That One Class

It's all started with that one ed.


21. 20

After that one ride Jayla was going insane. That first roller coaster was like a switch to her.

When we got off the first ride she literally drug me around me whole park just trying to get to every ride.

When we stopped for a drink and cotton candy I literally had to hold her down in her seat she was so hyper.

The way her pony tail flew around when she bobbed her head from side to side. A man took a picture of us while we were sitting on the bench.

I was laid back with my arms wrapped around Jayla. She was being her cute self and had cotton candy stuck all over her face.

I have never seen her smile so big. She still had the cotton candy stick in her hand and she looked like a little two year old.

She was so happy. Probably the happiest I've ever seen her. Especially since now she's got some meat on her bones.

I've been forcing her to eat so now she eats like a normal human being. I found out she loves candy more than her life.

Which is kinda odd but she's had it ruff. I wouldn't blame her. She not fat but she's not that little twig of pin needle she was when she wasn't eating.

She still skinny as a pencil but she actually looks really good. Like any other girls body would look.

Except hers was naturally like that. She just needed a little trust and that's what I gave her.

We stayed at the carnival for half the day then we went to go bowling and after that we went skating.

It was Jayla's first time ever bowling or skating for that matter. I taught her how to bowl and she taught me how to fall even deeper in love with just this one girl.

Jayla busted her butt a couple of time while skating so most of the time I was holding her up.

The other times she fell I would wait her catch her or end up going down with her. Her on top of me.

It didn't hurt. I mean her size and all is like lifting marshmallows on the end of a toothpick.

But now it's time for the real go getter. Well should I say go getterS.

We walk barefoot in the dark on the beach. The cold water hitting our feet. Jayla's soft small hand in my huge rough one.

It's amazing how perfectly they fit. "CRAB!" Jayla yells and try's to catch it but it runs away. She's done that quite a few times now.

Ever since this morning I have notice Jayla's been acting like a kid. But that's a really really good thing!

One thing I knew about Jayla is that she never had a real child hood. She never had a real family or mom or dad to look up to.

I did even though we might have been in some fight before but I do have a family to look up too. Ive finally come to realize that that's one advantage I have.

I could be in Jayla's position. Trust me I would trade lives with Jayla any day just to take all the pain off her shoulders.

That's just how much I love her. We come to an old pier that goes way out into the ocean. No lights no nothing.

Just complete black. "We're not going out on that thing are we?" Jayla looks up at me. "Yea why not?" I shrug.

I literally have to drag Jayla out onto the pier. "But it's dark and scary out here!" She whines.

"Welp you never know....a mutated zombie shark could eat you" I tease. "It's not funny Fletcher" he holds her finger up at me and I try to bite it.

We finally come to the end of the pier. Everything is so black all you can see is the lights from a pub that sits up on the beach a little ways up and all the London lights.

All you can hear is the steady roll of waves across the water. "Alright now what?" Jayla crooks he head to the side.

I pick her up and set her on the railing then jump up beside her. "We wait" I say wrapping my arms around her waist.

"For what?......the zombie shark?" She laughs. "No just shhhh" I say pecking her on the lips.

Before I could pull my head back Jayla kisses me again. We have a light make out session while we wait.

"WOOOHOOO" we hear Michael's voice boom from the beach. Before we could even snap or heads to look a bunch of fire works go off.

"Oh my God!" Jayla gasps while continuing watching the fireworks.

But I don't watch the fireworks. I watch the way Jayla's face lights up with every boom. The way the light from the firework sparkles in her eyes.

She stays zoned in on the fire works, not even noticing me staring at her. After a good twenty minutes the biggest firework goes off....the one I've been waiting for.

Jayla gasps and covers her mouths as it lights the sky in big words 'I love you Jayla'. I put my hand in my pocket to get the small box but it's not there.

Holy shit! It's not there. I start to panic but my three life savers come running down the pier.

Jayla keeps her eyes glued on the slowly fading firework. "You forgot this" Calum breaths while handing me the sliver box.

I help Jayla off the railing. "Ashton" Jayla mumbles through her hand. I crack open the box revealing the plain silver little ring.

"It's a promise ring" I smile and take it out. I show her the inside that has 'Jayla & Ashton forever' engraved in it.

I slip it on and before I could get a word out Jayla pounces on me. Her soft legs wrap around my wait while she glues her lips to mine.

"I love you so God damn much Ashton. Thank you" she whispers while using her thumb to trace my jawline.

"Achem....Ashton if you don't come on we are going to be late!" Luke mumbles through his teeth.

"Oh yea!" I say while setting Jayla down. "What?" Jayla looks up at me in curiosity.

"Shh just come on we have to hurry!" I say taking her hand. We run as fast as we can to the pub up on the beach.

We go in through the back door. "You guys be getting ready while I seat Jayla" I tell the boys. They all nod and I lead Jayla up to the front.

"Front row seat my love" I smile and set her down in front of the stage.

"Ash-" I cut her off by running back stage. " one minute until y'all go on!" the manager says while shooing us to get ready.

The pub is filled with people. I think out of all the pubs we have played this one has the most people. A little over three hundred or so maybe?

We run out on stage and everybody cheers. It's nice to se so many supportive people. I mean seriously we are not even a big band but every one still cheers us on.

Jayla's POV

I twist my promise ring on my finger until I finally see the boys come out on stage. This is awesome!

I watch Ashton get on his drums. His eyes stay on mine too. Calum gets on the bass while Michael and Luke get on their guitars.

Oh that's cool! Luke is lead singer! But Ashton...MY Ashton is the drummer.

They begin a really good song and everyone in the pub claps along with the beat.

I giggle at how Ashton makes the oddest faces while he's beating on his drums. It's so cute! They finish the song and the whole place roars with cheers and whistles.

I clap and smile. Ashton sees me and smiles. They play a couple more song. "So this one is a cover of teenage dream by Katy perry" Luke says through the mic.

Everyone once again cheers. They begin playing and I feel someone brush up beside me.

I turn around to see a fairly tall boy with brown hair and brown eyes. "What a great band!" He says looking down at me.

"Yea they really are!" I smile and clap. "So do you know them personally?" He asks.

"Umm yea the drummer is my boyfriend" I laugh. This dude has got something familiar about him.

He's British I know that much. But why does he seem so familiar? "Do you think you could take me to meet them after this?" He turns his face to where it is in full light.

I mentally hit myself when I recognize who he is. Yes, yes he is VERY familiar!

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