Anything For Us l.h

This is the third book to Anything Can happen.
©Copyrights of Jen Hemmings 2014 all rights reserved.


2. ii.


                                                    I woke up to the sound of my phone ringing, i groaned at the loud sound. I kept my eyes closed as my hand tried to find my phone on the night stand, once i found it i pressed answer and put the phone against my ear. Which made Luke move and pull me closer to him as he put his face into the crook of my neck.

                                                           '' Hello ?'' I ask as i pull the covers closer to my chest. Knowing i probably looked like a wreck at the moment.

                                                             '' Morning Ken, just wanted to tell you to wake Luke up and both of you get ready. We have to go to the studio Simon wants us to meet someone'' Cal says into the phone as i hear want seems to be Rider barking in the background.

                                           '' Right Now ? What time do we have to be there ?'' I finally open my eyes trying to wake myself up, knowing that i would have to get some coffee to get me hyped.

                                                       '' Three so in like five hours, but you guys take so long. Plus i assumed that you and Luke probably forgot about it'' He adds with a laugh, which makes me roll my eyes.

                                                       '' Ok, bye Cal'' I say as i press the end button just wanting to go back to sleep. I put my phone back on the night stand and turn around so that my head is laying on top of his chest. I hear him let out a soft chuckle at my actions.

                                                   '' What did Cal, want ?'' He asks while putting a hand on my back. I turn to look up at him. and i see his morning hair all over the place while his eyes seem to glimmer from looking at me.

                                                            '' He said Simon wants to see us all at the studio for something. At three'' He nods as he plays with our hands.

                                                 '' Well i guess we should go get ready since we have to go buy Tucker his things''I groan as i move closer to him and put my chin on top of his shoulder. Which causes him to let out a low laugh.

                                                                '' Do we have too ?'' I say adding a sigh.

                                                             '' I'm afraid we have too'' He says, i pull away.

                                         '' Fine, but i better get something in return'' His lips form into a smirk.

                               '' Like what ?'' He starts to lean in, i do the same with a smile plastered on my lips.

                                                      '' Oh i don't know, a kiss perhaps'' He chuckles and finally his lips come in contact with mine. Our lips began to move in sync with each other and our tongues search our mouths as they came in contact with each other. We both pulled away after awhile.

                                              '' How about we go get ready yeah ?'' He asks with a beautiful smile on his face. I nod as we both stand up and head to our own bathrooms to get ready. Once i got in mine i took a quick shower. When i had gotten out i dried my body with a fluffy white towel and put on my clothes which looked like this.


                                                       Instead of wearing the cardigan with my dress i thought of not since it is hot outside. After putting the white cardigan away,I quickly did my regular makeup and did my hair. I walked out of the bathroom and into the Kitchen where i spot Luke feeding Mate and giving Tucker some water.

                                                     I walk up to the counter and prepare something for us to eat so we could leave and get Tuckers stuff.

                                        '' Babe, you don't have to make breakfast we are going out. Plus Tucker and Mate are coming with us since they are allowed into a pet shop'' He says as he stands up. 

                                                     '' Alright, let me go get Mate's leash'' I was about to turn around but Luke pulls it out, which makes me laugh.

                                               '' Got it before you. Which proves I'm faster'' I roll my eyes playfully at him.

                                                        ''That doesn't prove anything'' Which makes him laugh. As i take Tucker into my hands so I'm carrying him in my arms.

                                                                     '' Aw is Kendall Jealous ?'' I shake my head no.

                                                                              ''Maybe, now lets go'' Which makes him laugh. I smile and walk towards the door waiting for him to come walk with me and Tucker.

                                                                   '' Fine, I'll just be super slow'' He says as he slowly walks his way towards me which makes me walk  up to him and take his hand to pull him behind me to make him wake faster. The only response i get from him is a laugh.


                                                                          We had just finished buying Tuckers things and getting him his Rabies shot and a collar on him. After he had fed Tucker. Luke thought it would be a good idea to walk to Starbucks and get some coffee and  something to eat something. While we walked people kept following us. And those people were paparazzi!

                                             Luke and i kept our heads down as I bend down to pick up Tucker since he was scared while Luke held on to Mate's leash with a tighter grip. We were glad that the team had come and block the paps from getting close to us because we knew the dogs would start going wild.

                                   We finally arrived at Starbucks, Luke, the dogs and I went by the corner of the restaurant outside and took a table since dogs weren't allowed in.

                                                 '' Alright princess what do you want for this lovely afternoon?'' He said in a British accent, which made me laugh.

                                                     '' Are you making fun of my accent ?'' I ask by putting one hand on my chest. He shakes his head no and adds an adorable laugh. 

                                                        '' Me what would you like ?'' He asks, i think for a moment.

                                     '' Surprise me'' He laughs but nods, and leaves while i stay outside. I put my sunglasses on and pet Tucker and Mate while waiting for Luke. I ignored the shouts from the paps not wanting to listen to their words.

                                                '' Kendall, are you guys sure you don't want to take your drinks home. So they don't attack you ?'' Mark asks as he comes comes closer to Tucker, Mate and I.

                                                                                         '' I'm sure Mark, the worse they could do is injured someone, We'll be fine'' He nods and goes back to his job. After a few more minutes Luke comes back outside and hands me my drink as he takes a seat.

                                                                           I take a drink and immediately love it.

                                                        '' Luke Hemmings, you have some great taste in coffee'' He laughs at my comment, which makes me laugh too.

                                                   '' Why Thank you Mrs. Hilton. that's the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me'' He says as he put a hand on his chest. Which makes me laugh even harder.


                                  '' Ready ?'' Luke asks, we just finished with our coffee and our little breakfast we decided on walking around town.

                                          '' Yeah'' I say with a smile as i stand up and hold on to Tuckers leash while Luke does the same and holds to on to Mates leash. Luke puts his arm around my waist as we walk away from Starbucks and to the park to play with the dogs.


                                                   " What do you think Simon wants to show us ?'' Luke asks the others as we all sit on a couch outside Simon's office. After Luke and I had gone to the park we went back home and cleaned up the flat and came down to the studio.

                                       '' I'm not sure but whatever it is i just hope it doesn't involve us getting in trouble'' Jesy says as she drinks from her water bottle. We all nod in agreement with her.

                                             '' If we do i say we blame Ash'' Cal says, which makes us all laugh.

                                   '' Why you got to be so rude ?'' he sang, which made us all laugh harder. Suddenly the door to Simon's office door opens.

                                                  '' You guys can come in now'' Simon says, we all stand up and walk into his office as we all continue to laugh at Ash but stop when we see a poster cut out boards of ourselves.

                                                   '' Awwe Simon we didn't know you loved us this much'' Ash says as he walks over to his cut out. Simon gives Ash a quick death glare before clearing his throat

                                               '' No, this is part of your guys merchandise and i thought you guys might want to see it before i give a thumbs up... Now what do you think ?'' We all looked at each other for a couple of minutes.

                                                  '' To be honest, I think it's kind of freaky'' I say as i sit on a chair next to Jesy. She nods in agreement.

                                                '' What? they are fucking cool like do you see the resemblances?'' Cal says which makes Jesy and I roll our eyes, while Jade and the others laugh at him.

                                                       '' Well his suppose to be a clone of your Cal'' Jesy points out. Simon laughs at us which makes us all give him a weird look.

                                               ''Jesy and Kendall, since you are the only two who don't want to do it and the others looks like we are doing it'' Which makes Jesy and I groan.

                                           '' Aw why you two so sad ?'' Luke asks which makes the others laugh.

                                                               '' Oh shut it Hemmings, what if some fan buys it and try's to make out with your cut out ?'' Jesy asks which makes me start bursting out laughing.

                                                      '' Ok ok ok, you guys can go do whatever teenagers like you do theses days'' Simon says kicking us out of his office.

                                             '' Well isn't he in such a great mood?'' Leigh Anne asks when we are out of his office and start to walk outside.

                                         '' He is, i think to make it better he needs a cup of tea'' I say as i walk next to Ash and Jesy.

                                                           " Alright, so what's the plan for today ?'' Ash asks as we walk out the door and into the big black jeep.

                                                       ''How about we o to the zoo !'' Jade exclaims with a smile on a her.

                                     ''I'm cool with that'' Luke says, as he puts an arm around me. The others and i nod in agreement.

                                              '' TO THE ZOO MARK" Which makes Mark groan at how loud Ash was being.

                                              '' I'm not the driver I'm a bodyguard how many times do i have to tell you Irwin ?'' Which makes Ash shrug as we start to drive.


                                                       " Oh my god the koala is so cute'' I say as we were finally at the zoo. We decided we should split into groups of four so Jesy, Ash, Luke and I were in a group while the other four where in a group. 

                                              '' Aye how about we ask if we can go and pet one of them ?'' Luke asks. We all nod and walk over to a zookeeper.

                                            '' Hey dude, mind letting us pet a koala ?'' Ash asks, Jesy looked just as excited as i did.

                                     ''sure, just follow me'' We all give each other high fives and follow him to where the Koalas cage was. Once we had reached it the zookeeper went to go ask someone about it and said he will be back.

                                       '' So when are you and Kendall going to Paris ?'' Ash asks, Jesy raises an eyebrow at Ash.

                                                  '' You two are going to fucking Paris without me ? How rude'' She says which makes me laugh.

                                                  '' Sorry Jesy, but i need sometime with my princess over here'' Luke says with a smirk while Ash laughs. 

                                         '' Yeah like fucking each other everyday fun'' I slap Ash on the head, he lets out an ow as Jesy laughs.

                                                   '' Well i hope next time you two tell me before you tell Ash'' Luke and i both nod while adding a laugh.

                                                          '' Sure Jesy'' I say she smiles as she slaps Ash's head.

                                                             '' Ow, what was that for ?'' He asks rubbing his head.

                                                      '' I just wanted to hit you'' He rolls his eyes once more in annoyance.

                                              '' Anyways we are actually going this Saturday'' Luke says answering Ash's question. Before i could say anything The zookeeper comes back with a koala and i couldn't help but let out an aw.

                                                  '' Who wants to carry her first ?'' I raise my hand before any of the others. The zookeeper smiles and hands me the koala. I have to admit she was a little heavy but i didn't mind.

                                          '' What's her name ?' I ask as i look at the koala in shock at how cute she was.

                                                       ''April, she is likes giving hugs as you can see'' I nod.

                          '' Oh give me April i need some hugging'' Ash says, i laugh and give him April as he hugs him.

                                                '' Oh my god, Ash has a soft side guys !'' Jesy says in shock.

                                                               '' Hey!'' Ash yells which makes us laugh.

                                                   '' God this most be the important day of my life. Finally seeing the soft side of Ash'' Luke says with a chuckle.


                                                             Once we all carried April and took pictures with her we went back out to see other animals. We were currently waking by the monkeys.

                                '' Luke look over there, you're brothers" Ash says, which causes Jesy and I to laugh.

                                                      '' Very funny Ash, but i think their your brothers. Go ask them for a banana'' Luke says with a smirk on his lips while Ash turns a shade of red. Jesy and I laugh but even harder then the last time.

                                   '' Oh my god, high five Hemmings'' Jesy says as she continues to laugh and give Luke a high five.

                                                            '' Aww are you crying Ash ?'' I ask, he shakes his head no.

                                                                   ''I want the banana'' His comment makes Jesy laugh out of control while Luke and I gave her a weird look.

                                            '' Not like that ya nasty'' Ash yells at Jesy and how dirty she was being. She wies the tears that had been coming out of her eyes from laughing so hard.

                                                '' Are you okay Jesy ?'' I ask her with a small laugh. She nods.

                                                   '' I'm sorry i have a dirty mind'' She says with a smirk. As rolls his eyes and we all continue walking when a song starts playing over the zoo's intercom. And suddenly the song L.O.V.E by Frank Sinatra.











      '' oh my god i love this song'' Jesy exclaims as she starts singing a long which makes me laugh. Suddenly Luke takes both my hands.

                                                                     '' Care to dance m'lady ?'' I smile.

                                                         '' well i don't see why not,I mean we are just at a zoo'' He laughs at my comment and we both start to dance. He pulls me closer to his body, one of his hands was now laying on my waist while the other held on to my right hand.

                                                      '' Do you know this song ?'' He asks me i nod.

                                                          '' A classic by one of my favorites. Frank Sinatra'' I say as we continue to dance. He surprises me by spinning me around. Causing my dress to lift up a little.

                                                   '' V is very,very extraordinary.... E is even more than anyone that you adore can'' He sings as he pulls me back to him.

                                                  '' Why thank you Mr. Hemmings that's very kind of you'' Making my British accent thicker he laughs at my comment. The song was about to end and we stopped dance. As we were away from almost everyone we were under a tree that had been private from others to see us. He bend down a little and put his forehead on mine.

                                                        ''I know I'm such a gentleman'' I smile, we slowly lean in and our lips meet. I felt the coolness of his lip piercing on my lips which felt nice. Before we could take another step.

                                                '' KEN, LUKE" Ash and Jesy yell. Luke and I pull away and smile at each other. He takes my hand and sighs.

                                    '' Let's go see what they want yea ?'' I nod, and we walk back to where we left Jesy and Ash alone.

                                               '' Where have you guys been ? you left me alone with her'' Ash yelled as we all continued to walk around the zoo.

                                               '' Oh shut it you little motherfucker. I will beat the shit out of you if'' Luke and i pulled apart from each other. I walk over to Jesy and pulled her away from Ash while Luke pulled Ash away.

                                                          '' Jesy calm down, what did he do to you this time ?'' I ask as we stop by a bench. Close to where the tiger and lion exhibit.

                                     ''Let's just say he tried to do something i didn't want him to do'' Her face was red by now.

                                                         '' How about we go find the others and go watch some movies at home. yeah ?'' Luke asks we all nod. I get out my phone and call Michael to see where they currently were.


                                                                    ''Okay how about Edwards Scissorshands?'' We were at Luke and I's flat. After what happened at the zoo we all thought it would be best to hit the place here watch some movies and eat pizza. The guys wanted to spend the night here so we agreed. We were currently deciding what to watch for the night. 

                                                      After everyone went home to get their things for the night we all changed into our sleeping wear. And sat on the couches voting on what to watch.

                                               '' I think that's a great choice what about you guys ?'' I ask as i pet Tucker and give him a little bit of my sausage pizza. A bunch of yeahs and okays go around the room.

                                            '' Alright Edward Scissorhands it is'' Luke says as he presses ok on the tv remote and put his arm around me. I looked around and saw Mate sitting in between Ash and Jesy, who both looked pretty mad. The other four were cuddling or on their phone. I turned my attention back to the movie. 


                                                                   '' okay okay i give up. What is it ?' Luke said with a low chuckle. After the movie had fin shed we kept watching more and more. By the sixth movie, everyone was asleep but Luke and I. We were sitting in front of the fireplace that was the only source of light on. We were fooling around and asking a bunch of questions, we were sitting across from each other on the floor. He was only in a pair on black sweat pants. While i had on an over sized pink hoodie with black Nike pros and White high knee socks and a pillow in my hands as i sat with my legs crossed.

                                             '' The Beetles or Frank Sinatra'' I said as i looked back into his eyes.

                                                       '' I should've known'' I let out a small laugh as he smiled.

                                '' Okay, where would you want to live ?'' I ask as i hold on to the pillow tighter. He took a moment to think about the question.

                                                 '' Somewhere in New York City or London'' he finally says. I tilt my head as my eyes land on the floor.

                                                       '' Why London ? It's so cold'' He lets out a low laugh. 

                                                           '' Sure it's cold but i just like the feeling of how everyone just walks around minding their own business. Not giving a care in the world what anyone has to say about them'' I smile, at his words.

                                             '' How about you ?'' My eyes flutter and turn to look up at him.

                                                                '' Probably, here in Australia" He laughs.

                                      '' You mean boring Australia'' I roll my eyes playfully at him and slap his arm.    

                                                ''It's not boring, its actually really relaxing. I like that'' He nods and comes a little closer. I uncross my legs look at him.

                                                  '' That's true but besides that it;s still boring'' He continues and pulls me onto his lap, which makes me laugh.

                                               '' Well how could you not like Australia ?'' I ask, He puts his forehead on mine.

                                                       '' I guess since I've been here so long i just want to go and explore more of the world'' He explains as he pays attention to me and only me. 

                                                '' I can get where your coming from'' He makes a confessing face.

                                                     '' London'' I say before could talk. He nods in agreement.

                              '' You know i think we should finish what we started at the zoo'' I raise an eyebrow confessed but then suddenly remember what he was talking about. A smirk appeared on his lips.

                                            '' I think we should to'' And i lean in and place my lips on his. His  hands were on my back, while mine wrapped around his neck. my eyes slow closed as i enjoyed his lips on mine. Our tongues fought as if this was the last time we would be together. We pulled apart as we needed to catch our breath.

                                      '' how about we go to sleep, and continue tomorrow ?'' He suggested i nod.

                           '' But i don't feel like walking'' He smiles. and stands up with me in his arms.

                             '' That's why I'm here princess'' I give him a smile back, as he walks us to our bedroom to get some rest and wait for tomorrow to come.

                                                        A/N- Ello lovies hope you like this chapter make sure to comment below and let me know what you think. So far this book is getting great feed back. I love you all. Don't forget to like, Comment and favorite. Remember stay strong

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