Fatal Love ~ A Sesskag story ~ Inuyasha

Kagome is fed up with seeing Inuyasha with Kikyou over and over again. She runs into the forest, running from everything, until she stops at a cave. She has the Tesusaiga in her grip and also is sick. Sesshomaru finds her and takes her to his castle, mad at his half-brother for doing this to the Miko. Will he and his ward, Rin, get the girl to smile again, or will she remain an empty shell forever?


3. Chapter 2

Sesshomaru headed to his castle and leaped to the ground easily as he approached his gates. His human ward, Rin, came running out to greet him, stopping mid sentence as she saw Kagome. "Is Kagome-chan okay?" Rin asked, very worried. 

"she will be Rin, I promise." sesshomaru growled as he headed up the stairs, his minion, Jaken staring at him with the wench in his arms. "Get her a room right next to mine, I want her in my sight at all times." Sesshomaru ordered as he walked up the stairs. Jaken nodded and hurriedly got the room ready, his eyes were dismayed at his lord handling a miko, a human miko nonetheless. Seshsomaru hurried and placed Kagome on the bed, hurrying and getting a bowl and cloth. He wet the cloth and placed it on top of the miko's forehead, flinching as it heated up. 

"Sire, what is the wench doing here?" Jaken asked, his eyes disdainful at the miko. He flinched as his lord glared at him.

"She was in this state when I saw her, she would make good revenge on Inuyasha. Plus, Rin loves her, she'd make a great mother for her." He smirked lightly. His gaze returned to the miko as she stirred and he waved Jaken away, his cold eyes on Kagome as her eyes forced themselves open. She was wary of where she was and as Sesshomaru touched her forehead to remove the cloth, she flinched away, whimpering softly. "Hey, miko it's fine, relax." Sesshomaru explained, his eyes and demeanor growing annoyed. 

"No, go away!" Kagome whispered, her eyes scared and alarmed. She crled into a tight ball, ignoring pin it sent up her body. She was scared, and Sesshomaru could see that. His heart hurt for the poor miko and he reached over again, his eyes softening slightly as he touched her forehead. He smiled as she trembled, but didn't pull away. Sesshomaru took the cloth off her forehead and wet it again, he then turned to Kagome as she trembled there, looking small and weak. 

"Miko, what did my stupid brother do this time?" Sesshomaru asked her, his tone annoyed. Kagome shook and curled tighter mumbling a quick "No!" in response, until the lord grabbed her chin and forced her to look into his eyes. The lord saw pain and hurt in them, they were empty, no longer the brilliant emerald color, but a dull, olive color. "What did he do?" he asked. 

"Nothing." Kagome answered, her head hurting from moving around so much. Sesshomaru sighed and let go. He then touched her forehead and with his powers sent her into sleep. 

"Sleep and get well miko." Seshsomaru whispered, brushing her hair out from her face as she slowly fell into the darkness. 

The last thought Kagome had before unconsciousness claimed her was 'Is the lord of Youkai concerned about me?' 

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