Fatal Love ~ A Sesskag story ~ Inuyasha

Kagome is fed up with seeing Inuyasha with Kikyou over and over again. She runs into the forest, running from everything, until she stops at a cave. She has the Tesusaiga in her grip and also is sick. Sesshomaru finds her and takes her to his castle, mad at his half-brother for doing this to the Miko. Will he and his ward, Rin, get the girl to smile again, or will she remain an empty shell forever?


4. Chapter 3

Sesshomaru was wondering the same thing as he sat in his study. 'Why did I save that miko?' he muttered, his eyes confused before heading to their emotionless state. He started when he heard a scream in Kagome's room and stood up, hurriedly heading over to find the poor girl curled up in a ball, whimpering and crying out in her sleep. 

"No!" she muttered "I'm not just a shard-detector! I'm me!" she kept saying over and over again, confusing the Lord of the Western Lands. He gently shook her, causing her eyes to flash open and push herself away, seeing Sesshomaru as Inuyasha for a second "G-go away Inuyasha!" she cried softly, curled up again. 

"I'm not my baka half-brother miko." Sesshomaru said icily, earning himself another whimper from Kagome. The poor thing was terribly horrified and scared. The lord sat down slowly, trying to soothe the poor miko with his voice as tears gathered around her eyes. She wouldn't trust anyone again, that was her promise. She tried to conceal her teary eyes as she turned her head away from the lord. She scooted away from the Daiyokai, unsure on how to reply and her promise was never to be broken, yet she felt like he was trying to help. Could she trust him? No, she wouldn't, affter he left she would make a vow to become mute and never speak again.  Sesshomaru grew annoyed as she moved away from him, her miko energy trying to envelope her in a shield to save her. Sesshomaru growled, he would not tolerate this disrespect form the wench. 


"Go away." Kagome managed out weakly, her eyes widening a bit as Sesshomaru began to push her energy back "NO!" She poured all her miko powers into the shield, aiming to keep it up. Sesshomaru smirked, the girl was determined, he would give her that. His hand pushed against the shield once more, breaking it and being able to come face to face with the pained and saddened miko. He used a finger to lift her face to his "Sleep, you won't get better by this." he replied in his icy voice. The lord of the west watched as Kagome fell back into a dark, deep sleep. Sesshomaru sighed with relief, that was finally over! He picked her up and set her in his study, where he could keep an eye on her at all times. 

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