Anything For Us l.h

This is the third book to Anything Can happen.
©Copyrights of Jen Hemmings 2014 all rights reserved.


3. iii.


                                   ''Okay, i brought their food, leashes please make sure to walk them everyday at five. And they usually like to play around noon'' I explain to my Aunt Joy and Dad. Luke and i were currently at my Aunts house dropping off Tucker and Mate since today would be the day we are flying to Paris. I was going over their usual routine i know it may sound odd. But i treat them as if they were Children instead of dogs.

                                            '' Alright Ken, don't worry they will be in the best of hands. Now go have fun'' My Father says as he pets Tucker. Luke is standing right next to me looking very tired, i wouldn't blame him because we were packing our bags just last night. And only got three hours of sleep. It was currently Four in the morning and our flight left at five.

                                     '' We have to get going or else we are going to be late... Don't worry I'll take good care of her'' Luke says as my dad and him shake hands. As i go to hug my Aunt Joy.

                                                 '' Ok, like i said have fun but not too much fun'' My dad warns Luke, my eyes go wide as Luke turns nervous.

                                                        '' Dad'' I say, he puts his hands up in defense. I go up to him and hug him.

                                    '' Uh yea no problem sir'' Luke said, My dad nodded and Luke and I walked out the door and into the back jeep.

                                                  '' Well that was yet another great talk with your father'' Luke says when we finally get in car and drive to the airport.

                                                     '' You have to admit it's better than the other one where he said he was going to kill you'' He sighs at my comment which makes me laugh.

                                            '' I just don't get it, why doesn't he like me ?'' I shrug as i come closer to him and put my hand on top of his. He shows me a smile.

                                                  '' Don't worry he'll come around someday'' He laughs which causes me  to raise an eyebrow. He shakes his head no.

                                         '' Yeah the day i die'' I hit his arm as he continues to laugh.I roll my eyes playfully at how serious he i taking this.

                                                       '' Luke'' He puts an arm around me as he looks at my eyes.

                                                          '' I only speak the truth'' I laugh which makes him frown.

                                                     '' Yes because you are a very truthful person'' He nods.

                                                              '' You've got that right princess'' We both laugh. 

                                                   '' Okay so what are we going to do when we get to Paris ?'' I ask with a smile on my face. He makes a thinking for a moment.

                                                '' Sleep'' I give him a serious look which only makes him laugh.

                                                        '' Come on I'm serious'' He puts one hand up in defense.

                                              '' We can at least sleep when we get there and then we can go out to eat and then go back to the hotel and sleep'' I laugh.

                                            '' Fine we can just sleep the whole day, and do something tomorrow'' He starts smiling like a little kid as his blue eyes turn big.

                                            '' God your the best'' He says and pecks my lips. Which makes me frown.

                                                                   '' Luke'' I groan, he lets out a soft chuckle.

                                               '' Sorry princess but your going to have to wait when we get to Paris''

                                                    '' Fine'' I huff, which makes him start bursting out laughing.

                         We finally were at the airport and we were currently ready to go on the plan when we were stopped by a few fans. Of course Luke and I took some pictures with them and autographs. Then we got on the plane and found out seats and waited for the plane to fly. 


                                                        '' Have a nice flight, we will be arriving to Paris in twenty one hours'' The flight attendant as she left the us to go back to her job. We were currently sitting in first class, which wasn't really a surprise since Simon did give Luke the tickets.

                                                        ''Twenty one hours ? That means more time with you'' Luke says his voice clearly shows excitement. I laugh at how he was acting.

                                   '' Okay, you clearly need some sleep because you are very loopy'' Which causes him to laugh. 

                                            '' Well i only got three hours of sleep so in return you get a very loopy Luke''  

                                                                    '' Well this is going to be a long flight'' 

                                                        '' Love you to Kendall'' I laugh and lock my hand with his.


                                                  After about twelve hours talking to Luke and laughing with him. He went to sleep while i was surprisingly still awake not being able to sleep. I guess i was just to excited that i was going to spend sometime with Luke that i just wanted to get to Paris already. I smile knowing that it was going to be the two of us and of course Cal and Jade but we won't be together the whole time.

                                              My mind starts to think about other things beside this trip. Like how i got to meet someone that would make such impact on my life, i mean everyone is looking for that person that can make you laugh and smile everyday no matter what the circumstances are. And i feel that way every time I'm with Luke, he just does something that no other boy has done to me. It's not wrong to say that I'm in love with him, because I'm in love with him, i truly am. I guess i was just as afraid as he was in the beginning to fall for him, not wanting to risk getting my heart broken. I guess that we are both fools for each other. I look over at Luke who is sleeping little out a small snore. I let out a small laugh and put my head on top of his shoulder. My eyes slowly start to close as my mind starts to bring back memories that we had spent and shared together for the past Five months.

                                                          '' Princess, wake up'' a husky Australian voice whispers into my ear. My eyes slowly open as they adjust to the bright light. I look around see that everyone is standing up from their seats. I turn to look at Luke who as a goofy looking smile playing on his lips. I give him a smile back as i take my head on off his shoulders and stretch my arms.

                                                    '' We here already ?'' He lets out a chuckle, as he nods at my answer.

                                                    '' Come on unless you want to go all the way back to Australia'' He says with a smile. I stand up as fast as i could which makes him laugh. We both walk off the plan and into the inside of the airport to get our suitcases. Once we do we find security once more and head to the car who was late on picking us up with the paps following us.

                              I look at my surroundings as we wait for the car. I ignore the  questions being asked and the flashes of cameras going off. I moved in closer to Luke as i enjoyed the the lights of the city and the Eiffle tower since it was not so far from us. A couple of fans came by us. Before i could ask Luke if we could greet them the car pulled up and we were rushed inside.

                               As the flashes grew bigger ,I duck my head letting Luke guide me to the car. Once we had got in we went straight to the hotel.

                                                '' How'd you sleep ?'' He asks, i was currently cuddling close to hims my head on his chest not really wanting to move and just sleep.

                                                     '' horrible my neck is sore'' He laughs as i give him a death glare.

                                                          '' I mean aw poor Kendall'' I couldn't help but laugh at him.

                         We had finally got to the hotel and after signing into our room we went straight to bed. We didn't bother unpacking or changing. I was technically already in my sleeping wear, i mean i had sweat pants and a hoodie. I got under the covers with Luke, he was facing me his body turned on his side looking at me as i copied his actions.

                                                       '' Well now that I'm in bed, i kinda don't feel sleepy'' I laugh at him.

                                '' well if you want you can watch the tv or something. I'm going to sleep'' He comes closer to me and wraps his arms around my waist and puts his forehead on mine.

                                          '' I rather stay here with you'' His words bring a smile on my lips. I put my hand on his cheek and move a little closer, so our bodies are touching. Which makes me feel sparks.

                            '' Now that we are in Paris don't you think i deserve that kiss ?'' He chuckles at my comment.

                                      '' I believe i do'' He his eyes are now focusing on my lips. Which are now touched with his, they moved in sync as my eyes closed and enjoyed that sweet kiss that we were sharing. He manage to lick the bottom of my lip and then slowly bit on it making the bottom of my lip go down. Once he let go i looked at him with a smirk.

                                                                 '' That was more than i expected'' He laughed, i put my head on top of his chest. He adjusts his arms so they are tightly wrapped around my waist making me feel safe. I felt the beat of his heart which was at a normal rate almost as if he was relaxed. My eyes closed as i began to sleep.

                                                                 '' Night Kendall'' Was the last thing i heard.


                             My eyes fluttered open and the first the i see is Luke sleeping on my pillow.  His arms never left my waist the whole night, i notice how peaceful he is. Not for long. I stand up slowly not wanting to wake him. Then i bend down and I move closer to him and put my lips on his ear.

                                                          '' LUKE WAKE UP"  I yell into his ear and then back away letting Luke fall. I start laughing as i hear him groan.

                                                    '' Kendall'' I continue to laugh at him. I stop when i feel him on top of me. I look at him with an innocent smile.

                                                                         '' good Morning'' He rolls his eyes playfully.

                                                                       '' Morning'' I smile as he came back on the bed.

                                                                          '' How about you go get dress, we are going out to eat and maybe a a little tour'' My eyes brighten.I go to my suitcase and grab my undergarment and towel

                                                   '' You don't have to tell me twice'' He laughs, as i get up and go to the bathroom. I take a shower since i didn't take one last night. Once i was done i changed into my undergarment and realize i forgot to get my outfit for today. Shit. I wrap my towel around my body and open the door.

                                         I look out and Luke is no where in sight. I let out a sigh of relief and take my suitcases and take it with me into the bathroom. I close the door once more and find an outfit to wear. I found an outfit that looked like this.


                                                I did my regular hair and makeup. And once i was done i brush my teeth i step out of the bathroom with my suitcase and put it in it's spot. I grab one of my small hand bags and a coat and walk out the room And see Luke in the living room with his jacket on.

                                                               '' Okay, ready'' He looks up from his phone.

                                                         '' Finally, you took like a whole freaking decade'' I laughed at his comment. As he walks towards me.

                                                                    '' Well, i have to look good'' He rolls his eyes playfully. As he holds the door open for me and locks it.

                                                                  '' Trust me you always look good'' He says putting an arm around my waist as we walk to the elevator.

                                                       '' Oh really ?'' I say while raising an eyebrow as we get into the  elevator.

                                                                   '' Yes, have you not seen yourself'' I smile at his comment.

                                               '' Kendall, you are the most beautiful girl I've ever seen. You don't need makeup trust me'' 

                                                                     '' Thank you Luke'' He smiles and bends down to give me a kiss on the lips. He puts his hands around my waist tightly as i wrap my around his neck.

                                                             We pulled apart when the elevator door opened. I blushed as we walked out to be seen with Mark who was willing to be our security.

                                              '' Guys ready to go ?'' He asks, We both nod and walk out the door and to the car.


                                                             " God it's so beautiful up close'' I say assumed to see the Eiffel tower in front of me. After Luke and I ate breakfast at a little cafe' we decided on going on a tour around Paris. We had seen many things like The Musee du Louvre, Cite des Sciences de la Villette Pari. And many more, they were all so beautiful and breath taking. I don''t think I've ever seen such a beautiful sight in my whole life. Luke's arms were currently wrapped around my waist making me feel safe, we looked at the tower from the ground.  I take my phone as i look through the pictures we took together. We were both smiling in almost all of them. Expect for one where i was on Luke's shoulder and we were both making silly faces.

                                                                    '' Not as beautiful as you'' I roll my eyes playfully as he chuckles. I turn to look at him. His eyes were now focused on me, his smile was still on his lips as his eyes went a little wider. His hair was in his usual hair style a quiff and his hood from his black jacket was up. He manage to pull my closer to him as our bodies had now been against each other. It felt nice, i felt warmer as the coldness and the wind backed off and my brown hair stopped moving. 

                                                         '' I only have eyes on you, and it'22s making me go blind because you are the only beautiful thing i see''  I feel my cheeks heat up and I'm pretty sure they are a hot shade of red.

                                                  '' I do tend to blind people'' He lets out a laugh, but it was soft. We looked at my brown eyes as his warm breath touched my lips.

                                                   '' I don't think they feel the same way i do'' A smile appears on my lips. He takes his hand and puts a strand of my hair behind my ear. I watch as his lips slowly lean in.

                                                                  '' And I'm pretty sure, i wouldn't let anyone feel this way towards you'' Before i can say anything, his soft, warm lips are now placed on mine. Making me feel a spark and little fireworks go on in my stomach as this kiss feels like a kiss that I've never felt with him. It felt like i was finally happy and found him. I kiss him back instantly as our lips moved in sync we ignored the whole world not caring if they were staring at us. We both enjoyed this moment.

                                                       '' Guys, come on. paps are heading this way'' We both pull away as we see Mark with his worried looked written all over his face.

                                                   '' Alright, i guess we could go back to the hotel'' Luke says, he grabs my hand and locks it with his as we begin to walk with Mark behind us.

                                                       '' Why go to the hotel when we can go somewhere else'' i say as we walk the streets of Paris leaving the Eifflel Tower behind us as it slowly fades. We take a right turn and go inside the car.

                                                 '' Where would you want to go? i mean we went all over Paris'' He exclaims adding a laugh. I put on my seat belt on. I actually didn't really know where i wanted to go.

                                                     '' I....I don't know'' We both end up laughing at my comment. We begin to drive and as we past the snowy streets of Paris, Luke and i both try and figure out a plan on what to do. I look out the window admiring the streets and the little stores surrounding us.

                                            '' Movies and pizza ?'' I turn to look at Luke whose holding a smirk on his lips.

                                                    '' Fine, but tomorrow we better go somewhere'' I say while crossing my arms as they touched my chest. He put his hands up.

                                           '' Trust me, tomorrow we're going somewhere really special'' I raise an eyebrow. I uncross my arms and move closer to Luke.

                                                               '' Want to tell me ?'' He laughs as he shakes his head knowing that i was trying to get him to tell me.

                                                                                 '' It's a surprise'' I pout.

                                                                   '' I hate when you do this Hemmings'' He lets out another laugh and puts an arm around me.

                                                      '' We both know you love it, Hilton'' I roll my eyes playfully at him.


                                                                    After my attempt on trying to get Luke to tell me where we were going tomorrow we got back to the hotel and ordered a pizza. Then we change into comfortable clothes. I had changed into my white hoodie which was over sizes so that it reached my knees. And of course i had white knee socks, i had my hair up in a high pony tail. When i had fin shed changing i walked to the living room and sat on the couch and waited for Luke, i took Luke's laptop and looked through Netflix and looked through the movies. My eyes spot Toy Story and i think about Liam, both of us love Toy Story back in London when my parents were still alive. El, Sophia, Me and the boys would always watch this movie.

                                                   As i was going to click on it my phone starts to go off. I grab it and see that it's Jade calling, i smile and quickly answer.

                                                   '' Hey Jade'' I exclaim my voice clearly showing excitement.

                                               '' Ken! I just wanted to let you that cal and I are heading to Paris'' She says as i hear Cal yelling in the background. I laugh knowing he might be fighting with Clark the other security guard.

                                                       ''  I can't wait to see you guys, what hotel are you staying at ?'' I ask as i stand up and go to the window where all the city lights are shining and the Eiffle tower is standing in the middle. shinning the brightest. 

                                                       '' Something called, actually i don't know Cal didn't tell me...Anyways how are you and Luke doing over there so far ?'' She asks.

                                            '' good, it's been fun so far.'' Before i can say anything else I hear Jade yell.

                                                                '' Ken, I'll call you when we get there. Cal is trying to pick a fight with some dude at the airport'' I let out another laugh but nod.

                                                          '' Alright, make sure he doesn't get you guys kicked out of the airport'' She laughs and we say our goodbyes and hang up. I sigh and put my phone down on the table beside the window and take a glance back out enjoying the view in front of me. It still wasn't real some how, all of this. Not just staying here in a beautiful city with the person i love the most. But being a famous singer and living my dream with him and my best friends.

                                                     It just doesn't seem like it's possible. I always thought it was impossible. But i was proven wrong. Before my thoughts could continue a familiar pair of arms are now wrapped around my waist. A smile appears on my lips as his chin is now on top of my head.

                                                            '' Isn't this great ?'' My eyes stayed on the Eiffle tower.

                                                     '' Very, especially with you'' I comment, he lets out a laugh. I can just imagine his smile right now.

                                                              '' Why i feel very special now'' I laugh and turn around and of course he is staring back at me with his beautiful bright blue eyes.

                              '' Or you know with Channing Tatum that would be great''He fakes a hurt expression on his face.

                                           '' Are you saying Channing Tatum is better than me'' I raise an eyebrow.

                             ''Maybe'' He rolls his eyes and carries me to the living room and places me on the couch.

                             '' Well i think we all know that I'm better than him, Now what will we be watching this evening ?'' He asks as he sits down on the couch next to me. Making his voice sound like a British accent. I laugh and lean over to his lap top and press play.

                                   '' Toy Story. A classic'' I say with a duh tone. He laughs and pulls me closer to him.

                            '' alright, I guess that will do'' I hit his chest playfully and hush him since the movie was starting.  

                                                           And that's how we spent out night watching Toy Story, sharing a laugh here and there and cuddling closer to each other. This was all i needed to make me feel like the luckiest girl in the world.   

                                                     A/N- Ello Loves sorry for the wait. I had so many exams to study for. Hope this chapter made up for it. Please don't forget to like, favorite and comment below to let me know what you think. Love you all and remember stay strong! <3



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