That One Class

It's all started with that one ed.


6. 6

Within minutes Luke comes back and sits down beside me. "Now let's continue" he giggles and lays me down on my back.

"But wait. What about Ashton?" I question. Luke huffs and softly smiles at me. "Don't worry I got him a beer. I don't think he will bother us" he says tucking a loose strand of hair behind my ear.

Luke leans down to press his lips against mine but we are rudely interrupted again. "Hey mates" Ashton smirks and flips his hair.

"Luke" I groan and hit the back of my head on the couch. I twist under Luke and lay on my stomach then pull a pillow over my head.

"Go away Ashton we are in the middle of something" I hear Luke say. "Awww come on guys let's all cuddle!" You can hear the smirk in Ashton's voice.

It just makes me want to slap him. I feel Luke come crashing down on top of me with a lot of extra weight.

"Ashton get off of me! Your making me squish Jayla!" Luke gripes. And there's your explanation.

After a minute of wriggling under both boys I finally squeeze out from under them. I fall into the floor while hitting my head on the coffee table.

I wince at the pain and rub the back of my head. I look up to see Ashton and Luke in the middle of a fight.

Not like a 'grrr I'm gonna kill you' fight but more like a 'I'm gonna hit you like a girl' fight. No blood.

Im getting really tired of Ashton bullshit. I stand up. "Umm Luke I think I'm gonna head back home" they both stop fighting when they process my words.

Luke puts on a sad face. "Baby im so sorry" Luke says getting up and wrapping me in his arms.

He places a gentle kiss on my forehead. "It's ok" I say returning the kiss.

I give one more death glare to Ashton then head for the front door. "This sucks" I gripe while kicking another rock down the sidewalk.

Now I have to go home and get the shit beat out of me from my parents. Maybe I'll just run away.

I'll just hitch a ride to London and go live with my relatives. And yes if you were wondering in Irish. Half of my family lives in Ireland, the other half in London.

Nevermind, they would probably make my parents come all the way down there and get me.

After about three miles I finally reach my house. I quietly and carefully open the front door. I tip toe inside and shut the door behind me.


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