That One Class

It's all started with that one ed.


15. 15

"No! I said I'm carrying it!" Ashton yells while yanking my suit case away from me.

"No your not! It's my suit case I can carry it myself!" I yell while yanking it back.

"Too bad! I'm carrying it!" He yells back and snatches it away from me. This time he holds it above his head to where I can't reach it.

"Gimme!" I jump and try to get the bag. "Can you two children just put it in the car!" Mrs Irwin shouts while getting in the drivers seat.

Ashton sticks his tongue out at me and I roll my eyes. He puts the suitcase in the trunk then gets in.

Mrs Irwin starts the car and were off for the airport. "Ok you guys! You know the rules. While your in London no drinking. No smoking. No being violent. And most importantly NO SEX" she has told us that same thing at least thirty times now.

"Mooooooomm" Ashton groans and slides down into his seat. We finally arrive to the airport and we get out.

When we walk in we see all of our grade standing in a huddle, chatting their heads off. Calum, Luke, and Michael all come over to us as we listen to the principal speak.

Ashton holds my hand as we all begin to walk to our plane. As soon as I see the plane I nearly die.

"Oh My God Ashton! What if we crash and die? I can't do this! Were all going to die!" I clench onto Ashton and dig my face into his chest.

"Awe my baby has a fear of planes? Come here ill make it better" he says squeezing me. Ashton turns me around and covers my eyes, carefully guiding my way up the stairs. Just in case I have a full on panic attack and end up hurting myself.

Before I knew it I'm sitting in a squishy chair away from the window. Ashton's arms stay around me the whole flight. It's like no matter what happens Ashton will always be there for me. Shielding me from all the bad things in the world.

"I love you" I hear Ashton whisper. I lift my head up and put my chin on his shoulder. "I love you too" I whisper back. Ashton shifts his head to where he can look at me.

He slowly and softly presses his lips against mine. My kiss is sweet and easy. Until of course Ashton has to bite my bottom lip.

"Your so unbelievable" I roll my eyes. I lift my head up and kiss his nose then I put it back down on his shoulder.

"I know" he chuckles and kisses my forehead. "I want food. I'm starving" Ashton throws his head back while rubbing his belly.

"We will get food when we get to London" Ashton rolls his head back to look at me. "We still have like ten hours until we get to London" he gripes.

"5 minutes till we touch down in London!" The principal as voice booms over the airplane.

I let out a loud laugh. "So odd how time flys by" I chuckle. Ashton rolls his eyes and smiles.

We get off the plane and into cabs. I have to listen to Ashton yell at every hotdog man we pass.

We pull up at the nicest and tallest looking hotel in London. We go inside and admire it's beauty.

It's got chandeliers and red velvet carpet. "Fancy" Ashton says throwing his arm around me. "Yea it is." I reply kissing him on his jaw line since he's to tall.

Luke, Calum, and Michael all make their way over to us. "Hey mates-"Calum's interrupted when a hand taps on his shoulder. We all turn around to see three girls standing there.

"Um ya we don't like y'all so we are going to be spending this week in our friends room. Enjoy a room to y'all's selves" the black haired girl growls then all three of them walk away.

"Yes!" Michael burst and high fives Ashton. Hmm? I wonder if Ashton wants a room to himself.

"Ashton do you want me to leave where you can have a room to yourself?" I ask while looking at him with concern.

Ashton looks down with wide eyes as if he's amazed I even said that. He shakes me roughly while his arm. "Hell no! I want to stay in a room with you this week! If I wouldn't have wanted to I wouldn't have changed the principles papers!" Ashton smirks.

"Papers?" I ask. "Yea....your were originally meant to be with Michael" we look up at Michael who's mouth is dropped to the floor.

"Come on mate! I would have loved to stay with HER a week!" Michael growls. "Get over it!" Ashton flicks his wrist. I roll my eyes and bite my lip thinking about how bad ass Ashton is.

"Come on let's go get our rooms" Calum says pushing us over to the counter. We tell the cashier our names and she tells us our room number.

Apparently we all have rooms on the top floor. We ride in the elevator up to our hallway. Michael and Calum take off running full speed down the hallway. "Get on" Ashton says squaring down.

"What no! Why?" I ask him. But he backs into my legs making me fall into him. Once I'm properly on his back he takes off running down the hall.

I turn my head to see Luke slowly walking with his head down. Poor boy. Ashton opens our door and we go in. He picks me up and throws me on the bed.

Ashton kicks off his shoes and literally collapses on top of me. "Oh come on ash! Your squishing me." I whine. Ashton smirks and grabs my butt making me squeal.

"Squishy squishy squishy" he laughs while squeezing it. I giggle as he forcefully digs his face into my neck. He begins kissing and bitting on it.

"No Ashton! Let's go enjoy some of the scenery!" I laugh. "I already am" he says in a quiet voice. I put on a pouty face and he looks up at me.

"Awwww your so fucking adorable!" He says wrapping his arms around my waist and rolling us over to where im on top of him.

He literally is squeezing the damn life out of me. So I reach up and yank his bandana off his head. I stand up and run to the other side of the room while tying it around my head.

Ashton stands up and runs after me. He try's to grab me but I jump on top if the beds and run into the bathroom.

"WOOHAHA YOUR CORNERED!" Ashton points out while walking towards me with his arms open like he's playing with a two year old.

I stand on top of the toilet and jump into his arms. He holds me up with one arm while the other one rubs my leg. "As I said...adorable" he smirks and presses his lips against mine.

Ashton carefully sets me down when someone knocks on the door. I watch as he opens it revealing the principle.

"Mr Irwin I came to tell you we will not be doing anything so you and Miss White can roam the city" Ashton nods and shuts the door.

"Let's go!" Ashton's doesn't even hesitate to grab my hand and run out the door.

We run down the side walk hand in hand getting weird looks from everybody. But we don't care. We stop to get hotdogs and then were back walking.

"Hey look!" Ashton points to a white Persian horse pulling a beautiful carriage.

He pays the driver and we get in the carriage. Ashton wraps his arms around me and kisses my cheek. "Perfect" he smiles.

"You two are just the cutest thing" the driver smiles. I smile at Ashton. "Thanks" Ashton laughs.

"So where do you wanna go to? And hey by the way you look a lot like that you tube famous drummer from that band....dang it! What's the name?" The driver gushes.

"5 seconds of summer...yea" Ashton replays and I almost choke. "You've got a band?!" I ask and the driver looks at me like I've gone crazy.

"Oh boy! Haven't told your girl yet?" The driver looks at Ashton with lazy eyes. "Why didn't you tell me you were in a band?" I cross my arms.

"I don't know. I just didn't." Ashton's head drops. "Well whose all in it?" I ask.

"Calum, Michael, and Luke" he raises an eye brow. I wait a few seconds before responding. "THATS SO FUCKING COOL!" I wrap my arms around Ashton and squeeze him tight.

"What? Your not mad?" He looks at me confused. "Why would I be mad?" I peck Ashton on the lips.

He shrugs. "I didn't know you liked those kinda things" my mouth drops open. I love music! Music and Ashton are my life.


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