Anything For Us l.h

This is the third book to Anything Can happen.
©Copyrights of Jen Hemmings 2014 all rights reserved.


1. i.


                                                      '' Everything has to be perfect, oh no no no, those flowers go over there. People come on get it together'' Jesy demanded as she walked around the grand ball room with a clipboard in her hands while talking to the waiters as well as making sure the flower people would get the order of the flowers right, we had rented for the night of Kendall's eighteenth surprise birthday party. The others and i had been here since morning, none of us but Jade had seen Kendall since yesterday, she was trying to distracted her from trying to figure out what was going on. And hoping she wouldn't catch on, Kendall is a girl who catches on to everything so it wouldn't be a surprise if she saw this happening. I was currently in charge of helping the DJ pick some of her favorite songs and showing him how to introduce Kendall to the crowd of people who will be attending the party in a few hours.

                                                                  '' Jesy,calm down. you know Kendall she wouldn't want everything to be perfect'' Leigh Anne says as she helps putting a couple more candles on the table.

                                                          ''Your right Anne, that's why it's my job to make sure everything turns out perfect'' Jesy said with a smirk. Which caused us all to groan.

                                                            '' Jesy don't you think this is a little to, i don't know...extreme'' I say as i walk towards her. She shakes her head no.

                                         '' Look at the place look, It's fit for a princess'' Jesy says showing me the whole ballroom.

                                                       '' Okay, i will agree with you on that... listen i got to go get the presents from my flat,  i'll be back in a few. Yeah ?'' I ask her, she nods and continues to yell at people which makes me laugh. I walk outside and open the door to the car. 

                                                             '' To my flat, please'' I say to the driver who nods. I look out the window excited to see Kendall's reactions for tonight. To be honest I'm kind of upset that i don't get to see her i wanted to take her out to a dinner and maybe watch a movie. But i know that she will enjoy this party. Unfortunately, Jesy invited Harry and the others. I'm perfectly fine with Liam and all them but Harry is a whole different story. I just don't think its right, but i can't do anything about it. 

                                       My mind begins to think about what Jade and Kendall are doing at the moment. Maybe roaming around the streets of Australia ? Or perhaps talking the dogs out for a walk ?

                                     '' Luke, we are here'' I look up at the driver who interrupted my thoughts.

                               '' Thanks, I'll be back in five'' I say, the driver nods and i get out of the car. I take my keys from out my pocket and go straight to my work room and get her gifts from all of us out the closet.

                                                Mate comes in and attacks me, i laugh as i pet him. I knew he was hunger so i go to the kitchen and give him food and water. Then i walk back to the closet and look at it ,There was about seven gifts in there. I grab them all and head back out the car and put them in the back with me. Before i could sit down my phone starts to ring. I take my phone out and see that it's Jesy calling, i click answer and lean against the car.

                                              '' Hey Jesy, everything okay ?'' I ask, as i signal the driver to wait.

                                                     '' Uh not so much, see Ash being the dumb-ass that he is forgot to go pick up the cake. Do mind getting it ?'' She asks while i hear Ash yelling at her in the background.                                         

                                                 '' Sure Jesy, just don't be mean to poor Ash'' I say with a chuckle as i get in the car and put on my seat belt.

                                                                 '' Oh thanks Luke I'll you the directions and i don't think i can be nice to Ash like ever.'' I chuckle and get the directions and we drive straight to the bakery where Jesy had ordered the cake.

                                                                                  Kendall's P.O.V.

                                            I woke up from my amazing sleep as the sun shinned down on me. I smiled and sat up, i had spent the night at Jade's place since she thought we needed to have a girls night. I was sleeping on the couch she had in her room, i stretched my arms and try to find Jade, but she is nowhere to be found. I stand up and go to the bathroom and check my hair out. It was currently all over the place. I sigh and brush my teeth, trying to avoid the birds nest in my hair. Once i was done brushing my teeth i walk back out and see Jade on her bed.

 '' HAPPY BIRTHDAY" I give her a confused look as she comes up to me and hugs me.

   '' Jade what are you talking about ?'' I ask as we pull away from the hug.

 '' December eighteenth duh your birthday'' My eyes went wide. Which makes Jade start to laugh out loud.

 '' Looks like someone forgot when they were born'' I laugh with her. How could  i be so stupid.

 '' I guess with everything going on i forgot about my birthday'' I say, Jade rolls her eyes playfully.

   '' Only you Ken, anyways go get ready we are going to go shopping'' She says, i smile at her.

  '' Alright, just give me a few minutes i need to take a shower'' She nods and heads towards the door. Since she was already dressed.

  ''Okay, will be downstairs waiting'' I nod and walk over to her bathroom and take a quick shower. Once i  was done i brush my hair and straighten it. Then i do my makeup and put it on my clothes which looked like this.


   I get my bag and sunglasses out and put them on top of my head and then grab my phone and hold it in my hand. I walk downstairs and see Jade on her phone.

    '' Alright, we can go'' She turns around and smiles.

    '' Aw you look so cute, and the team is outside in the car... I honesty really tried that they have to follow us everywhere'' She says, I nod as we walk outside towards the car.

     '' I agree, but i think Jesy and Ash hate it more'' She laughs as we remember how Ash torturous mark all the time. We get in the car and head to the city to shop.            


 '' Oh how about this Ken,it looks so cute'' We were currently at Topshop looking at some dresses and some skirts. I kinda knew what was going on by now, i mean the others at here which is rare and I'm pretty sure Leigh Anne and Jesy would want to come. So they must be coming up with some sort of dinner thing.

  '' Oh that's cute, i like it, you should buy it'' Jade laughs at me.

   '' Not for me, you silly go try it on'' She says, i laugh but before i  could say anything, she pushes me into the dressing room and put on the outfit she gave me. I have to admit it is cute, but I'm not sure it looks so cute on me. I walk out and show jade whose is shocked.

   ''It looks bad doesn't it ?'' I asked worried, she shakes her head no.

   '' No Ken,it's amazing you need to buy it'' I smile and nod.

 '' Ok, what are you going to get?'' she shows me a black top connect to a white skirt.

 ''Fancy'' Say, she laughs.

   '' Yeah, Yeah let's go we still have to go to lunch and to the spa'' She exclaims which makes me raise an eyebrow.

    '' Alright then'' I say with a smirk. And walk back into the dressing room and put on my clothes. Then i take the cute dress Jade found for me and walked out of the dressing room and go outside where Jade was and we both head to the register and check out our things. Once we were outside we walked to a restaurant of course we stopped to sign some autographs and take pictures with fans. But it wasn't a pleasant sight since  paparazzi were there. We entered the restaurant and took a table in the back.

 '' Ok, so i thought since you will be going to Paris with Luke next week and Cal and I are going this week. we can meet up somewhere there and go camping, well more like rent a cabin and all that.'' She says as she takes a sip of her water. I nod, Luke didn't know that Cal and Jade were going to Paris. but Cal did who know has been trying to keep his mouth shut around Luke.

   '' I think that's a good idea, I think Luke will like that idea once we get there'' She nods in agreement. Before we can say anything else the waiter comes back and ask to take our order. 


    ''Thank you thank you thank  Dad i love it but you didn't have too'' I was currently at my Aunt Joy's house and my dad was over. He had just given me a car for my birthday which was amazing especially since it was a white jeep.

 '' No problem, Ken. Plus it's your birthday you deserve it'' He says with a smile. I nod and give him a hug.

 '' I also want to give you this'' He says as we pull apart. I raise an eyebrow as he pulls out a neck lace. I smile.

    '' It was your mothers, she gave it to me before we were separate and i just think you would find a better use to it'' I nod and give him another hug.

 '' Thank you Dad, i love it'' I say as he hands it to me.                

 '' Kendall, i have something as well'' My Aunt says from the front door. I turn around and both my dad and i walk inside.

   And waiting for my dad and i inside is a little German shepherd. My eyes went wide as the little dog runs up to me. I bend down as the little puppy attacks me with a bunch of kisses. I laugh and pet him and carry him in my arms.

  '' Thank you Aunt Joy'' I say as i stand up and give her a hug. Which she accepts. We pull apart as the little dog began to bark.

   '' Your welcome Kendall and Happy Birthday, What are you going to name the little guy ?'' She asks as my dad puts an arm around me. I think for a moment as i look down at the dog.

 '' I think Tucker'' My Aunt smiles while my Dad lets out a laugh.

   '' That's not a bad name... now Ken i was thinking of taking you out to dinner in two hours. Mind getting ready ? And maybe Joy you could take care of Tucker'' My dad says with a wink. My Aunt nods.

  '' Sure, that will be fine, let me just go to the flat and get ready'' I say as i stand up with Tucker.

  '' Actually Jade is coming to she said she would be on your way and you guys can go to her place to get ready. Then i can pick you both up when your ready'' I smirk, knowing where this was going. 

      '' Ok, sounds good''


'' Ready Ken'' Jade says from downstairs. I had been at her house for two hours now and we were both getting ready. Of course Jade finished before me, i was currently looking at myself in the mirror. Jade had suggested i wear the outfit that i bought today, i agreed with her. The outfit looked like this.                 


  Jade helped me with my hair which was curled from the tips and my makeup. I walk out of her room and downstairs. Jade's eyes are so wide.

 '' Omg Kendall your so pretty'' I smile.

  '' Thanks Jade, but so are you'' She smiles back and we both walk out to see my dads car parked on Jades driveway.

 '' Girls you look beautiful, are you ready to go ?'' My dad asks when we finally get in the car. We both nod in excitement. During our ride my dad made a few jokes here and there that made Jade and I laugh. When we arrived paparazzi was once more outside. Jade and I groaned.

   '' How do they know where we are ?'' I ask, Jade shrugs.

  '' I don't know but it sure is starting to get annoying.. But come on this isn't going to ruin your birthday." I nod Jade and I step out. My dad rolls down the window to tell us something.

  '' You girls have fun'' My dad says with a smile and drives away. I give him a strange look but before i could say anything Jade takes my arm and we both quickly run inside to the building that looked nothing like a restaurant we both walked we closed the door to make sure no one could come in and the only light was shinning down on us.

   '' Jade exactly where are we ? Like are you not afraid we are going to get rape'' Which causes her to laugh. Before she could say Anything all the lights turn on and a bunch of people are here. They all yell out Happy Birthday which leaves me in shock because the place looked beautiful.

  '' Surprise'' She said, i laugh and give her a hug. She walks me to the middle while everyone comes up to us and they tell me happy birthday. I thank them with a smile and a hug, i couldn't believe that all my favorite singers and friends where here. Like Ed Sheeran, Demi Lovato, Sam Smith and many others When we finally reached where Jade wanted to be I see Jesy and all them. Who come to me.

  '' Happy birthday'' They all scream and attacked me with hugs. I smile and hug them all back.

   '' Thank you guys, this is amazing didn't have too'' I say with a big smile..

   '' Of course we did you deserve it'' Leigh Anne says. As music starts to play.

  '' I planned this whole thing for ages, so i hope you like it'' Jesy says. Ash rolls his eyes.

  '' Yea she was so bossy'' Ash says which makes Jesy give him a death glare.

     '' Alright how about we go dance'' Michael says, we all nod and head to the dance floor, expect for i try to find Luke, but that would be impossible. I suddenly feel a pair of arms snake around my waist.

    '' Happy Birthday Princess'' I smile knowing that voice i turn around and of course there he was. Luke.

    '' Thank you so very much, prince charming'' He lets out a laugh, and then leans in. And our lips connect, This day just kept getting better and better.

  '' Now, how about we go dance m'lady'' He says as he steps back and sets a hand out'' I laugh but take his hand.

   '' I didn't know Luke Hemmings could be such a gentleman'' I say, he laughs.

 '' Only for tonight, babe'' I smile as he leads us to the dance floor.

  After dancing with Luke and many of my other friends, I got to meet my favorite singers and talk to them. We had just finished cutting cake and basically the night drifted away as we all danced as if there was no tomorrow. But sadly the party came to the end. Luke and the others helped put my gifts in Luke's car. We said our goodbyes and i thanked them once  '' Do you mind driving over to my Aunts house i forgot something ?"' I asked Luke, not wanting to tell him about Tucker since he doesn't another dog, and Mate and him are really close too.

   '' Sure'' When we got there i told him to wait in the car. When i got inside the house i saw my Aunt and Dad in the living room with Tucker.

     '' Thank you Aunt Joy'' I say she smiles

   '' Your welcome, drive home safely'' She says as she hands me Tucker

'' Sure thing, Bye guys'' They nod and i walk back outside and get in the car, hoping Luke wold start the car but he doesn't.

  '' Who is this ?'' He asks, i smile.

 '' Tucker, my Aunt got him for me'' He nods and starts to drive.

   '' Do you think Mate will like him ?'' He asks keeping his eyes on the road as Tucker lays on my lap.

  '' I think so, we have to buy him a bed, a collar and everything'' I say as i pet him, which causes Luke to laugh.


  We got home and Mate was already like a brother to Tucker. Mate let Tucker sleep in his big bed which made me smile. Luke and i decided to bring all my gifts into the house tomorrow since there was so many.

 '' Well Kendall, i have one more gift'' He says as i was in the kitchen drinking some water. I raise an eyebrow and suddenly Luke picks me up which makes me start laughing.

    '' And what would that be ?'' I ask, he smiles but doesn't say anything as he leans in and kisses my lips. Before i know it he is walking us to our bedroom and closes the door.

  I think you know what happened after that.

                                          A/N- Hey guys here it is hope you like it tell me what you think in the comments below. Don't forget to like and favorite and comment. Love you all and stay strong !     



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