Fatal Love ~ A Sesskag story ~ Inuyasha

Kagome is fed up with seeing Inuyasha with Kikyou over and over again. She runs into the forest, running from everything, until she stops at a cave. She has the Tesusaiga in her grip and also is sick. Sesshomaru finds her and takes her to his castle, mad at his half-brother for doing this to the Miko. Will he and his ward, Rin, get the girl to smile again, or will she remain an empty shell forever?


2. Chapter 1

Kagome lay in the cave for months, not noticing the villagers nearby that kept checking on her. Her eyes were empty of any emotion, and she was sick as well. Heat came off her in waves, her skin a deathly pale color that could rival Sesshomaru's. The head priest of the village called upon the lord of the west in order to see if the girl could be taken care of. Her barrier remained strong throughout the whole ordeal. 

"What is it?!" Lord Sesshomaru asked as he landed next to the priest. His golden eyes cold and emotionless. He waited silently, he was curious, though he'd never let it show, about what had caught the attention of the village. 

"T-there's a young priestess in this cave...S-she hasn't taken down her barrier and will not even come out to drink or eat any food we've left. She h-has much power and we fear that she could die if not taken care of." the priest managed out, stuttering from time to time in his haste to explain the situation. Just then, a powerful surge of energy came from the caves direction, shocking both lord and priest. 

"Take me to this cave human."  Sesshomaru ordered, his tone icy. The priest hurried forward, leading the lord to the cave as another wave of energy erupted form it. Sesshomaru glanced at the priest before trying to enter the cave, but as he tried to enter, a wave of energy pushed him back. Sesshomaru narrowed his eyes and tried again. 

"No..." Kagome whispered as she watched Sesshomaru keep trying to break her barrier. She poured all her energy into her shield then collapsed between to the rocks, her hand wrapped around Tetsusaiga protectively. Sesshomaru finally broke through and entered the cave, walking forward slowly, he approached the miko that was hidden in the darkness when her scent caught his attention...it was his half-brothers wench. He narrowed his eyes as she shied away, thinking he was his stupid half-brother probably. He stepped forward and this earned a pathetic whimper from the girl. He took another whiff of air and smelled sickness, and blood. 

"I won't hurt you...Let me....help." the word was foreign and unusual for the lord of the west to use, but he needed her to trust him. "No! Go away, leave me alone!" Kagome hissed, pain causing her body to curl up into a ball of protection and hopes he would vanish. Sesshomaru noticed she held the tesusaiga in her hands, trying, yet failing, to hide it from his sight. "Girl, let me see the sword." Sesshomaru ordered. Kagome tightened her grip on the sword when the lord sighed. He had had enough of this girl's stubborn attitude as he walked forward. The lord stood tall and reached out, aiming for the sword before switching and pressing her pressure point on her neck, causing the girl to fall limp into his arms. He pried the sword from her hands and picked her up, heading out and nodding at the priest before summoning his demon cloud and heading towards his castle. 

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