Anything For Us l.h

This is the third book to Anything Can happen.
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9. ix.

                                                                        '' Alright Kendall, you're going to start the concert up first. Then the boys, you girls will be going at the end. I want you to go straight to makeup right now'' Kevin said, he was basically our boss when it came to getting ready to perform. I give him a nod and a smile while the others all yell. I was in Luke's arms at the moment, my back against his chest and his strong arms around my small waist. We had told management a few hours before the concert started,about us being back together, they agreed after having Simon defend us Cal and the others also joined. They went straight to the press to tell them that Luke and Selena are over. And that Luke and i are back together.

                                                                               '' Good Luck Ken, You'll do great !" Ash says as he jumps up and down. I laugh at how excited he was for tonight.

                                                                  '' Thanks Ash'' Before the others could say anything i was pushed to the stage with my dancers right behind me. I smile at the large crowd in front of me, without saying anything the music starts to play and i begin to sing and dance. After performing six songs i stood in the middle of the stage sitting down on a stool as i look around the crowd.

                                                                         '' Alright, this last song is for someone really really special'' The yells of fans grow louder at my sentence which made me laugh.I nod for the music to start. 

                                                                       " You're the light, You're the night. You're the color of my blood'' I sing the familiar words of my favorite song.

                                                                             '' You're the cure, you're the pain. You're the only thing i wanna touch, Never knew that it could mean so much'' My head moving back and forth, my hands going around in slow circles. I stand up and begin to walk around the stage.

                                                               " You're the fear, i don't care cause I've never been so high. Follow me to the dark. Let me take you past our satellites, you can see the world you brought to life'' I stop for a moment as the drums begin to play

                                                                   '' So love me like you do, love me like you'' I repeat as i past my hands through some fans. 

                                                                    " Touch me like you do, touch me like you. What are you waiting for ?'' I take a a good pause turning my gaze to the floor.

                                                                   '' Fading in,  fading out. On the edge of paradise. Every inch of your skin is a holy grail I've find. Only you can set my hear on fire'' My hands move to my thighs as i bend down a little ready to let out a whistle tone.

                                                        '' Yeah, I'll let you set the pace. Cause I'm not thinking straight. My head spinning around i can't see clear anymore'' I spin around a couple of times until the piano begins to play slowly once more. My eyes turn to the right, and i see Luke with a smile on his face, the light reflecting in his blue eyes.

                                                                        " Yeah I'll let you set the pace...cause I'm not thinking straight...My head spinning around i can't see clear anymore'' I let out a high note and within seconds the song is over.

                                                                             '' Thank you'' I say into the mic i wave and make my way towards Luke who has his guitar in hand.

                               '' A special someone ?''  His eyebrows going up and down I laugh and give him a smile. 

                                     '' yes a very special someone'' We both lean in slowly with smiles on our lips.

                                           '' Like me'' he whispers. I smirk, my eyes staring at his soft pink lips.

                                                         '' Like you'' His lips our placed on mine now, they easily move in sync my arms wrapped around his neck. His large hands found their way to my hips, he pulled me closer to him so our bodies were touching.

                                                         '' Sorry everyone but Luke is in the middle of making out with Kendall.'' I open my eyes to find the boys on stage with Michael talking into the mic. My cheeks begin to feel hot as i pull away from Luke.                                                                                                  '' I'll see you in a bit'' I smile and nod.

                                                                      '' Don't forget to kill Michael'' He laughs and places one more kiss on my lips before running away and on the stage. I shake my head while laughing and walk to the dressing room the girls and i were assigned. I walk in and the girls are all doing their makeup. I sit next to Jesy and smile while looking at the wall.

                                                                    '' Girls, there's something wrong with Ken.'' I roll my eyes playfully at Jesy. Leigh Anne and Jade laugh as they stop what their doing.

                                                     '' Shut up Jesy'' She laughs and continues to do her eye makeup.

                                                                     '' Why are you so happy ?'' Leigh Anne says with a smile on her face, i give her one in return as i take some blush and apply it to my cheeks.

                                                                      '' Luke and i are back together and everything's going back to normal'' All the girls let out an 'aw'.

                                                                                  '' I'm glad you two are back together, you should of seen what the fans were posting online'' Jade said, while grabbing a water bottle and fixing her skirt. I raise an eyebrow and stand up to grab my warrior outfit.

                                '' What were they saying ?'' I ask as i run my hand through the soft fabric of the beautiful outfit.

                                                                      '' They wanted you guys to get back together. They even made hash tags and put hate on Selena'' My eyes went a little wide at Jesy's words. I walk into the little changing room we had and closed the curtain.

                                                       '' Well that's new'' I hear Jade laugh as i change into my outfit.

                                                                     '' That's not all, her fans tried to defend her but mixers, beasters, mahomies,lovatic beliebers and the five sauce family went all crazy on them by telling them to fuck off'' Leigh Anne said, i laughed a little at how crazy the whole situation was. I walk out of the changing room and sit on the couch,i grab my sandals and put them on.

                                                                  '' But you know, Selena was a bitch i mean she would be so clingy to Luke and she would also bitch at Jade. When we tried to defend you and she said that-'' Jade cut Jesy off by putting a hand by her mouth.

                                                       '' She said something bad about me. i know....Justin told me that too'' They all look at me with worried eyes.

                                                              '' You know, she's in the past she doesn't matter now. Because what matter's now is that we get to perform in front of millions of people'' Jade says with a smile. I give her one back while standing up and walking towards them.

                                                                       " Thanks girls, i don't know what i would do without you guys'' I say, they all smile and we give each other a group hug.

                                                                         '' You wouldn't be part of Little Mix that's for sure, or have me has your best friend'' Jesy says, which earns her a smack from Jade and Leigh Anne. Jesy and I both laugh and get out of the hug. 


                                                                               " That was fucking amazing'' Jesy says, we had just finished performing on stage, we had an amazing time with the fans singing along. We were currently getting dressed back into our clothes and get ready to go home.

                                                                                  '' Jesy, it was more than amazing'' I say, she rolls her eyes playfully at me and throws a pillow towards me but i move so it wouldn't touch me. I laugh i throw the pillow back her which hit her right in the stomach.

                                                                           '' Solider down'' She says while falling on to the couch. I laugh as i put my Warrior outfit away.

                                                                             '' Jesy, Ken Calm down. Now Cal just sent me a text and asked if we all wanted to go clubbing or watch a movie at our flat" Jesy and i both looked at each other with grins on our lips.

                                                                            '' Well i say movies, i mean we get to cuddle with out boyfriends'' I say with a duh tone, Jesy laughs while Jade, Leigh Anne and I give her considered looks.

                                                                    '' Cuddling ? more like throwing food at each other'' Jade and Leigh Anne go up to her and put a hand on her shoulder.

                                                                           '' You guys don't cuddle ?'' Leigh Anne says, Jesy rolls her eyes playfully as she shakes her head no. I walk away and put my hands up.

                                                             '' Girls we are talking about Jesy and Ash here'' Jade and Leigh Anne laugh with me, expect for Jesy whose looking concerned.

                                                                        '' Wait let me get this straight, we have to cuddle ?'' We roll our eyes and throw a pillow at her which makes her laugh.

                                                                    '' Okay movies it is...he said to meet them at the flat'' We nod and get our things and walk out of the dressing room and into Jade's car.

                                                                           '' No but I'm serious what do you guys do with your boy toys ?'' Jesy asks, Jade and I roll our eyes while Leigh Anne laughs.

                                                            '' Well Michael and i go on dates, cuddle and make out . We already met each others parents so i guess you could say things are really serious'' Leigh Anne says with a smile. 

                                                                    '' let's see Cal and i do the same. We've been on some trips together and gonna a walks to the park with Rider and Mia'' Jade says referring to their dogs. Jesy laughs which makes us roll our eyes.

                                                    '' What ? I mean sure you two have great boy toys but out of the all of us i think Ken and Luke are more romantic with each other.'' My cheeks begin to feel hot as she mentions Luke and I.

                                                               " You can't say no, i mean you two have the perfect pets and you two are just perfect in general. Plus you two already act like a married couple" Jesy exclaims.

                               '' that's true, i mean Michael would never prop'' Leigh Anne stops her words, i turn around to see Jesy's hand on her mouth. Jesy gives me a  goofy smile while Leigh Anna eyes are wide.

                                                                  '' She means plan a trip to  Paris'' Jade says. i turn back around and ignore what just happened.

                                                                     '' I'm sure he would Leigh Anne....pus i wouldn't say that Luke and i are romantic look at Cal and Jade'' Jade giggles as we come to a red light.

                                               '' It's true'' I say as i look out my window to find the dark night sky.

                                                                 '' Sure Ken whatever floats your boat'' 


                                                                          '' Fine, i will attempt to be nice to Ash'' Jesy says, we were just outside Jade and Cal's flat. Jade was opening the door at the moment while Jesy was being a drama queen.

                                                                             '' Calm down Drama queen'' Leigh Anne says, Jesy sticks out her tongue. I laugh but quickly stop when i get a death glare. Jade opes the door and the four of us walk in to find the boys eating food. Rider runs his way over to me and jumps on me. I laugh as he licks my cheek. I pet him and kiss the top of his head.

                                                                     '' Cal tell your dog to stop stealing my girl'' I roll my eyes playfully at Luke and make my way towards him with Rider by my side. I sit on the couch next to Luke, while Rider goes by Jade and Cal. Luke instantly puts an arm around me and kisses my forehead. He pulls me onto his lap, my legs hanging off the couch as my back is touching the couch. Since we were seated one seat couch.

                                                                              '' My girl ?'' I ask making my British accent thick while a smirk played on my lips. He nods with a proud smile on his lips.

                                                   '' Yes my girl, now pizza ?'' I laugh but grab the pizza from his plate. We both turn our attention to the conversation being held by the others.

                                                                '' Please we were out of this world'' Ash says as he snaps his fingers. 

                                                                                          '' Did you see Ken's vocals they were Out of this world'' Jesy says, Michael laughs at the two.

                                                                          '' Well did you you see Luke and his solo yeah beat that'' Cal says throwing his plate on the floor with a smirk on his face.

                                             '' Cal pick that up'' Jade says, Cal's eyes go wide as he quickly picks the plate up.

                                                        '' Sorry babe'' I laugh at how the two looked like a married couple.

                                                                     '' Let's just say we all did good. yeah ? '' Luke asked, everyone mumbled a yeah. I turned my attention to the movie while everyone else was talking. I put my pizza down on the plate that was on the table and put my head on Luke's chest, my eyes were begging me to close them so i could get some rest. I felt his hand go on my back while the other one sat on my thigh.

                                                             I let out a small yawn and got closer to him, my hazel brown eyes closed as the sound of my friends talking and the tv were heard. I heard a chuckle come out of Luke's mouth.

                                                     " Wait is she asleep ?'' Jesy asked, i wasn't but i pretended i was.

                                                                  '' Yeah, why ?'' i heard Luke's voice asked.

                                                                           '' On our way over here Leigh Anne almost told her that you were going to propose to her.'' My heart began to beat at the speed of lighting. I was going to yell but i forgot that everyone thought i was asleep.

                                                                  '' Well i thought you were going to do it again, since you know what happened in Paris'' Everyone laughs while i try my best to stay in place.

                                                         " Mate when are you going to do it ?'' Ash voice was loud, which caused the others to hush him.

                                                           '' I want to wait, you know until her dad gets better and the tour is over'' Everyone let's out an 'aw'.

                                 '' That's good that you're waiting, just make sure you don't do it in public'' Ash warned again.

                                                             '' I better be the best man'' Cal's voice was heard.

                                                                     '' Sure Cal, if it makes you sleep at night''

                                                                                '' I can't wait till you two get married, image what the fans are going to say ! " Jade exclaims.

                                                                      '' Well let's just hope she says yes''

                             A/N-So who liked this chapter ! Hope you guys did, don't forget to like, comment and favorite. I love you all and remember stay strong.                                                          

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