod since my dad told me to go home as well. We start to walk back out to the waiting room with me in Zayn's arms supporting me to walk. Once we made it to the waiting room the others came up to me and hugged me.

                                                                       '' Kendall don't worry everything's going to be fine'' Leigh Anne says. I give her a small smile. Jesy looks at me and puts a hand on my shoulder.

                                                       '' We are here to help you'' I nod and give her a hug.

                                                                    '' Go get some rest'' Michael says.

                                                  '' Thanks guys'' They smile and Ash turns to look at Zayn.

                                                                    "Thanks mate for taking care of Kendall'' He says with a smile. I give Jesy and Leigh Anne a hug as well as Michael and Ash. Zayn and I walk out the hospital, i ignore Luke staring at me,not in the mood to talk to him nor pay attention on him. All my attention was on my dad wanting him to get better.

                                                      Praying to god he would be alright and out of danger.

                                A/N well this chapter was very emotional to write. I hope you all like it and as you can tell there's a new cover ! I just made it so tell what you think about it. Don't forget to comment. like and favorite. love you all and remember stay strong!               




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