That One Class

It's all started with that one ed.


9. 9

"Oh my God! Look what you did to her cheek!" I hear a familiar voice shout.

"You did that to her asshole!" Another voice shouts back.

"It's even bruised before!" The first voice growls and gently touches my cheek.

"Fucker!" The other one shouts and a loud crashing noise sounds. Oh now I know who these people are.

Ashton and Luke. Of course still fighting. I don't bother to open my eyes. "Guys Get the fuck out of here! You going to wake her up! Don't you think she's had enough bull shit from you two! I mean seriously! All you two think about is yourselves! You never stopped to think about her!" Calum whisper yells.

After that there is some shuffling of feet and a door slam shut. I feel Michael flinch and I open my eyes to see Michael cuddled into my side.

"What did they want?" I ask patting the bed beside me for Calum to come sit.

"Well they came to check on you but then they got into it again" Calum pauses to listen to the two idiots fighting down stairs.

"I wish they would just stop and be best friends again" he sighs. "I know right" I say rubbing Michael's head.

Oh wow his hair is so soft! Too bad if he keeps dying it he's gonna loose it all. "Any blood?"

"Loads"Calum smirks. I roll my eyes and pry Michael off of me. I stand up and walk to the door.

My whole body aches. "Are you sure about that?" Calum questions. "I've got to stop them" I mumble while opening the door and closing it behind me.

The sound of things breaking becomes louder and louder with every step. There is a little blood on the floor. Ew.

I stand in the door frame leading to the living room, watching both boys beat the shit out of each other. Both of their faces and hands are bloody.

Luke grabs Ashton by the neck to make them roll over. They finally roll over and like is on top. Luke raises his fist to punch Ashton square in the face.

As it's comes down I quickly catch it before it hit Ashton. Both boys look at me in shock.

"CAN YOU TWO JUST STOP FIGHTING!!" I yell and back up. Luke gets off of Ashton and walks over to me.

"Your beautiful face" Luke whines while cupping my face with his right hand. I yank away form him.

"I'm ok" I growl. I watch as Ashton gets to his feet and looks at me. "Will y'all please stop acting like a bunch of first graders and apologize?" I squint my eyes at both retards.

"I'm not apologizing to that faggot" Luke retorts. "Then we're over" I cross my arms.

Luke's eyes go wide. He spins around on his heels and hugs Ashton. Well I didn't mean they had to hug but that's ok with me!

Ashton stares into my eyes as if he was looking for something. He refuses to hug Luke back so I give him a death glare.

He quickly nods and hugs Luke. They exchange sorries and quit hugging. When they release they both stand there blushing like they are embarrassed.

Well I hope they are embarrassed! Gah! And I thought I acted like a two year old. Luke sighs and smiles at me.

"You make me do crazy things" he smiles and hugs me. I take in his sweet bloody cologne.

"What time is it?!" I snap back in reality. "Um like 4:30" Calum says while walking into the room. Holly shit if I'm late for home my parents are going to kill me.

"Bye babe!" I peck Luke on the lips. "Bye guys" I yell while running out the front door. I run as fast as I can down the road.

*skip thirty minutes*

I slowly open my front door. Both of my parents are asleep on the couch with beers in their hands. I let out a breath of relief.

I walk up the stairs to my room and shut the door behind me making sure I locked it. My stomach growls but I ignore it.

That's what I usually do. No biggie. I grab a book from my shelf and collapse on my bed. I read until it gets dark. To be honest I don't even know what that book was about I was just reading....

My book flys to the floor and I stretch a little. I rest my eyes for about five minutes. Everything is so peaceful. I jump and fall out of my bed when something hits my window.

I poke my head up over the bed as another rock hits the window. What does Luke want now? I crawl over to my window and open it.

I look down at none other than Ashton. "Jayla!" He whisper yells. "Ashton what are you doing here"

He smiles. He looks like had taken a shower. He has a flannel and a bandana on. God this boy! He just makes me want to go crazy.

"I'm coming up Jay!" He smiles. He runs over to the tree by my window. I giggle at how much he looks like a monkey.

I reach my arm out to help him in side. We both collapse on the bed. "Ashton what are you doing here? If my parents found you that would hurt me worse than I've ever been hurt" I whisper while turning my lamp on.

The light reveals the slight gash on Ashton's cheek and his busted lip. "Them I will kill them" Ashton plainly says.

"Of course you would" I roll my eyes. I watch as Ashton lays on his back. "Why are you here? For the third time"

"Because I wanted to see you." He shrugs and purses his lips. "Why do you ask so many questions?"

"I don't know. Why do you and Luke always fight?" I stick my tongue out at him. Ashton grunts.

We sit in silence for the next few minutes. "Turn that damn light out"

"Ashton you can't stay the night here! Luke will get pissed if he knew" Ashton shoots a death glare at me.

"I couldn't give a fuck even if I tried. Luke's an ass. Why do you even like him" I listen closely to Ashton while I flip the light off.

"I don't know Ashton. I just do. He's sweet to me and all that stuff I guess" I smile at the thought.

"I know I'm the last person you want to hear this from but...Luke is going to end up hurting you. I don't wanna see that happen to you" he gives me a concerned look.

"Luke isn't-" Ashton places his hand on my mouth. "Stop telling your self that. You know he is. Your just trying to convince yourself that he's not" Ashton's stern voice comes out.

"Whatever" I mumble. "Come here" he pulls me down into his arms. I rest my head in the crook of Ashton neck and take in his sexy sent.

"God you smell good" Ashton chuckles at my retarded comment. "I'm staying here tonight" he mumbles. I just nod.

I love the thought of Ashton staying here with me a whole night. I wish we could stay like this forever. But we can't.

Why am I doing this to Luke? If he found out who knows what would happen. It would shatter his heart in a million pieces.

Luke doesn't deserve what I do to him. I'm such a sorry bastard. But I can't leave. Not like this. The boy I've loved the most is holding me in his arms.

Ashton's toned arms around me make me shiver with excitement. I feel Ashton slightly shake me.

"Why does Luke get to have you? It's not fair." I hear Ashton whisper. He must think I'm asleep.

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