Anything For Us l.h

This is the third book to Anything Can happen.
©Copyrights of Jen Hemmings 2014 all rights reserved.


25. Epilogue


Never in a million years did i think i would ever find love. I never believed love was real, i thought that love only came to princesses like in the fairy tales that we were told as a kid. I always wanted my happily ever after just like sleeping beauty and Cinderella. And after fighting battles and getting back up on my feet after falling so many times, i'm now here, where i belong.

After my parents died, i thought i would never be happy again and i would never find a light in my life and that i would always be in the dark. But that all changed, everything happens for a reason. Either for the good or for the bad. And we have the learn to face it. Life is hard, but if you do something and change it then it's not as bad as it looks.  

Now i'm here. With the love of my life and our four amazing beautiful children. Luke and i have been married for three years now and are still madly in love for one another. We've been able to forget about the horrible stuff that happened to us in the past and just happen to live in the moment everyday. The twins, Rome and Kendall are now seven years old while Jai is six and Kenzie is only five. Luke and i moved to away from the city so that the press wouldn't be on us twenty four seven. We live in a very large house near the beach and an hour away from my dad's house. Of course my little brother Jackson who is now thirteen comes to stay over with us on the weekends.

The girls and i still make music and go on tour for only four months. Which isn't a lot but since we have family's and boyfriends we really don't want to spend much time away from them. Cal and jade are married and have Two kids and live in London. Jesy and jack just got married a year ago and are living in an apartment in the city. And Leigh Anne well she's still looking for love.

And for the boys well, they're still a band and are making new music and doing world tours. Michael, is still in love with Leigh Anne but their both to stubborn to realize they need each other. And as for Ash well, his still weird like always and has been getting into a lot of wild things. 

We're all doing great and have manage to be there for each other when ever we need it.

" Mommy, Mommy. Jai and Romeo are trying to ruin my dress'' I turn around to see Kendall running towards me. Her long brown hair is in a nice braid and her blue eyes that she get's from Luke are upset. I stand up and walk toward her and bend down to her level. She had on a white dress that Jade had bought her from Paris, and she is literally obsessed with it. 

" What are they trying to do ?'' I ask as i look into her eyes. Which are now filled with tears.

'' they, they have paint and they are trying to get it on me" She sniffs. I stand up and grab her hand. 

"Come on let's go inside and talk to them" She nods and we both walk back inside with the warm sand covering our feet.

Lets just say both Jai and Rome are trouble markers. They get it from Jackson, who shows them these little pranks. The only ones to control the two are either Jackson or Luke. Who has currently been on tour for seven months now.

" Boys" I say as we both get inside and walk to the living room.

' Where are they ?'' i ask Kendall she shrugs.

" Mommy, turn around" I look her straight in the eyes and i can tell the boys didn't do anything to her. She had a large smile on her pink lips. I turn around and my eyes go wide.

" Surprise" She says as her and the boys pop out. Kenzie on top of Luke's shoulder, who has roses in his hands. I smile and just hug him, he laughs and hugs me back.

" I forgot how short you are'' I roll my eyes playfully.

" hey dad, can we go to uncle Ash house ?'' Jai says, I turn to look at Jai and smile.

" Sure why not, let's  get in the car" The kids all scream and run to the car.

" I want to go to" Kenzie says, Luke puts her on the ground as she runs to her siblings.

" It's good to be back" He says as he gives me a kiss.

" It's good to have you back" I say with a smile.

A/n- Hey guys so this is the end of the anything for us. it's took me a really long time to try and come up with an ending. and also because I've been busy with school and track. But here it is i hope you like it!

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