That One Class

It's all started with that one ed.


19. 18

I roll over in bed and fall straight in the floor. I jolt awake and sit up.

"Woah are you ok?" Luke rolls over in his bed to look at me. "Yea I'm fine" I say getting up and setting on the bed.

What am I doing in Luke's room? "Soo um what am I doing in here?" I ask him.

Luke fluffs his pillow and lays his head down but to where he can still see me.

"Well long story kinda short. You fell asleep at the bar last night so I carried you back home along with the other three drunken idiots. I put you in your bed and came in here. I got about an hour in before I started I hearing weird noises from your room. I went to check on you and found Michael and Ashton dancing around you saying that you were the mushroom princess and you had to be sacrificed to the dark llama lord"

"Calum was asleep in the floor too so I just decided you being you in here" he adds. I giggle and roll my eyes at the story.

"Thanks Luke. I'm going to check on Ashton" I tell him before walking out the door. Well that was awkward.

I walk in my room to see Ashton shuffling on top of the bed. "Jayla! Oh God I thought I killed you last night" Ashton's let's out a breath of relief.

"No babe I'm still here" I laugh and sit down next to him. "What time is it?" He asks while rubbing my arm.

"Like 1:30" I say looking at the clock. "Oh shit" Ashton face palms himself.

He removes his hand and looks up at me. "I love you so much" he says while grabbing me by the waist and pulling me down beside him.

"I love you too" I breath and kiss his jawline. We hear a knock on the door. "Miss White we will be leaving in two hours to go to the museum and after that we are going to watch a movie in the park" the principle says.

"Ok" I call out. "Ugh I've got to go get ready" Ashton grumbles and gets up.


*Skip going to the museum*


We are now on the bus going to the park. "But-ugh" Ashton whines and throws his head back.

"What stupid movie are we being forced to watch?"he asks Calum. "Umm gone with the wind I think" Calum rubs his head.

Ashton groans and hits the back of his head on the bus seat again. He turns his attention to me and smirks. "No" I say in a monotone voice.

"Buuuuttttttttt pleaaaasssseeeeee " he pokes his bottom lip out. "No Ashton I'm going to have thirty freakin minutes of piece!" I lightly punch him in the arm.

"K" he says shortly and looks in front of him. Now what does he have up his sleeve?

We arrive at the park and there are blankets laying on the ground everywhere. Of course Ashton had to choose the only one in the very back.

We both sit down criss cross and the first thing Ashton does is dig his face in my neck.

I giggle at the feeling of his lips on pressing against my neck lightly. I let him continue while I watch the movie.

It's old but really good. We go a complete thirty minutes with Ashton being quiet but also chewing on my neck.

Out of no where Ashton stands up and holds his hand out. "What?" I whisper.

"It's been thirty minutes" he says takin ahold of my hand. "Ashtonnnn" I whine. I did say that but I was meaning the whole movie.

Me and Ashton walk all the way back to the hotel and up to our room. Well it was more like he was dragging me.

"Why are we coming back so early?" I ask walking through the door. Without an answer Ashton quickly grabs me up and pushes me up against the wall making me wrap my legs around his waist.

Ashton roughly presses his lips against mine. Ashton's tongue brushes the bottom of my lip asking for entrance. I gladly let him in.

Ashton's tongue adventures my mouth while he walks us over to the bed and lays me down. He deepens the kiss making my head burry inside the bed.

Ashton breaks the kiss to yank my shirt off while I push his jacket off. Before he could reconnect our lips I tug on his shirt.

He pulls it off and chunks it over his head. He puts his lips on my neck and chews. While he's doing that I unbuckle my jeans and he slides them off while brushing his long fingers down my skin.

I pull him back down and connect our lips. One of my arms his thrown around his neck while the other one plays with the button on his jeans.

I snap them open triggering something in Ashton. Ashton's eyes go wide and he removes himself from on top of me. I watch as he stumbles back and presses his back against the wall and slides down to the floor with his head in hands.

"Ash what's wrong?" I ask propping myself up on my elbows. "What am I doing?" He says tugging on his hair.

"Ashton babe what's up?" I ask getting up and aquatic down in front of him. I rub his arm lightly.

"I can't take your virginity. I'm not going to hurt you like that!" He says looking up at me and cupping my cheeks.

"I want you to Ashton. If I want you to it's not going to be your fault" I say brushing the bottom of his lip with my thumb.

"I won't hurt you Jay" he hangs his head. I stand up and lead him back over to the bed. I lay him down and and straddle him.

I kiss his neck leaving little love bites everywhere. I finally find his sweet spot and chew a little bit. Ashton moans out.

"Ja-Jayla" he breaths. "God I love you" he says kicking off his pants and rolling us back over.

He kisses the corner of my lips down to my jawline. Then my neck and then to my breasts.

His hands linger to my back and unlatches my bra. He pulls it off and places light kiss on my breasts. He keeps kissing down until he reaches the line of my panties.

"No I won't do it" he mumbles and sits back with one leg folded in the other one out. "Fine don't do it then I never trusted you anyways" I roll my eyes and smirk.

I know this one will get him. "What! Uh! I thought you trusted me!" He says literally pouncing on top of me.

I just look at the ceiling and shrug. "Jay do you trust me?" His voice is low and husky. I bite my lip to keep from laughing.

Ashton looks in my eyes as if he's looking for some kinda answer. "Your so bipolar" I laugh.

"Ugh trust me I do want to have sex with you I mean seriously. I haven't had sex in four months and it's all for you but I just can't hurt you like that. I don't want to hurt you and then you will never love me again"

I look at Ashton as if he's insane. "Your. Not. Going. To. Hurt. Me." I kiss him on the lips. Ashton runs his hands up and down my body.

He hooks a finger around the waist of my panties and slowly slides them off. Ashton hesitates for a moment but starts kissing my stomach again.

He moves down to my sensitive spot. Don't get me wrong this is scary as fuck so I just lay there stuff as a bored with my legs closed.

"Love, open your legs" his hot breath on my skin feels so good. I does as he says and open my legs.

He kisses the inside of my legs then moved his way to the spot I've been needing Ashton the most. "Your so beautiful" he mumbles.

He kisses and sucks at my slit. I squeal when he enters his tongue. "Ashton" I breath. After a couple of more minutes Ashton gets back on his knees and rubs my slit with two fingers.

He kisses my lips while he inserts two fingers. It hurts like hell when he slowly pumps them in and out.

"Ash" I breath as he adds another finger. "Shhh" he says through my lips. He pull his fingers out and pulls his boxers off letting his boner fly free. He positions himself at my entrance.

He looks at me worried and I nod giving him approval. He starts moving but right before he enters he gasps. He rolls off the bed and into the floor.

"I forgot to get a condom" he says grabbing one from his suitcase. "Oh God thanks for remembering. The last thing we need is baby Ashton walking around" I giggle.

"Your so fucking adorable" he coos and repositions himself. "Jay are you sure about this? I don't want to hurt you but your being a little stubborn asshole"

"Ashton" I roll my eyes. Ashton inserts himself and I gasp grabbing the bed. After a little while Ashton starts going faster.

I watch the way the sweat rolls down his forehead. The way he grunts with each movement.


I lay beside a sleeping Ashton with my cheek pressed against his bare chest. Well I think he's asleep.

Ashton was right when he said he could hurt me. I hate to admit it but he was truly right.

I'm not going to tell him was right because I will always love Ashton no matter how much he hurts me.

I don't think I'm going to d able to walk for another week or five.

Ashton's POV

Jayla lays asleep on my chest. Hurting Jayla had always been my worst fear.

And I did it.....I hurt her and bad. "I hurt you Jayla" I whisper and rub her arm.

"Ash?" She whispers back. I keep quiet because I'm afraid if I talk any more I will burst. After a couple of minutes I start hearing light snores coming from Jayla.

Haha I guess sex must really tire her out.

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