That One Class

It's all started with that one ed.


5. 5

"Jayla.....Jaylaaaaa......JAYLA!" Someone keeps yelling my name but I'm to tired to answer their call.

"Oh my God Jayla get up!" the person growls. "Fine! What could you possibly need right now!?" I open my eyes and sit up to see none other than Ashton.

"Get up I'm hungry!" He pouts. "And what exactly am I going to do about that?"

"We are going to get something to eat are you like not hungry or anything?" He puts on the most confused face I have ever seen.

"How are you supposed to get out?" I smirked. "We are going to fucking fly out like Peter Pan!" He shouts.

What the hell? All I asked was how he was supposed to get out! This child has angerment issues.

I look over at the window that I had tried opening earlier. It was wide open and you could see the sun rising in the distance.

"How did you get that open!? I've already tried!" I say taking Ashton's hand as he helps me up.

He looks at me and the biggest grin is slapped on his face. "Because I'm not a weakling like you" he shakes his head to mock me.

I roll my eyes and turn around to see Calum and Michael still asleep on the bleachers. "Where's Luke?" I question.

"He's still asleep" I open my mouth to talk but Ashton Interrupts me.

"Hell no I'm not waking them up school about to start and I want to see their faces when they see I didn't wake them up" I laughs at the thought.

Wait I actually spent a whole night in this hell hole? Wow! I've stepped up a new level! Impressive.

But I do feel bad about not waking, he'll get over it.

I snap away from my thoughts when I see Ashton staring at me in disgust. Oh what must it be this time?

"What?" I growl a little to meanly. "Your not actually thinking about staying and going on with school!?" He looks at me like I have ten heads and one boob.

I think about my options for a moment. Umm hell no I'm not staying here!

"Fuck no!" I snap and Ashton facial expression turns into a huge smile.

He picks me up and helps me out the window, carefully shutting it behind him. We make our way to the parking lot and of course I notice Ashton's pricy car first.

It's a solid black Audi 2013 model. It's really nice and doesn't have a scratch.

"I swear if you screw my new car up I will-"

"Kill me. I already know Ashton" I smirk at him and he rolls his eyes. We get in and I can tell Ashton was uneasy about me being in his precious car.

It wasn't like I was going to insult it or make a quarter centimeter scratch.

We start and drive off to the closet macdonalds.....of course...... I don't even know why I agreed to come eat. I'm not even hungry.

Ashton parks closest to the door and we both get out. He runs up in the building like a crazy person that hasn't ate in ten years.

I slowly walk and set down down at a booth in the farthest corner away from all the people.

I am most defiantly not a people person.

Within seconds Ashton was sitting down in front of me. "Why aren't you eating anything? What? Are you like a anorexic?" He snaps at me.

Wow....that actually kinda hurt. I put my hands in my lap and fiddle with my fingers. I look up at Ashton who is staring at me while smacking on his damn hamburger.

His expression quickly changes when he realizes he was right. His eyes fill with worry and sorrow.

But then of course like the normal Ashton he takes his hamburger them waves it in my face.

"Eaaaaaattttttttt" he laughs. "Come. On. Eat. It." He says while smushing it against my face.

"Ashton stop it! I don't want to eat" I say while pushing his hand away from my face. He shrugs and continues eating.

"I'm going to walk. Bye Ashton" I get up and wave bye to a sad looking Ashton. I walk out the door and let the cold air hit my face.

I begin to walk down the fairly busy sidewalk. Today seems off. I can't figure out why.

Maybe I'm bout to die. Wait! What!? Why would I think that!? I swear me and my imagination. Life would be a lot better if I didn't have my imagination.

No more laying around like a potato dreaming about Ashton Irwin. No more being a total nerd.

My thoughts are interrupted when I hit something hard. I fall on my butt and stiffen. What the hell did I just hit?

I just sit there on the concrete like an idiot trying to process what just happened. Before I new it a tall figure picks me up and throws me over it's shoulder.

Everything is still completely blurry. Why can't I comprehend this?

My vision comes back when it sets me down then pins me to a wall.

I stand there staring at three very large men. I look at my surrounding to see we are in an alley way.

This is scary as fuck. All three of them have tattoos and cigarettes in their mouths. The one that has his hand on my shoulder pinning me against the wall has a red bandana on and a sleeveless leather coat.

"What do you think you were doing? You should fucking watch where your going there miss pretty" he says running the top of his index finger on my cheek.

"Leave me alone" I snap while jerking my head away from his hand.

"Oh she's a feisty one alright! The firstly ones are always good in bed" he says while nudging one of the other mother fuckers.

"Jayla! There you are baby! I thought you ran away from me!" I hear a familiar voice call. Ashton. Thank God.

Ashton walks up to the boys smiling. "Thank you so much for finding her! I think she lost her way." He says while grabbing me by the waist and pulling me out of the mans grip.

All three of the men glare at Ashton. Everything is really awkward.

"She ran into me. She's mine now." The one with a bandana says in a low growl.

"Oh come on it's my birthday! And plus she is my girlfriend! Just leave her alone for me bro" Ashton says while kissing me on the cheeks.

I mentally have a fit inside my head. OH. MY. GOD. Ashton Irwin called me his fucking girlfriend and kissed me on the cheek.

I must be dreaming. His sweet cologne lingers in the air. The three men give one more dirty look to the both of us then turn around and walk off.

Ashton grabs me by the waist hard and spins me around. The look of fury burning in his eyes with his jaw tightened.

"I want to know what the fuck you were thinking!? Those men could have raped or killed you! I new you were a blonde but I didn't think you would be stupid enough to get yourself in a situation like that!" He snaps.

I was happy that Ashton came in when he did but those words made me want to bitch slap him.

"I don't know either" I say quietly. "Your so stupid" Ashton growls and grabs the back of my head with his hand then pulls me into a tight hug.

I feel so warm. So fuzzy. But I hate these feelings because I know it's all going to go down like usual.

"Thanks for that back there" I tell him while pulling away. He gives me a confused expression and furrows his eye brows.

"But why did you do it?" I question. "Well was I supposed to just let you be raped by those assholes!?" He shouts. My skin crawls at the sound of him yelling.

I open my mouth but no words come out. "Hey guys! I thought I heard Ashton yelling!" I hear sweet voice call out.

Luke comes trotting over to us with Michael and Calum behind him. He wraps his arm around my waist.

"So what are y'all doing in a dark alley?" Luke's sweet voice suddenly turns into a growl. Michael and Calum stand behind Ashton quietly laughing their heads off.

Why are those two always laughing? Ashton doesn't answer but glares at Luke. I roll my eyes and yank away from Luke. Then I start walking back towards my house.

I can't take much more of this. I just rather be beat by my parents for not coming home last night.

"I'm sorry Jayla! Please don't leave me!" I hear Luke running close behind me. Why would I be mad at him?

I quickly spin around only to watch as Luke runs completely over me.

I open my eyes to see the cloudy sky. "Luke" I groan and sit up. "Jayla I'm sorry I didn't mean to do that either!" He says shakingly.

"Eh it's alright everybody gets ran over every once in a while" I giggle. His expression quickly turns relaxed.

"You wanna come to my house?"he grins. I nod and he pulls my to my feet. We begin to walk and he wraps his arms around me once again.

"Jay I have a question" he stats. "Yea?" I reply and wrap my arms around his waist. "Um I know this is not the most romantic place ever but I was wondering if you would like to my girlfriend?"

I trip at his words but he catches me. Luke Hemmings. The Luke Hemmings wants me to be his girlfriend?

"I would love to!" I say a little bit to excitedly. Luke gives me a big smile then pecks me on the lips.

Oh my God. I am dating Luke. I am Luke Hemmings girlfriend. I secretly pinch my arm to remind my self to keep cool.

If I hadn't had done that I would have probably tackled Luke.

We both walk with huge grins on our faces. Luke opens his car door for me to get in like a gentleman.

.........unlike Ashton...........

I might be Luke's girlfriend but to be truthful, I could probably never deni my love for Ashton.

Why does Ashton have to be so perfect and sweet then he has to turn into a complete asshole?

Me and Luke ride hand in hand the whole ride. It's started pouring down rain while we were pulling up in his drive way.

He has an awesome looking house. It's really fancy. Since it was raining we stayed five extra minutes in the car just to have a make out session.

"My parents aren't home" Luke breaths through our kisses. I pull apart and press my forehead against his. Our breaths heavy.

I honestly don't know what he's getting at but ok!

Luke runs and opens the car door for me then we race to his front door. He opens the front door revealing the beautiful house.

"Come on let's go down stairs" he says grabbing my hand and practically dragging me down the steps.

We come to a huge basement well more like a man cave. As I am looking at all the items in the basement Luke pulls me down onto the couch then gets on top of me.

His blue eyes are still beautiful as ever in the dim light. "What are you doing Luke?" I question.

He just gives me a soft smile and connects our lips. The kiss is sweet and and gentle but it suddenly turns passionate.

The back of my head pressing against the couch as Luke kisses me. His hands glide up and down the curves of my body.

One hand finds it's way up my shirt. He rubs the softness of my stomach around my belly button.

It's try's to go farther up. "Luke stop we're going to fast" I mumble into his lips. I grab his wrist then pull his hand out from under my shirt.

He pulls away then gives me a sad/confused expression. "Babe we aren't going to fast." He stats.

"Luke I don't even know if your really like me. And plus I'm scared" I whine. "Ok first I don't like you......I love you. Second I promise I will be easy baby I would never hurt you. All I want to do is give you pleasure" Luke grabs my face and rubs his thumb in circles soothing me.

I roll my eyes and give him a soft smile. "I know" I whisper and bring his face back down to mine. Luke breaks the kiss only to yank his shirt off.

Oh my God. His abs. It just makes me want to poke at them they look so hot on his body.

In the heat of the moment the damn door bell rings. Luke lifts his head and groans. "Of course" he growls.

"Let me go get it" he says getting up and patting me on the leg. I wait till Luke is completely out of the room to get up and walk out.

I slowly walk up the stairs. When I get at the top I see Luke stand in the doorway talking. His body covers the other person.

"Babe who is it?" I ask while wrapping my arms around his waist and poking my head out under his arm.

I shut my mouth then roll my eyes when I notice it is Ashton. Why does he have to show at the wrong time....every time!?

"Why are you here?" I growl. "Yea man. Wrong timing." Luke snarls. Ashton glares at Luke but turns into a big smirk when he looks at me.

"Ya know what just come in and have a drink" Luke finally groans after a minute. We all walk into the kitchen.

Luke picks me up and sets me on the counter. "Luke will you go get me a beer?" Ashton asks.

He nods and walks back down stairs. I guess he has to hide the beer from his parents.

I close my eyes and let out a big sigh. Why out of all people I have to be left in a room with Ashton. I feel something rub against both of my knees.

I snap my head up to see Ashton standing right in front of me. "What do you want?" I ask politely. But I think he took that as an invite.

"I think you know" he smirks and lays his hand down on my thigh. I freeze at his touch. His hand is so warm and soft.

Chills run all over my body when he starts inching it up closer to my sensitive area.

"Ashton stop it" I demand. He looks me strait in the eyes and keeps doing it. Why does he have to look at me like that.

It's like he has full control over me and to be honest I think he does. He knows he does too.

"Ashton stop I have a boyfriend" he stops. "Yea and you can break up with him then be with me" I'm stunned at his words.

"I'm not going to do that to Luke! We just got together and in not losing him" I shout and jump off the counter.

I trot into the living room and set on the couch. How could Ashton say that? Luke is his best friend. He was practically asking me to be like him.

I'm never turning into someone like Ashton. He is just a douche.

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