That One Class

It's all started with that one ed.


8. 8

"Y'all make me sick" Calum laughs and sits down beside us. I giggle at him while Luke lets out a loud chuckle.

We continue sitting in the floor for like the next thirty minutes. "I'm gonna go to the bathroom"

Luke pecks me on the cheek while I stand up and make my way out of free living room. I walk down a long hallway admiring the pictures of Luke and his family on the walls.

I finally come to the end of the hallway. I open the bathroom door and almost jump out of my skin.

Ashton stands there with both palms pressed on each side of the sink and his head hung. He looks up to me through the mirror.

"You ok Ashton?" In one quick movement Ashton turns around, pulls me in and slams the door shut. He pushes me into the door and leans his rests his forearm right above my head.

Our faces are inches apart. If I move I might end up kissing him. Ashton's eyes are filled with fury.

"I want you to stay away from Luke" he demands through gritted teeth. I open my mouth but no words come out.

"He's been telling you bad things about me. I'm scared he's going to hurt you. If he does I swear I'll kill him! We just need to leave. You can come home with me. Luke doesn't really love you Jayla"

I have the urge to bitch slap Ashton. Luke does love me! I know it! That's just not a word you mess around with!

"Luke does love me" I growl. "Oh my God what has he done to you" Ashton takes my head in his hands and kisses my forehead.

"Come on were leaving" he says grabbing my wrist and yanking me to the side where he can open the door.

I wince at the pain as he drags me out of the bathroom. "No Ashton!" I stop my foot pulling away from him.

Ashton's face burns red and he tightens his jaw. He pushes me into the wall and throws a fist at the wall near my head.

His fist goes strait through the wall making a loud noise. I jump at the terrible sound and fall to my knees.

Ashton is really scaring the shit out of me. Why is he doing this? Everything goes quiet, all you can hear is Ashton's heavy breathing.

I look up and watch as Ashton pulls his hand out of the wall. He looks down and sorry hazel eyes meet my scared blue ones.

You can literally see the apology in his eyes. He knows he screwed up big time. I accidentally let a tear slip not bothering to wipe it away.

"Jayla" he whispers. "JAYLA!" I hear Luke yell. I watch as the other three come running down the hall to meet us.

Without hesitation Luke yanks me up off the ground and pushes me behind him. Luke now stands in front of me guarding me from Ashton.

"Luke what are you doing?" I question while he balls his fists up. Without saying a word Luke lunges for Ashton.

"Luke!" I cry trying to get him off of Ashton. Before i know it a fist hits me in the cheek bone and I fall to my butt. I feel a warm pair of arms wrap around me and throw me over his shoulder.

I see some galaxy hair in the corner of my eye so it's Michael. He starts walking up the stairs while I cry my eyes out. I look up to see Calum following close behind but no Luke or Ashton.

Michael enters a random room and sets me down gently on a bed. I cry into my hands. Why do I have to wreck everything?

"This is all my fault" I sniffle. Calum sets down beside me and Michael squats down in front if me. He rubs his hands on my thighs making me calm down.

"Shhh shh hey! Listen to me Jayla" Michael face turns serious. "This is not your fault. It's just best to let them fight it out" Michael gives me a soft smile while Calum rubs his hand in circles on my back.

"Yes it is Michael" I growl and collapse on my back. I feel Michael hop up on the bed beside me.

"Jay it's not your fault. Their just a bunch of idiots that can't find the easy way out of a fight" I laugh at Calum's comment.

Michael lays down on his stomach and throws his arm over my stomach. After a minute Calum finally lays down too.

We start hearing soft snores coming from Michael. Poor sleepy boy. And too think he used to beat the shit out of me.

"This month has been crazy" I huff. "I know it's been really crazy for you. I understand. But I really wish you would stop cutting. It's driving like mental and Ashton oh God I don't even want to tell you" Calum whispers.

"Why has Ashton been acting the way he has?" I question. "Umm I would tell you if I could but Ashton might kill me" Calum groans.

I nod understanding. I close my eyes and listen to the rambling down stairs. "Yea just go to sleep and everything will be ok" Calum pecks me on the cheek.

"God my cheek hurts" I mumble and finally fall asleep.

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