Fatal Love ~ A Sesskag story ~ Inuyasha

Kagome is fed up with seeing Inuyasha with Kikyou over and over again. She runs into the forest, running from everything, until she stops at a cave. She has the Tesusaiga in her grip and also is sick. Sesshomaru finds her and takes her to his castle, mad at his half-brother for doing this to the Miko. Will he and his ward, Rin, get the girl to smile again, or will she remain an empty shell forever?


1. Prologue

" ... " ~ Speaking

'...' ~ thoughts

~...~ telepathic speaking 




Kagome said bye to her era and jumped into the well. She had grown annoyed at Inuyasha and decided on needing a break. She had decided to go back since he hadn't come to get her. As Kagome was climbing out of the well she heard voices and blinked, registering one as inuyasha, but the other....it was Kikyou. The human miko stood up and hid behind a tree, listening to the two talk. 

" That reincarnation of me...is she really just your sacred jewel shard collector?" Kikyou asked Inuyasha icily. 

"Yes, she is nothing to me, you on the other hand." Inuyasha smiled and played with her hair "Are more than that." Inuyasha leaned in and kissed kikyou, unaware that Kagome was watching, a hand over her mouth as she felt tears fall. 

'He means it too.' Kagome thought as she turned and ran, not caring anymore. She tripped over a sword, the Tesusaiga. She grabbed it and continued to run, finding herself not far from Lord Sesshomaru's lands. She collapsed inside a cave and curled her body around the sword, closing her eyes and putting up a barrier in attempt to protect herself. She would never trust anyone again. 

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