That One Class

It's all started with that one ed.


16. 16

"Are you fucking kidding? I love those kinda things!" I yell and squeeze Ashton hand.

Without warning he cups my face and smashes our lips together. I get this odd feeling that everybody is staring at us but I shrug it off.

"I love you so much! It's just urg! So hard to explain! Yes I've had a lot of girlfriends and stuff but you your different! I actually love and want to be with you. You help me get through everything. You support me with everything and I don't know how I will ever repay you!" Ashton's eyes get watery.

This is the first time I've seen the real Ashton. He isn't who most people think he is. Most people think he's one of those bad boys who never does anything their told.

One of those boys that has sex then dumps the girl the next day but no Ashton's not really like that.

Ashton so much more than that. He's sweet and caring. And has the most adorable soft side I have ever seen.

I give him a warm smile and lay my head on his shoulder. "I love you too" I smile. I can feel Ashton warm lips on my forehead.

Damn it's already getting dark. Me and Ashton get off the couch and start walking back to the hotel hand in hand. We walk slowly while chatting about his band.

So apparently he's the drummer from a YouTube famous band. I carefully watch Ashton as he gushes about his band.

I admire how much he loves talking about them. It's like he can't stop smiling at the thought.

"What's wrong?" Ashton asks interrupting my thoughts. "Nothing why?" I look up at Ashton.

"Why are you squeezing my hand like you just got chased by a freakin murderer?" Ashton raises and eye brow.

"Sorry I didn't mean to" I look down at my feet. "Hey....don't be sorry" Ashton softly whispers while nudging me with his elbow.

I give him a soft smile and Ashton looks at me with concerned. Without any warning Ashton puts his hands under my arms and picks me up to the air.

He spins us in circles while he holds me high up. I burst into laughter when he digs his face into my stomach and blows like you do to a child when it's a baby.

It still amazes me how Ashton is so strong. "ASHTON STOP EVERYONE IS STARING!" I tried to make a serious voice but Ashton is being so ridiculous I can't.

Ashton finally sets me down and I look up at him with a pouty face then cross my arms. "You mad?" Ashton says in a gay tone while flicking his hand and striking a pose.

"Uh yea" I joke. "Wheteva gurl" he says once again in his gay tone. He pushes me in the shoulder making me move. I watch as he walks like he's gay right past me, striking yet another pose with each step.

But I know Ashton too well. He's just messing. So I'm going to play along. "Oh no my Prince Charming is running away from me!" I practically yell.

I run and jump onto Ashton's back. Once I'm nicely settled on his back he shifts his head where he can look at me. "Well hiya there" he smirks.

"Oh my God I love you" I say and kiss the back of his neck. We walk back to the hotel and back up to our floor. Everything's really quiet and everybody's asleep. least that's what I thought.

As I am watching Ashton attempt to get our door open, I hear another crack open. Before I could turn around and look I feel two arm hands grab my arms and yank me into a dark room.

I watch as the door shuts back and a small light flicks on. I sit in the floor staring at Michael, Calum, and Luke. Michael puts is finger over his mouth as a sign to be quiet and I nod.

The lights flick back off and we all sit giggling at an over reacting Ashton. "OMG OPEN THIS FUCKING DOOD! YOU CANT STILL MY GIRLFRIEND! WHO EVER THE FUCK YOU ARE! YOU BETTER GIVE JAYLA BACK TO ME!"

Ashton continues yelling while hitting and kicking at the door. I know this is being mean to Ashton but it is pretty funny. Well some of the stuff he says is funny.


That.....stuff like that is funny as hell. Everything goes quiet. "Jayla?" Ashton says barley audible. "LUKE IM GOING TO FUCKING MURDER YOU!"

I feel Luke shift uncomfortably beside me. "Alright guys this is going to far" I say but Michael puts his hand over my mouth.

No! I'm not going to do this to Ashton. I'm not going to let these three boys screw things up.

I reach up and kick the door knob making it open. The next thing I know Ashton marches in and flicks on the light.

As soon as he sees Luke he makes a b line towards him. "Ashton stop it wasn't him" I jump to my feet and wrap my arms around Ashton's waist from the back.

"Yes it was!" He growls. "No it wasn't it was the other two!" I run around to the front of Ashton push him up against the wall.

Ashton let's out a huff and rolls his eyes. "God you scared me" he wraps one of his arms around my head and pulls me into his chest.

"Y'all are idiots" Ashton groans. I let out a sigh of relief. "We're all idiots" I smile.

"Come on let's go" Ashton takes my hand and leads us to our room. I walk over to my bed and collapse on it.

I feel the bed bend and I look over to see the only other person in the room. "What are you doing? You have your own nice comfy bed" I ask Ashton.

Ashton lays his head on my stomach while wrapping his arms around my waist. "It's never a nice comfy bed without you" he pouts.

I let out a small giggle and rub Ashton's head by running my fingers through his messy hair. "Oh my God that feels good" he breaths.

He throws the covers over us and we stay quiet. Ashton's arms stay wrapped around me and his head still lay on my stomach. While I keep my fingers in his hair.

This is my Ashton. I love my Ashton. I start hearing soft snores and then Ashton digs his face more into my stomach while squeezing me even tighter. I continue to rub Ashton head until I fall asleep.

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