That One Class

It's all started with that one ed.


17. 17

"Hey Jayla baby wake up come look" I hear a soft voice say.

"Hmm?" I mumble. "Come look" I feel Ashton grab my arms and try to pull me out of bed.

"Ashton what do you want. The suns not even up!" I whine. "Exactly"

I open my eyes and let Ashton drag me out onto our balcony. "Let's watch the sun rise" he whispers in my ear.

I rub my eyes and walk over to the railing of the balcony. I feel Ashton wrap his arms around me from behind and set his chin down on my shoulder.

"Beautiful isn't it?" I keep my voice low because who else in the history of humans would be up at this time?

"Like you" I giggle at Ashton's comment while he kisses my neck. "Do realize we are like the only people up at this time?" I huff.

"No were not Michael's up" Ashton spins me around and I swear I almost jump of the balcony when I see Michael sitting in a chair on our balcony with a beer in his hand.

"Hi to you too" he smirks. "God you scared me!" I try to put my hand on Ashton's thigh but poorly miss.

"Well someone's kinky" he laughs. I'm not in the mood for this right now. Well in other words I'm not a morning person.

I pull away from Ashton and go inside. "What's wrong babe?" Ashton whines while running after me.

"I'm not in the mood ash" I pick up my clothes and go into the bathroom. Only for Ashton to come in with me.

"I'm sorry it's just I'm in a really good mood and I like to mess around with my sexy girlfriend" he smirks."Ashton!"

"Alright im sorry" he rolls his eyes while sitting down on the toilet lid.

"Can you get at least until I take a shower?" I beg Ashton. "On second thought let's take one together"

"No let's not" I smile and with that Ashton gets up and walks out of the bathroom. *skip getting ready*

I walk out of the bathroom to find no one is in our room. I walk out the door to see the four boys in deep conversation. I don't want to interrupt so I keep walking until I get into the elevator.

As the door is closing a hand stops it. "where do you think your going?" Ashton smiles while the four of them get in the elevator.

I giggle and push Ashton up again the elevator railing. "I'm going somewhere where all there is, is totally hot dudes" I bite my lip.

"Oh are we now?" Ashton raises and eye brow. He leans down and gently presses his lips against mine.

"There's ma girl" he says kissing my nose. Michael whistles while Calum laughs his head off but Luke stays in the corner with his head down.

We get out of the hotel and onto a bus. "Oh My God I wanna sit at the top! " I yell while pulling Ashton up to the very top of the bus.

We are on one of those busses where the top has no roof. We all listen closely to our tour guide. "Today we will be going to the Palace of Westminster and Big Ben." He says.


*skip to after sight seeing*


"I'm starvvvviiiiinnggggggggg!" Ashton whines to our principle. "We just come from macdonalds five minutes ago" the principle tells Ashton.

Seeing the Palace of Westminster and Big Ben was fun today. But now we are back on the bus heading back to the hotel.

Ashton was clearly bored the whole time because he was clinging to me everywhere we went.

He rolls over in his seat and lays his head in my lap. "Let's sneak out and get some beer tonight" he muffles through my leg.

"Whatever makes you happy ash" I know he's had a long day being bored and all. Ashton squeezes my leg and I rub his back.

"Ashton stop being a big baby and get off your girlfriend" Calum laughs. "Screw off" Ashton scoffs.

Calum giggles and turns back around in his seat. We arrive back at the hotel and the next thing I know I'm being pushes into Michaels room.

"Y'all ready?" Ashton asks while placing his hand on my shoulder. Michael gives a small yep and we're back out side of the hotel.

*skip to bar* "no thanks ash I don't feel like drinking" I tell Ashton while shoving the beer back in front of him.

"Come on Jayla just live a little" Ashton begs. We have been in this same situation for the last thirty minutes.

"No Ashton some one has to get y'all's drunk asses back home" I give him a death glare. "Fine then mrs iriwn!" And with that Ashton falls out of his chair.

Like I said they get this drunk and we haven't even been here thirty minutes.

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