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This is the third book to Anything Can happen.
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4. iv.

                              (  Song for this chapterJar of Hearts - Christina Perri (Boyce Avenue feat. Tiffany Alvord acoustic cover) )                                              

                I wake up to the sound of voices in the background. I rub my eyes slowly and my vision clears up, I was in the living room laying on the couch with Luke beside me. Our legs were on top of each other, my head was on top of his chest like every morning. Last night i remember falling asleep here while watching Teenage mutant ninja turtles on repeat since Luke wanted to watch it. The only source of light was the window that showed the amazing view of Paris, i lay there not wanting to move and just wanting to stay here. in this moment.

        I took one hand a traced little circles on Luke's chest, every times we touched i always felt complete and safe. He did something to me, i just can't figure out what. Because our love is so strong it feels like...we can't be without each other.I feel his hand tighten on my hip, i look up and smile at him. he kisses my forehead and leaves it there.

                                                           '' Morning, Princess'' He says, his voice was husky and voice.  I stare into his bright blue eyes, which always seemed to put me in a trace.

                                                      '' Morning'' I says with a yawn. he chuckles while closing his eyes.

                                                    '' Are you ready for today?'' I raise an eyebrow, as Luke pulls me closer to him. suddenly i realize that he had a surprise for me today.

                                              '' Are you going to tell me where we are going ?'' He pretended to think.

                                   '' I'm good'' I groan while he laughs at me. I pout and roll my eyes playfully at him.

                                         '' I hate you Luke Hemmings'' I puff, which makes him laugh.

                                       '' I hate you too Kendall, I'm glad you feel the same way'' I couldn't but laugh at him. I stand up and stretch my arms. Which made my hoodie go up to show my stomach, i put it down.

                                                          '' Well if you don't mind I'm going to go change'' He nods as he yawns. I walk to the bedroom and pick some clothes out to wear for where ever Luke was going to take us. I bring my clothes with me to the bathroom and do my regular morning routine. I had changed into this outfit after taking a shower.


                                                        I left my hair down in it's natural beach waves and walked out of the bathroom and put on my heels. Then i packed a purse with things i would need for today. I take my coat and walk out of the bedroom and see Luke in the living room on the phone with someone. He turns to see me and takes my hand and we both walk out of the hotel while Luke is talking to what seemed to be Ash because he kept yelling at him that Jesy and Him should get together now. Which only made me laugh. We walked outside and got into the car. My phone began to ring so i pulled it out and saw Jesy calling.

                                                                            '' Hi Jesy everythin-"

                                                                         '' Ken,i think i like Ash" I laugh at her and look over at Luke who looks like he wants to hang up on Ash.

                                      " Jesy, i think we all know that'' I comment as i look out the window. I hear her sigh.

                                                                   '' But he doesn't like me'' I do a face palm.

                                                            '' If he didn't like you why is he talking to Luke about you ?'' She yells in excitement, i pull the phone away from my ear.

                                                              '' I have to go kiss that idiot, I'll call you back'' Before i say anything she hangs up the call which makes me laugh. I turn over to Luke who is laughing as well.

                                                           '' They are going to make out ?'' He asked, i nodded.

                                                  '' Knowing Jesy, she might slap him afterwards'' We both laugh.

                                                            '' So are you going to tell me where we are going ?'' I ask with a smile, he shook his head no which made me frown.

                                   ''I thought you would be patient'' he chuckled. I smiled and put my head on his chest.


                                                              Throughout the long drive, Luke and i had manage to laugh at each other and well maybe sleep. The car had come to a stop, i took this chance to look out the window and i couldn't take my eyes off the beautiful Castle in front of me.

                                                                      '' Disney World " I exclaim, i hear Luke chuckle behind me. I turn to look at him and attack him with a hug.

                                                                    '' That's not all'' I raise an eyebrow as he pulls me out of the car and right behind is Jade and Cal. I smile and walk over to Jade who is smiling and we both give each other a hug.

                                                             '' I thought you guys were coming tomorrow? How did you know ?'' I ask pointing at Luke, he laughed as he looked at Cal.

                                                  '' I got Cal to tell me'' Jade rolled her eyes at him. While Cal shrugged.

                                                                '' I'm sorry, he told me he won't buy me Ice cream'' Jade and I laugh. While Luke holds a proud smile on his face.

                                                                      '' Luke, you are such a devil'' Jade said crossing her arms. I nodded with her in agreement.

                                                     '' Yeah,Yeah. Let's go in'' He says. We all agree and go in.

                                                                       '' We have to take pictures with all the princess'' Jade exclaims, which makes me laugh again. While Luke and Cal groan.     

                       We had gone on some rides and ate some food. We all shared laughs and took pictures. We walked out of Disney world and back to the parking lot.

                                                              '' Okay, well how about Luke and I go have a guys night and you do whatever you girls do'' Cal said, which earned him a slap on the shoulder.

                                                                        '' Sure, we shall go clubbing and have sex with hotter guys'' I shrug, While Cal and Luke's eyes went wide. Jade and i laughed.

                                                                '' We are kidding, you idiots'' Both boys sighed in relief. Jade walked over to Cal while Luke came up to me.  And took me in his arms.

                                                               '' You better be kidding'' I let out a soft laugh, but nod. I lean in to kiss his lips. I don't know why but i have a feeling i might lose him. We stay like that until the Cal clears his throat.

                                                         '' CAL" Jade says, Luke chuckles as i roll my eyes at Cal. We bot walk away going to our friends.

                                                         '' Alright, Jade what should we do ?'' I ask her once we get in the car. Her face brightens up and i know what that meant.

                                                  '' SHOPPING" We both yell which made me laugh.


                                                   After we had gone shopping we came to my hotel and watched The fault in our stars while eating pizza. The boys were still out doing whatever they were doing.

                                                                   '' Jade, is weird that i think...Luke's doing something'' She stops eating her pizza and looks at me.

                                                                  '' Ken, i know that you feel your going to lose him again after what you two have been through. But trust me, when i say that he knows if he does something stupid his going to lose you'' I smile at her words i give her a hug.

                                                                 '' Thanks Jade, i just hope your right'' She nods.

                                                                     '' Kendall, don't stress. His a smart guy he knows what right for him'' I try to smile but i can't.

                                                         '' Come on. Cheer up the boys are going to come back and ruin the fun.'' She exclaims as she points at the laptop. I laugh but nod.

                                                                            '' Alright, alright'' I say putting my hands up. She laughs and we continue to watch the movie.                      

                                                       I wake up the next morning to find myself alone in bed. After Jade had left after we watched a couple of other movies. And since then Luke hadn't arrived, i tried calling his phone, but he wouldn't answer at all.

                                                      I stretch my arms and get out of bed and head to the kitchen with my phone in my hands. Before i could get anything to eat it starts to ring. My mind is hoping it's Luke, but it's Jesy. I sigh but answer the call and looked out the window.

                                                               '' Kendall, are you okay ? Do you want me to come over to Paris?'' I raise an eyebrow at her.

                                                       '' Jesy, what are you talking about. I'm fine'' There's a pause. She ends the call. What in the world is going on. She sends me a link to a video i click on it and watch it.

                                                        '' Yesterday, Luke Hemmings and Calum Hood were spotted at a club. Calum went home alone. While Luke took a blonde beauty away. We have pictures of them sharing a kiss and getting into his car.'' The lady said. They showed pictures of Luke getting in the car with her. I gulped, knowing what they were going to do. I held back my tears wanting the lady to continue.

                                                         '' What will he tell the beautiful Kendall Hilton ? Will they last ?'' The video ended and i put the phone down. I ran a hand through my hair and then put both hands on my face. I knew it, just knew it. Rushing tears came out, i stand up and go to the bed room and start to pack at a rapid speed just wanting to get home and cry. I didn't want to hear his explanation. He has done this to many times, he couldn't just stayed with me but he didn't. I threw his hoodies on the bed and then zip the suitcase and go to the bathroom and pack stuff from there.

                                                               I gave him everything i could, i guess that wasn't enough for him. To be frank i just want to disappear not wanting to deal with this. I wipe the tears and walk back out. I didn't care in what state i was. I put my coat on and call Matt.           

                                                                     '' Matt, Get me an airplane ticket to London and the car. I want you to come and pick my stuff up. Please hurry'' My voice was shaking as well as my whole body.

                                              " I'll be there, do you need two ?'' I look back out the window.

                                                             '' Just one...just one please'' I hang up and my last tears falls. How could i be so stupid, he didn't love me...or did he ? Whatever it was, i want to forget it. I don't want to be hurt any more. I've been hurt to many times. And i just can't take the pain anymore.

                                                 I look down to see the black car. I walk out but before i do, i take the Keys of our flat and set them on the coffee table. I grab a pen and paper.

                                                                        I hope your happy now

                                                              I fold it and walk out the door with my things. And to the elevator, i sniff and cross my arms. I can't do this anymore.  I walk out and see cameras. I see Matt in the lobby. He takes my things and we both walk outside the yells of the press i heard Luke's name but i ignored it. I get in the car and we head to the airport.

                                                                   My eyes glued to the window as the streets of Paris were looking rather...gloomy. I feel a tear slips as memories from Luke ad I had come to mind. The first time we met to the day we got together. I go back to the day we got lost and the car broke down. We hated each other, but slowly began to fall, my mind brought up the time when we went to a party and he beat up some guy for me.. He stayed with me the whole night. I knew i was falling hard...Then he promised me he wouldn't leave me. But that was broken when i found this out.

                                                       I take my hands and wipe the tears away once more. I took a deep breath, this was probably just how things are suppose to be. 

                                                  '' Kendall. we are here'' I sniff and nod. I get out and go in. 


                                                                           Within one hour i was in London. I took my things and got in the car. I drove by myself, taking the view of London. I had a reason to be here, i didn't want to go back home not yet at least. I took my phone and called Jesy as i came to a stop. I didn't know where i was going but i knew where i would end up.

                                                                        '' Jesy...I want you to pack my things from Luke's flat and bring the over to My aunt Joy's house or yours it doesn't matter'' I explain, i hear her sigh. The light turns green and i continue to drive.

                                                                   '' Did you talk to him ?'' I stiffen, and look around my surrounds. Making a turn to the left. Not knowing what i was doing.

                                                                         '' No...It's over Jesy, I can't deal with this pain again. If he wants me back he has to prove it'' I say rather harshly. I sigh and come to a stop. Parking the jeep outside a cafe. 

                                          '' I understand. Just don't do anything you will regret. Okay ?'' I nod.

                                                                      '' I won't, I promise. I'm....I'm in London...Please don't tell him. Just tell Cal, My dad and Aunt Joy please'' I plead. I hear a knock in the background.

                                                                            '' Don't worry, i will'' And with that we say goodbye. I put my phone down and lean back on my seat. I was not in the mood to do anything but cry. Was it wrong that i didn't let him explain ? Part of me feeling guilty. But the other half was telling me he deserved it.                 

                                                          I shake my head and continue to drive. I was drove for miles until i wound up at his flat. I walk to find the rain meeting my body. I quickly walk  upstairs until i reach his door. I stood there debating on whether or not to bother him. I take a deep breath, and knock. I put my hand in my pockets and look at my shoes. Waiting for the door to open. I tried to stop myself from shaking and crying but failed. The door opened and revealed him with a smile, util it faded when he saw me.

                                                                            '' Kendall'' He says, i don't say anything. I hug him, he takes his arms hugging me tighter. I sob into his chest. We stay there for what seemed like ages in each others warm embrace.

                                                                             '' Do you want to stay for awhile ?'' His British accent spoke in a whisper. I nod as we both walk in. He closes the door and we sit on the couch.

                                                                                     '' I don't understand,was i not good enough for him ? I did so much for him, for us but it fell apart. Did i not make him happy, was i not beautiful enough for him ? Tell me Zayn, what's wrong with me'' I say desperate to know what i did so wrong. He takes my hands and shakes his head.

                                                                                 '' Kendall, you are beautiful, you are everything a guy wants for...I don't know what was going on through his head. I can't tell you because i don't know the answer. All i know is that his a dickhead, ok. You don't deserve this. I know this is hard but you need to understand that not everything is rainbow and butterflies. Anything can happen and you know that'' He explains trying to explain to me his thought. I sniff and look at the ground.

                                                                    '' I just don't know anymore'' I could feel him come closer. His arms wrapped around me trying to cheer me up. He placed his chin on top of my wet hair.

                                                                              '' Everything's going to be okay'' 

                                               We sat their, in each others arms as i cried some more into his chest.

                                                          A/N-So this was a hard chapter to write. Don't kill me please ! Please like comment and favorite. Tell me what you think about Their breakup! Another song for this chapter would be She will be love  Maroon 5 (Tiffany Alvord & Boyce Avenue acoustic cover). You could play that one during Zayn and Kendallls moment 


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