That One Class

It's all started with that one ed.


7. 7

I slowly walk through the corridors being pushed by everyone that sees me. I mean jeez people I'm just trying to get to my locker!

I've have already had the shittiest week of all my life. I have a giant bruise on my cheek from where my dad hit me last night after my mom yelled at me.I didn't get any sleep I cried so much.

After getting pushed to the ground for the third time I finally reach my locker. I open it up and a whole bunch of soccer balls fall out of it.

Dickwads thought it was funny to put shit inside my locker. If only the world knew what I go through maybe it would change a little.

I grab what I need then head for my first period class. When I get in I run into Luke. "Hey I've been looking for you" he says hugging me.

"Hey" I say refusing to look up at him. I don't want him to see the bruise and get worried.

"Jay what's wrong?" He questions. "Look at her cheek!" I hear Ashton yell from the back of the room.

What. An. Ass. I despise him even more now. How did he even know? Luke takes his hand and puts it under my chin. He lifts my head with no struggle.

There was no use and trying to fight him. He gasps when he sees my cheek.

"Oh my God! Jayla what happened?" He says softly in concern. My eyes start to tear up and he notices. He throws his books on a desk then grabs my hand leading me out of the room and back down the hall way.

While we are walking the tardy bell rings. Great. Note the sarcasm. Luke pulls me into a closest then looks sternly into my eyes.

"Tell me what happened. I swear if it was one of those people who pick on you I will go break their neck right now" he growls.

"No Luke" I inform him. I honestly don't wanna tell him who it really is.

"TELL ME DAMMIT!" He shouts. "It- it was my parents" I accidentally let a tear slip. Luke looks takin back by my words.

"And your not going to tell anyone about this?" He says grabbing my face and rubbing my none bruised cheek gently. I shake my head no.

I guess in not going to tell anyone about it. It's not like they would listen anyways. "I'm not just gonna stand around here and watch this happen to you! I'm gonna go tell somebody!" Luke says while trying to walk away.

"No Luke you'll only make it worse" I grab his hand and hold it up to my lips. He steps closer and huffs. "Stubborn ass" he laughs.

"Same" I whisper and kiss his fingers. He pulls me into a hug and I listen to the steady beat of his heart.

How did I get a boyfriend like this? Me. Just a broken rag doll get a boy like Luke.

"I love you" he whispers and slowly presses me up against the wall. His words make me shiver. Luke Hemmings loves me.

If I was alone by my self right now I would probably be jumping up and down screaming LUKE LOVES ME!

"What?" Luke laughs interrupting my thoughts. I shake my head and focus on his eyes. "Did I say that our loud?" I mumble.

He giggles and kisses me. His lips tastes sweet like cherries or honey. Or both combined with loads of sprinkles on top.

Luke breaks the kiss when he jumps out of his skin at the loud noise. I squeeze his hand letting him know it's ok.

"Shhh" I whisper while we both hold still. All you can hear is sirens and people screaming.

We look at each other shakingly. All the sudden there is a big clap of thunder and all the lights go out. I scoot closer to Luke griping his arm.

"Jayla? Luke?" Ashton shouts while being pushed in the closet with us from all the people running around in the hall. Michael and Calum pile in right after him then shut the door behind them.

"What's wrong?" Luke says. "Tornado just touched down not even a mile away from us" Ashton replies while coming closer to me.

"WHAT!?" Luke yells. "Babe I'll be right back! You stay right here! Ashton your better not let anything happen to her!" Luke pecks me on the lips then slams the door shut behind him.

Before I could process anything Ashton pushes me to the ground then Michael and Calum sit down on each side of me.

Ashton squats down in front of me and strokes my hair. What is up with this dude? First he's a jackass then he's a really sweet boy then OOPS! He's back I being a jackass.

"Don't worry I'm not going to let anything happen to you" he whispers. What? I'm not worried. I actually hope this thing will kill me were I don't have to commit suicide.

The ground starts shaking and things start falling off of shelves. Debris flys around the little room. I want Luke to come back and stay here with me.

The lights start flashing off and on, sirens grow louder. We hear lots of yelling and screaming. Ashton throws himself on top of me. Guarding me from all the shit falling from the ceiling.

Ashton whispers sweet things in my ear trying to get me to calm down. I close my eyes and breath in Ashton's cologne. After about 5minutes everything goes quiet.

I open my to see a perfect Ashton hovering over the top of me still. You can barely make out his facial expresses because it's so dark and dusty in the air.

I kinda feel bad for Ashton. I'm mean as hell to him but he still chose to save my life. TWICE!

"Jayla......are you ok?" Ashton's voice is hoarse. How did that even happen? "Yea" I say and purse my lips. Ashton stands straight up yelping out in pain.

"Is it over?" I hear Michael say. No one answers but I stand up to where I can see Ashton from the little light coming through the now broken window.

"Ashton turn around" I demand. He does as I say and slowly turns around. The back of his shirt is all cut up and has a little bit of blood on it.

I pull up his shirt revealing all the cuts from all the shit that fell on him. I am speechless at the sight. He turns back around and pulls his shirt back down.

"A-Ashton! Why did you do that for me!? Look at your perfect skin its all messed up" I whine. He gives me a slight smile then wraps his arms around my head, bringing me into a hug.

"It was worth it" you can hear the smile in his voice. This is not Ashton. The real Ashton Irwin would have let me die. This, this is a fucking alien!

We hear a cough behind us and we immediately separate. "Umm thanks. I've got to go find Luke" I mumble and run out of the room only to be tripped by some ceiling laying on the ground.

"IS EVERYONE OK!?" The principle yells. Everybody says yes or nods their heads. I run around the building until I finally find Luke.

He still sits in the floor with a book over his head. Poor boy. I squat down and take his head in my hands. He snaps his head up then tackles me in a hug.

"Your alive! I don't know what I would have done if something happened to you!" Luke breaths while kissing every inch of my face.

"Yea I'm fine! Are you ok!?" I ask rubbing all the dirt off his face. "Yes baby I'm ok" he gives me a slight smile. "Ashton's hurt" I push Luke off of me and stand up.

Me and Luke run through the halls jumping over all the ceiling, bookcases, and junk laying on the floor. The teachers are trying to get the rest of the students in order so none of them really notice us.

We finally get back to the closet to notice the three boys were just now exiting it. "Come here Ashton let's get you fixed up" I say while taking ahold of his toned arm.

He doesn't seem to mind but when he processes the words he stifles. "I'm not going to a nurse!" He snaps at me. I roll my eyes. "Fine ya big baby" I growl and push him into the first aid room.

Thank God no one is in here. Ashton pulls off his shirt and let's me wipe the cuts clean. Luke and the other two stand around me with fascinated eyes.

"How did you learn to do that?" Michael gasps. "It's common logic, Jimmy Neutron" I smirk. I walk over to the cabinet and grab Ashton one of those ugly faculty shirts.

He gladly excepts and slips it on, ending my only moment to look at his toned body. "Come on there is no way in hell we are staying here after the shit we've been through these past two day!" Ashton snaps while grabbing my upper arm and Calum's hand dragging us all out of the small room.

Ashton let's go of Calum's hand but still has his grip on my arm. It's not a dry tight grip but it's still strong. Apparently Luke notices this and runs up to hold my hand.

Luke hates the way Ashton acts around me. What am I saying? Luke hates every boy that makes contact with me.

It's just the way he is. Super protective. But I like that quality he has. I look side to side just to notice both boys faces raid with fury.

They must be pissed at each other or something? We finally reach Luke's house after Luke through a fit about Ashton suggesting I ride in his car because Luke just got his license and all that.

But I did end up riding with Luke because he wasn't going to let me leave without him. For some odd reason Luke doesn't want me around Ashton.

I grab Luke's hand when he tries to get out of the car. He sets back down and shuts the door. "What's wrong babe?" You can still see the madness that runs through his eyes.

"Why don't you want me to be around Ashton?" Luke huffs and looks me strait in the eyes them kisses my nose. "Because when you get too attached to Ashton.....he does things to you. He takes the nice sweet girls like you and turns them into whores. I love you so much and......and"

Luke bites his lip and squeezes his eyes close. "I would kill myself if I ever saw that happen to you" he says through gritted teeth.

I press my hand against Luke's chest then press our lips together. "That's never going to happen. I'm and all" I giggle making him giggle. "Good"

I try to move back but Luke holds me in place. We finally move apart then put our foreheads against each other. "Lez go" he smiles. We get out of the car and walk into his house to see the other three has already made theirselves at home.

Michael's chowing down on a sandwich and Calum is asleep on the couch. Ashton is yet to be seen but his car was parked in the drive way.

Luke drags me into the living room and sits down in the floor leaning his back against the couch. He pulls me down into his lap then hugs me tight.

"Has anyone seen Ashton?" Michael mumbles. I feel Luke's grip tighten around me at the sound of Ashton's name. "No" he growls.

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