That One Class

It's all started with that one ed.


2. 2

I had a pretty good night last night. My parents weren't home so they couldn't hurt me either. I ended up walking in the rain to school this morning.

I walk slowly though the thin crowd of people in the hall ways. I get to my locker and of course out of all days, I have trouble opening it. I fiddle around with hit until something hard hits me in the shoulder making me spin around.

I stare at Jason while he pushes me up against the locker. "Why do you even come to school? You little emo freak! I hope you cut so deep you die!" He says while raring his hand back.

His fist comes so close to my cheek before he his stopped. I look over to where he is looking to see Luke stomping over to us.

Jason trembles out of his way as Luke gives him a death glare and low growl. Luke stands where Jason was once standing.

"Um hey I- i" Luke stutters scratching the back of his head. I peer over his shoulder to see Ashton glaring at us.

"This makes me sick" Ashton says shoving Luke away from me then dragging him down the hall. "What the hell?" I mumble and roll my eyes.

I turn around and shut my locker then run off to my first period class.

*skip to lunch*

First,second,third,and fourth period went by surprisingly fast. We had to dissect a frog in second. Probably the grossest thing I have ever touched. Then I took a beating from a bunch of cool kids in third.

So I guess you could say my day is going pretty well.

I sit in the corner of the lunch room where no one sits and no one ever looks over at me. Except today I can feel someone's eyes burning holes through me.

I slowly scan the room until I make eye contact with Ashton. He just sits there staring at me. Why would he be staring at me?

I break eye contact with Ashton and let my eyes keep roaming. My eyes comes to Luke who is has a giant smile on his face. I smile back then Luke's smile turns to a frown and he just shoots me a dirty glare.

That dude is bipolar or something. He always does that. He will be so sweet and then he will go back to that little poplar shitty attitude of his.

I turn back around but I can still feel Ashton burning holes through me. What's his problem? I haven't done anything to him.

*skip to sex ed class*

I sit quietly in my seat avoiding all the notes Luke keeps throwing at me. I think I at least have thirty unread notes laying on the ground beside me.

I feel another one hit me in the back of the head. With me and my temper I pick one up off the ground and chunk it at Luke. He ducks and it hits Ashton in the face.

Ashton's face turns red and he hits Luke in the back of the head. Also shoots me a dirty glare. The whole class goes quiet and Luke snickers.

"You think that's funny Hemmings?" Ashton growls standing up. Luke looks up at him. "Yea I do thinks it's pretty funny"

"You know what go fuck your self! We'll see if you think this is funny!" Ashton says taking a step back. "Luke Hemmings is really a virgin!" Ashton shouts.

"Right along side with Jayla!" He says sending me another glare.

I stand up and let my temper get the best of me another time. "Fuck you!" I yell at Ashton.

He seems taking back by my words then looks back down at Luke who is laughing his ass off. He grabs Luke by the hair and throws him to the ground.

And that is how that fight started.

They roll around fighting with Calum and Michael chanting "FIGHT" over and over again. The whole class silences when Mr Dave (who apparently had been standing in the corner of the room watch us the whole time) marches back there and stands in between the two.

"What the hell are y'all thinking? Are y'all really trying to make my life even more miserable? Ashton, Luke y'all are both suspended from playing tomorrow nights game" mr Dave yells.

"WHAT!? But I'm team captain!" Ashton whines.

"Well I guess that is just too bad isn't it?" Mr Dave stops and looks over at Calum and Michael who are snickering. "Same goes for you to! Michael and Calum!" He growls.

"All for of you will be serving for water boys at tomorrow's soccer game and after that you will clean the girls and the boys locker room!" He says then turns his attention to me.

"Same goes for you Jayla!" He shouts. I groan and collapse back in my seat.

The boys sit down and Mr Dave marches to the front. "I hate kids. And don't think I won't forget to tell your coach because I will have him make sure y'all are all there!"

I look up at the bell to see that this little mix up took the whole class period. The bell is about to ring so we all sit quietly and wait.

The bell rings and luckily I'm the first one out. I charge strait through the gates and walk home.

Why does Ashton have to overreact and get everyone in trouble? He's such an asshole! How could I possibly be so dumb as to like him!?

I'm such a retard! I kick a bunch of rocks while I walk. Life sucks.

I see that my parents are home. Oh great. I walk through the door just to immediately get smacked in the face by my dad.

"I swear you the worst kid I have ever had!" My dad yells at me. I'm the only kid he's ever had. I just ignore him and run up to my room. I go into my bathroom and lock the door behind me. I reach up in the top of the cabinet and get my cold shiny blade. I cut till I can't anymore.

My arms have scars all over them. I rinse my arms off and lay down in the floor. I hopelessly cry my self to sleep.

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