That One Class

It's all started with that one ed.


4. 4

I feel something warm poke at my belly. Then it makes it's way to my wrists. At first touch I jolt awake and sprawl out.

"Hey hey shh don't worry in here" Luke says while rubbing my arm soothingly. I still feel something touching my wrist and I yank my hand up to my lap.

I turn my head to see Ashton staring at me with concern. But his eyes soon furrow.

"Give me your wrist back!" He growls at me.

"No!" I growl right back at him. "Are you going to explain those cuts on your wrists?" He says while jumping on top of me. I lay completely flat with him straddling me.

"Get off Ashton in not showing you my wrists!" I flare out. Ashton grabs both of my wrists and pins them down causing me to squeal at the pain.

Ashton examines my wrists with concern and for a split second I though he might have changed. I laugh at how gullible I am.

" could anyone do this to themselves?" Ashton chokes biting down on his lip. I notice this odd soft side he has. His face shows so anger or frustration.

I have never seen this side of Ashton before. "Well Ashton....."I start and bite down hard on my lip to keep from crying. "When everybody hates you, even your parents, you begin to realize what's a worthless piece of shit you are." I speak the truth and accidentally let a tear slip.

Ashton's lips tremble. I look into his hazel eyes that are so concerned. How his curly dirty blonde hair falls onto his forehead.

He cups one of his shaky hands on the side of my face and uses his thumb to wipe the tear away.

I close my eyes as Ashton continues to rub my cheek with his thumb. I like this side of Ashton. I feel him release me and collapse beside me.

I look over to look who is clearly pissed and walk around not listening to us. Then I look over to Michael and Calum who are asleep in the bleachers.

Turning over on my side I catch a glimpse of Ashton mumbling to himself. I just lay there staring at him.

He rolls over to where he can see me. "Well if it makes you feel parents don't give a shit about me either but they don't beat me" he admits.

The great Ashton Irwin is telling me this? I wonder if he got bit by some stereotypical bug?

"And listen. I don't hate you. Neither does Luke because he has a thing for you. Calum and Michael don't either." Ashton assures me.

Luke has a thing for me? Wow that's really nice to know!

"Thanks" I mumble to him. He just gives me a smile. Where is this Ashton when you need him? He must have like a twin brother or something.

Although I did notice Ashton's face go cold when he told me Luke had a thing for me. I wonder why? I flip back over to see Luke still marching around looking overly pissed.

When Luke sees me staring at him I give him a signal to come lay down me side me.

"Hey Jayla!" He says having a change of tone. He hovers over me and I grab his hand to pull him down beside me.

"Why are we laying in the floor?" He questions. "Because I feel like it" I giggle.

Luke glances over at Ashton and puts on is extremely pissed face.

In one swift movement Luke picks me up and scoots me closer to him. His arm wraps around my waist and I snuggle my face into his side.

Luke is really warm and soft! He implants a kiss on my forehead and we lay quietly while listening to Ashton mumble the worst of things.

There's the old Ashton! I look up at the skylight to see that it is still dark.

"What time is it?" I ask Luke. He pulls out is phone and turns it on. The brightness of it almost blinding us both. "12:24"

"Ughhhhh" I gripe. "Let's go to the nurses room. I think they have a bed in there" Luke says. I look up at him.

"What? It's better than sleep on a hard flood!" He laughs. I nod and we both stand up. Mirrored by Ashton.

We walk past the other two sleeping boys with Luke's arm still around me. We keep walking until we come to a small office type thing.

Ashton opens the door and we walk in. Me and Luke crawl up on the bed while Ashton's runs and jumps into the fluffy red recliner.

I curl up into Luke's side and he holds me tightly. "Do you have a thing for me?" I accidentally let the question of the night slip out of my mouth.

Luke looks like he's stunned by my words. He looks down at me with those gorgeous eyes of his.

Our faces inches apart. I can feel his warm minty breath on my face. With that he leans down and our lips collide.

It's like fireworks going off everywhere. And I love it. Our lips move in sync. Trust me this is not the most romantic place to be making out but it's what were stuck with.

Our kiss is brutally interrupted when Ashton throws something at Luke. We break apart and I automatically want to drag him back down for more.

"What the hell Ashton?" Luke growls. "Sorry, I don't know what your talking about." Ashton laughs at his comment.

"Seriously right now you choose to be that big headed ass hole?" I say.

He just rolls his eyes at me then throws his head back onto the recliner.

I roll my eyes at him and snuggle back into Luke's chest. Taking in that damn cologne of his. It just makes me want to roll over on him and kiss every place I can on his face.

But my feelings are stuck. I'm still madly in love with Ashton. I don't know how I'm going to break the news with Luke.

He's going to throw a tantrum when I tell him that I really like Ashton.

I mean don't get me wrong Luke is lovely and makes me feel butterflies and all but I'm in love with a complete idiot...Ashton Irwin.

I wait until I hear soft snores coming from Luke's face. I wriggle out of his grip , sit up, then look over at Ashton who is also passed out.

Without hesitation I jump over Luke and onto the ground. It's STILL dark out side. That's when the idea hits me in the face like a medal baseball bat.

Why don't we just go out the window? I'm such a complete idiot! Why didn't I think of this earlier? I scan all the boys to see they are heavily sleeping.

No use and waking them up! I walk over to the window and attempt to lift it up but I fail miserably.

Screw this plan! I lay down in the floor and fall asleep once again.

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