That One Class

It's all started with that one ed.


14. 14

I jolt awake when I feel a sudden urge to throw up. I push Ashton off of me and run to the bathroom.

I sit down by the toilet and vomit my heart out. This is so fucking disgusting. What happened last night?

I knew I was at a party but damn how many beers did I drink?

I feel my hair move out of my way. I shift my eyes over to see Ashton sitting down beside me holding my hair out of the way.

"What happened last night?" I breath. Ashton's looks down as if he's disappointed. "You don't remember anything?" He asks.

"Mm no" I lay my head down on the toilet seat. "Oh....well you drank a bunch of beers and got drunk. So I carried you up here and you went to sleep" Ashton pauses.

"Are you sure you don't remember anything? You don't remember me telling you anything?" Ashton's raises an eye brow.

"Well yea I kinda do I guess....I also remember Luke cheating on me......but that was just a dream wasn't it?" I ask Ashton.

I watch as he tugs at the leg of his skinny jeans. "No Jayla that wasn't a dream" Ashton's voice echoes in my head.

Now I remember everything. From Luke cheating to Ashton telling me he's loves me. From me practically begging Ashton to have sex with me.

Luckily Ashton has some sense. "You you really meant it when you said you loved me?" I tease Ashton and run my fingers through my hair.

He grins and rolls his eyes. "Maybe" he flashes his perfect white teeth. "Awww Ashton loves me!" I poke him in the shoulder.

"So your not upset Luke cheated on you?" I stop everything. How could Luke do this to me? "I'm not going to cry for an asshole" I demand my tears to stay away.

"That's the spirit" Ashton runs his hand in circles on my back. "Another question" I say sitting up strait.

Ashton's nods to go on. "Why wouldn't you have sex with me last night? I thought sex was your type of thing?"

"Jayla you were practically giving yourself to me. I couldn't take advantage of you" he huffs.

"That's what I wanted you to do...take advantage of me" I say. "No I didn't wanna hurt you" he he let's his head flip to the side.

"You could never hurt me Ash" I say. "That's what you think....I become to over whelmed. I become forceful. I didn't want to push you to your limits and then you end up getting hurt. I'm just not going to do that......I mean seriously I could have accidentally broke your neck last night when I broke the door" Ashton's eyes stay fixed on the ceiling.

"You saw how I broke the door" he mumbles. "Yea and I also saw the way you looked at me when you seen the cuts. The way you told me you loved me...." I nudge Ashton.

"Don't give me that bullshit Jayla. I'm still a terrible person" we hits hit thigh.

"Stop it!" I growl. "Stop doing this to your self. Your being like me" Ashton darts his eyes to look at mine.

"Why are you so stubborn?" He asks. "Why are you so stubborn?" I mock him. "Here's a towel get a shower" he laughs while tossing me a towel.

Right before he walks out the door he stops. "Or ya know we could get one together. Save water" he smirks. I can't believe in about to say this....

"Sure but no sex....just shower" Ashton puts on a pouty face. "Im going to get our clothes" he says shutting the door behind him.

I take the time he is gone to brush my teeth and take off my shoes. "Can you unzip this?" I ask ask when he walks back in. He smiles and unzips my dress while trailing his fingers down my back.

I let my dress slide off and I can feel Ashton's eyes on me. I step in the shower and pull the curtain shut. I take off my bra and panties and throw them out onto the floor.

I turn the water on hot but it shoots out cold water. "Shit!" I pipe and jump back only to run into something soft and squishy. I turn around to see a fully naked Ashton grinning at me.

"What? Haven't you ever seen a naked girl before?" I giggle and step back into the water. Chill bumps go off everywhere when the hot water hits my skin.

"I'll have you know I haven't had sex in three months!" Ashton holds up three fingers and shoves them in my face. "Well that's your problem...not mine" I smirk and turn around letting the hot water hit my face.

"Yes it is" Ashton's arms wrap around me. "How's that my problem" I ask while Ashton kisses my neck. "Because you've got me so tied up I haven't been able to think strait." I feel Ashton get hard against my back side.

I spin around in his arms and kiss his lips. "Ok so let me get this right. You wouldn't have sex with me last night but now you will" Ashton pokes out his bottom lip and nodes his head.

"I don't think so" I flick him on the nose. He pulls on me harder and squishes me against his body. I press my hands against his abdomen to try and push him away but my hand slips because of the water and I accidentally touch his penis.

"Ha!" Ashton practically yells. "I knew you wanted it!" He smiles. "No I don't! It was an acc-" Ashton it interrupts me. "Too bad! It's time to bathe up!" And with that he pour a giant cup of water on my face.

"Ugh your such a kid!" I laugh. Ashton spins me back around and puts some soap in my hair. "Damn your hairs soft" you can hear the grin in his voice.

I chuckle and finish taking a shower. It feels good to be clean. I step out and dry off with my towel. "Sexy" I hear Ashton mumble.

I wrap the towel around me and roll my eyes. I pick up the pair of clothes Ashton laid out from me. I put on my bra and panties and slip Ashton's shirt on.

"Where's my pants?" I ask him. He looks at me in confusion while drying his neck off. "My pants.... Ya know....they cover my butt" I point out.

Ashton snaps back into reality. "Oh yea here's some of my joggers." He hands me a pair of black jogging pants. I slip them on and tie them up where they can't fall.

I pull my hair up in a messy bun and watch Ashton shake his hair out paying no attention to me. His dirty curls fly around everywhere.

"What?" He waves his hand around in front of my face. "Nothing" I shrug. "Let's go get something to eat" he says taking my hand and leading us down the stairs.

When we get outside I take my bun down to shake out my hair. I hate using a blow dryer so I just let the sun dry it. We get In The car and Ashton cranks it up.

"I'm so ready for the field trip" Ashton begins. "Me too" I smile. "Where are we eating?" I add. "We are eating..." Ashton loses his words.

"Nando's!" He smiles at the words. He's so adorable! We ride all the way I Nando's hand in hand. We get a booth farthest in the back.

We sit there for a few minutes just staring at each other. "So are we like dating?" I ask him. Ashton looks up and the ceiling then back down to me.

"I don't know. Would you like to be my girlfriend?" Ashton keeps a strait face. I lean against the table and raise an eye brow.

"Nope" I say popping the p. But of course im joking. I knew Ashton would say something but I didn't expect him to throw a full on tantrum.

Ashton throws his hands in the air and then hits them against the table. "I- BUT- THOUGHT- WE- KISS- SHOWER- WHAT?!" Ashton flares in frustration.

"Ashton I'm joking" I says. Ashton settles back in his chair and furrows his eye brows. "Don't do that! I honesty think you have me a heart attack!" Ashton growls but soon chuckles.

The waiter brings our two hamburgers that Ashton ordered. Apparently I'm eating or we aren't leaving. So Ashton says.

We munch down on our food while talking about random times. I finish my food and hear a few sniffles behind me. I shift my eyes back to Ashton who's looking even more pissed when I told him nope.

"What's wrong?" I ask, Ignoring the sniffles behind me. Ashton doesn't hear me because his eyes are fixed on something behind me.

I turn around and almost go into shock when see luke standing about two tables away from us. He clenches on to the back of a chair to keep falling. He trembles and has tears streaming down his cheeks.

He stares right at me not saying a word. He bites his lips to keep from screaming out. Everybody in the place is staring at him. You've honestly got to feel bad for the poor soul and the shape he's in.

Luke stumbles his way over to me while I swing my legs around to where they hang over the edge of the booth. I watch as Luke collapses on his knees and digs his face into my lap while he hugs my legs.

He continues to cry into my lap while everybody's eyes STAY on us. "Luke are you ok?" I ask rubbing the back of his head. He doesn't answer but cries even harder.

He's literally to the point where he has to take big loud gasps to get some air in his lungs. "LUKE!" Ashton's snaps and hits the table.

I snap my head towards him and give him a death glare. "Take it easy" I growl. I continue to rub the back of Luke's head trying to sooth him.

The bells ring on the door and everybody looks at Michael and Calum who run in looking wild eyed. The both let out a breath of relief when they see Luke.

"What are you all looking at?" Michael snaps at all the people. Everyone turns back around and minds their own business. They make their way over to us.

"What's wrong with Luke?" I ask the two of them. "I don't know he just showed up at Michael's house asking if you were there and when we said no he ran out of the house and down the street Screaming your name" Calum shrugs and pats Luke on the back.

I huff and lift Luke's head up to where our eyes meet. "Your going to have to tell me what's wrong Luke" I give a small concerned smile.

He looks into my eyes and holds his breath for a few minutes then literally bursts. "I screwed up Jayla! I'm such a pathetic asshole! I'm nothing without you! I love you! don't have to date me again but please....just please tell me you love me one more time"

I wipe the tears and look at him. "Luke I love you. I love all four of you boys" he manages a small smile.

"Come on Lukey. Let's go" Michael says helping him up and out of the building. I turn back around to see Ashton who looks like he had just watched a pathetic chickflick.

"Hey now don't be mean" I say and he rolls his eyes and continues eating. "Pathetic" I hear him mumble. I decide to keep my cool and my mouth shut.

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