That One Class

It's all started with that one ed.


20. 19

I lay asleep with my cheek pressed against Ashton's smooth, bare chest.

I hear a knock on the door and ignore it. Ashton mumbles and rubs my arm.

He's so adorable when he sleep talks. Some more knocks come upon the door even louder.

"Mr Irwin please open the door" the principles voice muffles though the door.

"Ash" I say rubbing him on the chest gentle while placing soft kisses on his skin.

"Jay" he mumbles back while shifting his body. "The principles at the door" I mumble onto his skin.

Ashton keeps his eyes closed while speaking. "Umm I don't think we should come today Jayla is throwing up everywhere" Ashton's yells without even cracking his eye open.

"Oh ok" and then the principle walks away. "Nice save" I mumble and cuddle into Ashton's arm.

Ashton rolls over and hugs me tighter with his other arm. I feel him move the hair from the back of my neck and kiss it.

"I can't believe this. I'm such an asshole." He grumbles and digs his face into my back. "What are you talking about, Dr Insane" I giggle but

Ashton's tone stays dead serious.I feel his muscles tense against my body. "Ashton what's wrong?" I say in a much more softer tone.

Ashton starts shaking and sniffling. Is Ashton crying? Holy shit! What's wrong!?

I flip around to where I am now facing him. Ashton squeezes his eyes and mouth shut to try and keep his cries muffled.

I cup Ashton cheeks and wipe away his tears while I look into those beautiful hazel eyes of his.

"Please?" I whisper. "I-I-" Ashton looks at the ceiling and chews on his lip.

"I hurt you!" Ashton breaks down crying in my neck. "Ashton.....Ashton look at me" I hold his head up to where I can feel his hot breath on my face.

"If you had hurt me, I wouldn't be laying here in bed with you" I kiss him on the nose.

Ashton bites his quivering lip and rolls his eyes trying to get the tears to go away. I huff and roll over to where I'm on top of him.

"What am I going to have to do to make you believe me?" I ask while kissing his chin then making my way down to his neck.

I leave little love bites everywhere while he speaks. "Alright I guess you can let me take you on a real date tonight"

"Mm'k" I mumble on his skin. I finally find his sweet spot and kiss it.

"Ja-ja-Jayla" he slurs his words and I can't help but giggle. Ashton grabs me by the waist and rolls us over.

"Let's get ready and head out" he smiles. He gets up and goes to the bathroom. I stand up, trip and fall onto the floor. My whole body aches.

I stand back up and search for my clothes that have been thrown all over the room. Ah! There's one item! I find my bra hanging on the window blind.

Welp....I can just find the rest of my clothes later. I get some clothes out of my suitcase and head to the bathroom.

While Ashton is brushing his teeth I hop in the shower. After we get ready I get dressed in a peach baggy tank top with white jean shorts.

Ashton puts on his normal skinny jeans and his 'pugs not drugs' shirt. "Ready?" He says grabbing the room key. I look at him for a moment.

"Hold up one minute" I say going over to my suitcase. I pull out the red handkerchief I bought him the day we came to London.

It's just a plane red handkerchief but I thought he could use another one. He smiles and gets down on his knees while hugging my legs.

I giggle and tie it around his head. "There we go" I say messing his hair up. "Thanks babe" he says putting his arm around my waist.

"Ok so what are our plans?" I ask while we exit the hotel. "It's a surprise" he smirks.

"Oh God this isn't going to lead to sex again is it?" I joke and look up at him. Ashton expression turns serious but a small smile tugs at the corner of his lip.

"No" he says shaking his head. I kinda feel bad now. He knows he hurt me but I don't want him to know. I've got to do something.

"Well I loved the sex" I smile and spin around in front of him to where I am now walking backwards. I take his hands in mine.

"Really now?" He raises an eyebrow. "Mmm ya" I say pecking him on the lips before spinning back around to where I'm back beside him.

We walk quietly, enjoying just being in each other's arms. "Ice cream" Ashton says out of no where.

"What?" I ask him. "Let's get some ice cream" he says while pulling me over to an ice cream cart.

Ashton gets a chocolate Ice cream cone while I get a vanilla one. "Get on my back" he says while licking his lips.

"Why?" I laugh. "Just do it" he groans but you can hear the smile in his voice.

In front of everybody I hop on Ashton back. "So now what?" I ask while stealing a lick from his ice cream. "Hey!" Ashton stops in his tracks and moves his head to where he can look at me.

"Excuse you" he laughs while shoving his ice cream in my face. "Ashton!" I scream and drop my ice cream. He spins me around his body to where I'm now in front of him.

"Now who's going to lick the ice cream?" He smirks and without a warning he licks my cheek.

"Ashton! We are in public!" I screech. "Who cares" he shrugs while pecking me on the lips.

I wipe the rest of the ice cream off my face while he sets me down. I follow closely behind him while he mumbles into his phone.

I wander who he's talking to? Probably one of the boys. "Here we are!" Ashton smiles while stopping in front of the carnival.

"Awww this should be fun!" I laugh and wrap my arms around Ashton's waist. When we get in the first thing Ashton does is run towards the biggest roller coaster in the park.

We get in line and Ashton is literally bouncing in his shoes. The only reason I am riding this dam thing is because Ashton wants to.

I hate roller coasters they are scary! "Why do your eyes do that?" Ashton snaps me out of my own little world. "What?" I ask him.

"Your eyes change colors depending on what you are feeling. I've been noticing that. I noticed it last night and right now too" Ashton cups my cheeks and runs his thumb over my cheek.

"Psshhh I'm not scared and I wasn't last night either" I rolls my eyes. "That's not what your eyes are saying. You were scared shitless of me last night. Don't think I didn't notice it Jayla. I think I'm going to know when someone is scared of me" Ashton's expresses turns serious.

No Ashton can't know. I can't think strait. Why does he always have to bring stuff up at the wrong eat moments?

Before I could speak I crash into Ashton. His long arms reach around me and hug me tight. "Let's not talk about this right now ok?" I whine and squeeze him.

"Alright fine but later we have to" I can tell Ashton has got something on his mind.

Ashton's POV

I really needed to talk to her after this. But I honestly don't want to ruin the moment.

She was so adorable with her little tank top and her blonde curly hair pulled up in a high pony tail.

The way he blue eyes changed color when she saw the roll or coaster. But that didn't terrify her as much as I did last night.

I hate knowing I'm the cause of this so I want her to know I love her and she will always be mine.

"Awe my baby is scared of roller coasters" I pout. She puts her chin on my chest and looks up at me. "Yez" she mumbles.

"Come on ill protect you" I smile and hold her tight while we get get in the car. I feel her small heart beat rise when it start moving.

When we get in the open I swear she almost jumps out of the damn cart. "Ashton! I don't wanna die!!" She yells and buries her face in my chest.

"Hey hey it's ok we are not going to die" I can't help but laugh at how fucking cute she is. After a couple minutes of her damn claws digging in to my skin and my having to suck it up she finally realizes it's fun as hell.

But tonight I think is really going to get her heart twenty million more time. This is just stalling until Calum and the boys get everything ready.

While Jayla was asleep the other night I got on her phone (of course I'm like the only person that is actually aloud to get on her phone).

I noticed she had been looking up my band a lot. So that's a little hint on what's happening tonight. Wink wink.

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