That One Class

It's all started with that one ed.


3. 3

I wake up in the cold floor. I reach over and turn on the shower. Once I'm done getting a shower, doing my makeup, and putting on some clothes I run down the stairs then out the door before my mom could see me.

I look at my phone to see that I only have ten minutes to get to school so I run like hell. I run into the school right when the bell rings.

While I'm running my feet just randomly decide that they want to table up together. So I fall to the ground and my stuff goes everywhere.

As I am picking up my books I see Ashton snicker and kick one of my books down the hall way. I roll my eyes at him and he walks off to class when the tardy bell rings.

Of course in late. I pick up my book and head strait to class. "Excuse me Miss White! Please explain why you are late to class?" Mrs Robert asks me when I step in class.

I keep my mouth shut and just shrug while sending Ashton death glares.

"Well I guess since you are my top A student I will let it slip. But just this once!"

I nod as in thank you to Mrs Robert and she nods back while I take my seat up in the front like usual.

About thirty minutes of class go by and I feel something hit my leg. I look down to see Ashton through his pencil at me. I take this chance and kick it to the other side of the room earning a growl by Ashton.

I can't believe I'm going to get stuck with four of the school biggest asses tonight. But hopefully they will just leave and let me do all the work. I would much rather them do that instead of sticking around me.

I was so shocked when Ashton just blurted out how Luke was a virgin. Poor boy. Everybody makes fun of him now. But he still labeled as one of the popular assholes.

Why would Ashton do that to his best friend? And how the hell does Luke still stick around with him. I would have left his ass that split second. Well that is if I was Luke.

Because if I was me right now ....knowing my dumb self I would have probably just forgave him and went crawling back.

That's how much Ashton has me under control. With that perfect face and hair.

I face palm myself in front of everybody for being so stupid.

The bell rings and I'm the last one out of course. I run to my locker and get my stuff. Right when I turn around a hand comes smashing down onto the lockers beside me.

I stare at the fist cautiously then look up to see Luke. His cheeks were red and he was leaning very close to me. I shift uncomfortably.

"Um I wanted to thank know....for standing up for the both of us yesterday. I know we got in trouble but I'm happy to be spending it with you" he says shyly.

I blush at his words. He's so sweet.

"Erm don't worry about it. It wasn't much anyway." I mumble while shrugging my shoulders.

"No it was something! Your really brave and I admire that about you-" Luke is interrupted when Ashton lays his hand on his shoulder.

Luke stands up strait then sinks in. It's like he's scared of Ashton. But why?

"Come on let's skip and go to the store to get some snack for tonight" Ashton says throwing his arm over Luke's shoulder.

As they start to walk Luke glances at me once more before walking out of the building.

Of course it's like Ashton to just absolutely ruin a perfect moment! I am having mini heart attaches and spasms inside of me right now!

*skip to lunch*

I sit in my normal spot like usual. No food. No anything. I just sit there fiddling with my bracelets. I feel someone sit down beside me and I nearly jump out of my skin.

I just sit there like a statue. Who the hell would sit beside me? Whoever it is keeps scooting closer. When who's ever and mine shoulders touch I immediately flip out and scoot more over.

I turn my head to see Michael. Calum sits across the table from him. I stare at Michael like he has two heads.

"What's wrong?" He asks while taking a sip of his coke.

"Why are you sitting by me?" I glare at the two of them. "Maybe because we wanted to, babe!" Michael smarts off. I roll my eyes and scoot as far away from him as I can.

But of course this is Michael we are talking about. He scoots down right along with me. Refusing to leave my side. What the fuck is up with the boys for the past week?

Is it annoy Jayla week? I stare at Calum because he blocking the view of everything. I cross my arms and lay them on them table then place my head down in them.

I feel something warm creep around my back and wrap it's self around my waist. I peep my eye open to see Michael's arm wrapped around me. I freeze at his touch.

Don't get me wrong it does feel good but this is just plain weird.

"Are you finally going to eat something?" I hear Calum say. I look up to see Calum pushing his plate in front of me.

I look down at it nervously and shake my head no. "Eat" he repeats while nudging me with the plate.

He keeps doing it until I can't take anymore of being annoyed. "NO!" I say and get up. I march to my locker and randomly open it.

I stand there staring at it trying to decide if I want to slam my head in it. But luckily those thoughts are interrupted by the bell ringing.

Finally fifth period. I watch as Ashton and Luke come back through the gates and walk into the changing room. This period is PE. I'm supposed to be in my gymnastics class but I'm ace in that so I never go.

I usually just roam the halls. But this time I stop and peep through the window to see the soccer team doing exercise. All of them have their shirts pulled off.

Ashton's toned body just makes me want to pounce on him. If I did that he would probably think I'm even weirder. Ashton is still the real captain of the soccer team but it's just that he can't play in tonight's game. Along with the other three idiots.

Wait? One of the idiots are gone? Where's Luke? Something hits be in the back of the head hard and my head crashes into the window.

I roll onto my back clutching my head. "OMG I'm sorry I didn't mean to throw it that hard! I was just playing but I threw it too hard!" Luke says while getting on his knees and putting my head in his lap. He is shirtless as well.

I still clutch onto my head like a baby but honestly I really don't care at this point. Luke takes my hands away from my head and rubs my temples carefully.

"What the hell!?" I grumble.

"I'm sorry I seen you and I threw it at you. I tried to throw it at your back but it went out of my hands a little to fast and hit you in the head." Luke quietly says. I look into his blue eyes.

He's telling the truth. I can see it in those beautiful eyes of his. "It's ok Luke"I say while patting his hand. He gives me a crooked smile.

"Achemm" we hear someone say. We both quickly stand up to a shirtless Ashton glaring at us with the rest of the team giggling behind him. "Do you mind?" Ashton growls.

Luke walks and joins the team then they walk back into the gym leaving by myself once again. After that little crusade all I really do is roam the halls once again.

*skip to sex ed*

Mr Dave is still stuck on the fact that he hates children. But that's ok cause we hate him to. He writes up on the board 'don't have babies'.

Well naw dur. If I wanted children I would already have some. Today's sex ed class was like one of the usual ones.

I can't focus on what the teacher is saying because all you can hear is the idiots in the back laughing at everything Mr Dave says.

The rest of the class period goes by fast and I swear I think I fell asleep at one point. As usual I get pushed to the back when to he bell rings. So I just let everyone clear out then slowly walk down the hall way.

I scruff my black combat boots on the down. I don't know why but I have 'uptown funk' stuck in my head. One of my favorites. I quickly fine myself tapping on my thighs to the beat.

I hate it when I randomly find myself doing that. It's because I know how to play the drums and guitar....sadly. It's sad because if Ashton knew I played the drums he would probably think I stole it from him.

But I didn't I've know how to play the drums before I even knew how to play the guitar. Not meaning to brag but that and gymnastics are like the only things I'm good at.

What's even worse is that one day I came home and found my dad in the back yard burning my guitar and drums. I don't know why they do these things. All I know is that that broke me even worse than I already was.

Anyways......I come to my locker and shove all my books in it. Then I make my way down to the soccer field.

"Coach!" I yell over the loud crowd and tap on Coach Jones shoulder. He quickly turns around and almost smacks me.

"Oh sweet heart I'm sorry. I'm just really frustrated without four of my star players being on the team and all" he says while biting down hard on his bottom lip.

"I was wondering where the water is?" I ask him. "Oh right there! Hey Ashton! Give her one of those!" He says pointing to ashton with the two water holders.

Ashton glares at me while he walks over to me and drops a holder into my arm. It's really heavy so I struggle walking behind him and carrying it at the same time.

We all sit on the bench watching the game. Luke sits beside me. I do have to say it's very entertaining watching Ashton go ballistic whenever they miss a goal. Even though he looks so sexy when he's angry.

All the players come to me to get the water. I don't know why they just do. I guess it's because in a girl. I don't know.

Most of them are really nice because when I give them a water they wink at me. I have no idea what triggers this but I like it.

It is now dark outside. I find it funny when Ashton throws a complete fit because we only won by one point. I trail quietly behind the team as they go back up to the school to shower.

When we go through the door all the boys take a right and I take a left to start on the girls locker room. It's actually really clean in here. Plus it doesn't smell like a regular locker room but it smells like flowers and perfume.

I take out a mop and mop the floor. I am done with that in about an hour. The boys must have gone home. I hope they did. I lock up the girls locker room then knock on the boys locker room.

No one answers so I walk right in and begin to mop. I hum a couple of random things I can think of. I hear some shuffling and I quickly look around. But before I can look at the door the light switch goes off.

I have a squeal and try lover the bucket full if water and land on the floor. I quickly crawl to the corner and grip on to something warm. I stand up still clinching into whatever this warm squishy thing is.

"Please turn the light back on" I mumble and snuggle my face into the thing I'm holding onto. I get no answer but the light turns back on blinding me.

I hear a couple of giggles and I look up to see that I am still gripping onto Ashton. I immediately let go and he grins at me. I turn around and look at the other three laughing their heads off. I begin to walk out the door but slip and fall into the water.

"Of course" I say standing up. I grab a bunch of towels and dry up the water. Talking about the most embarrassing moment of my life!

"Come on the locker room don't need cleaning" Ashton growls while dragging me out of the locker room. He locks up and we turn around to notice all the hallway lights are off.

"What the hell?! No! No! No!" Ashton says while running over to the door and trying to open it. They forgot about us!? They locked us in the school!

Ashton continues kicking and tugging at the door. "Stop your going to set the alarms off" I growl at him. He glares at me then rolls his eyes.

I just randomly walk off. I walk down the dark hallways trying to find the music room. I might as well do something while I'm stuck in the place. The moonlight shines through the windows revealing the door that says 'music'.

I open the door and go inside then shut it behind me. I turn the light on the walk over to all the instruments. I pick up and pair of drum sticks and run my fingers over the dusty drums.

I don't think the boys would be watching me? They are to busy trying to get out of the building. But honestly I really don't give a fuck if they know I can play or not. I'm just to that point now.

I start beating on the drums and a huge grin crawls across my face. "I've still got it" I mumble to my self and bite down on my tongue.

I just play the drums until I get tired. So after that I just pick up and guitar and start playing it. I climb up in the window seal and stare out the window. It is actually a really beautiful site. The moonlight hitting everything out side.

I finish messing with the guitar and toss it to the floor easily so it doesn't break.

"Come with me" the sound of Ashton's voice scared the shit out of me. I turn around and look at him walking towards me. The other three are no where to be seen.

"Where are we going?" I question. Without a word Ashton picks me up and throws me over his shoulder. He totes me back out the door and into a random dark class room. He sets me down and locks the door behind him.

I carefully take a few steps back scared to death of what he might do to me. He presses me up again the wall and comes so close his minty breath hits me in the face.

He stares into my eyes. If you would have asked me about five months ago what I would think if this happened and I would have probably started freaking out then saying I would absolutely love for that I happen. But now that we are here in the situation it's really scary.

"Why didn't you tell me you could play in instruments like that?" He says while pressing his body closer to mine. I just shrug and he bits his lip almost making me melt.

The moonlight on Ashton's skin just makes me want to grab his face and kiss it. Ashton presses his lips against my ear alarming chill bumps all over me.

"You know I can take your virginity away if you want?" Ashton seductively whisper into my ear. Who does he think he is just asking a question like that?

"Um no I'm saving it for someone special" I lie and while trying to push him away but he doesn't budge. "Is that me?" He is so eager!

Does it really hurt that bad not having sex for one night? I shake my head no. Ashton furrows his eye brows at me. "Luke" he growls.

"No" I say while finally pushing him out of my way. "Come on baby let me fuck you!" Ashton yells. I just walk over to the door and unlock it then walk out.

Right when I walk out I run right into Luke. "Hey!" He smiles. I just smile back and continue walking.

I keep walking until I come to the the gym. I can't remember the last time I actually entered the gym? I walk around examining all of the gymnastics equipment.

I pull of my shirt leaving me in a black tank top. Then I unlatch all my bracelets and toss them behind me. I run and jump doing a back flip continued by a bunch of back hand springs. In the middle of my last back hand spring I twirl in the air and land perfectly while doing a front hand spring.

I stop and take a deep breath then lay down on my back. I feel myself start to drift off to sleep. 'No stop! Don't go to sleep' I think to myself but it's to late.

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