That One Class

It's all started with that one ed.


13. 13

We pull up to Ashton's house to hear loud music booming and see people everywhere.

It's already dark out side. "Let's go!" Ashton gets out of the car and I mirror. Everybody that is outside in the lawn stops what they are doing and looks at me.

I walk closely behind Ashton trying my best not to attract any attention. As soon as we enter the door someone throws their arm around me.

I look over to see it's Michael. He's already drunk off his ass. The air is humid and sweaty body dance on each other.

Red cups sit all around the place. Ashton's parents must not be home? "Come on baby Lez go get you a drink" Michael slurs his words and I giggle at him.

He pulls me over to the kitchen bar and pours me a shot full. "Michael I don't drink" I laugh.

"Just drink it" he says while scooting it closer to me. Before I could think a second thought I take the glass and chug it.

The substance brining my through as it goes down. "This is disgusting but I like it" I smile at him.

He gives me a thumbs up and stumbles off. I spin in my chair and lean against the counter watching everybody. I look over to my left to see Calum making out with who knows who but she's kinda ugly.

Just saying. He's probably drunk too. That must've drunk a lot in the past hour me and Ashton weren't here.

You know who I don't see......Luke. Did he even come? Yes probably. He's a party person. No way in hell he would let the offer slip up.

But whatever. I feel someone nudge me. "Come dance with me" Calum says while pulling me out of the chair and onto the dance floor.

We dance start dancing to random music. Not like sexy dance but just Like..... dance. We continue dancing until I finally spot Ashton again.

I walk off the dance floor and to where he sits all by him self. You can tell he's in a thinking mode.

"Hey Ashton have you seen Luke?" Ashton jumps as if he was startled. "What? Oh no. I haven't" he shyly smiles.

"Well did he even come?" I ask. Ashton rubs his leg. "Yea he must be somewhere around here" he looks up at me.

What eaten him? Gah! "Let's dance" Ashton says standing up and taking my hand. "I just got through dancing" I whine.

"Just dance!" Ashton's whines back. "No I've got to find Luke" I give Ashton a small smile before walking away.

I walk all through Ashton's house even outside and Luke is no where to be found. I come to the end of the hall way about to walk away when I hear Luke's voice come behind a closed door.

No, Luke wouldn't be..... No Luke would never cheat on me. He's not like that. I walk to the door and swing it open.

I stand there staring at Luke who was apparently screwing another girl. "Oh My God Jayla" he says and gets out of the bed. I feel tears come to my eyes but I force them to stay there.

"I'm sorry I-" I cut him off. "We're over Luke" and with that I slam the door back shut. Ashton was right.

He was all right. This is all my fault why didn't I listen to him? "Sh sh it's alright" I feel Ashton's strong arms wrap around my waist and pull me back into him.

"You were right Ashton. I'm so sorry"I mumble. "Don't worry about it right now. Let's just have fun and get your mind off things" he smiles and hands me a cup if beer.

I gladly take it and take a sip. Ashton laughs when my face screws up and the disgusting taste. But I don't care.

I have to keep drinking. I have to get drunk and do something I'll regret. Because you know what? That's just life. And in tired of living in a box.

Ashton clinks our cups together as if he was reading my mind. Did I say that out loud? I don't know.

I chug down the cup of beer and demand Ashton for another one. He leads me into the kitchen and gives me another one.

As I am drinking I open my pop open my eye to see Ashton watching me carefully. Huh. Huh?

*skip five beers*

"No you can't have anymore" Ashton slurs as he holds the cup above my head where I can't reach it. I burst into laughter for no reason at all.

"Give me damn alcohol Mate" with all the alcohol my perfected Australian accent breaks in half and my real irish comes out.

"Holy fuck! Your Irish!" He laughs and stumbles making some of the beer above. My head spill out onto the floor.

"Yea big head! Give me the fucking drink" I stand on my tippy toes to reach it but Ashton's to tall.

"Alright finnnneeee" Ashton then stumbles forward but I catch him. Ashton finally gives me my drink and I chug it down.

I stop drinking and look in front of me to see Ashton is no longer there. Someone jerks on my arm and makes me spin around.

"Dance!" Ashton yells and yanks me onto the dance floor making me drop my drink but .....whatever ya know?

I away while I run my hands down Ashton's long figure. Then I spin around and run them back up while Ashton grinds against me.

I swear I'm never drinking again. I spin back around and almost fall but Ashton catches me. We both start chuckling like crazy.

Before I knew it me and Ashton were kissing. Actual kissing! I pull back gasping for air but Ashton would just come right back.

It's was like we had magnetic force in our lips. Haha that sounded funny!

Our tongues dance with each other. Ashton's kisses are way better than Luke's ever was. And now in free to say that.

Ashton clutches my but and picks me up while I throw my legs around his waist. He walks us into the hall way refusing to break the kiss.

He makes sure his tongue has adventured everywhere in my mouth by now. He walks into a random room, kicking the door shut with his foot then he literally slams me into the door so hard one of the hinges actually falls off.

Ashton's POV

Ashton's stop! Your taking advantage of her because she's drunk! And not to mention how your going to explain the broken door to your parents.

My conscience scolds me. Mee member this is your one shot to be with her. Your one shot to change who you are and your about to screw it. Literally.

Your drunk and your going to forget to use a condom as well I suppose? The last thing we need is some Jayla, Ashton mixture running around.

"Jayla your not ready for this" I mumble into her lips. "Says you" she laughs. Exactly my point.......

I just have to play it out until she finally falls asleep. I spin us around and lay her on the bed. Jayla takes her small fingers and tugs at my jeans.

"No not just yet" I smile to her and she rolls her eyes. She stands up then pushes me down on the bed. She climbs on top if me and straddles me.

She tangles both of her hands up with mine then puts them above my head. She leans down to kiss me when she immediately stops.

I look to where her eyes ponder only to see she's staring at my wrist. She pulls my hand to my side and examines it. "You weren't lying?" She mumbles.

"Why would I lie to you. I love you. I've always loved you. You've just never noticed" I whisper. She looks at me in confusion.

"But I don't cut anymore......and it's because of you" Jayla brings my wrist up to her face and kisses them gently.

Her kisses are like a shot of honey through your blood stream. I sit up with her still in my lap. I take her wrist and unlatch all the bracelets revealing even more cuts than last time.

"Oh My God Jayla! What do I have to do to keep you from cutting your self?" My hoarse voice whispers. I felt anger rise up in me but I keep it down.

She looks me in the eyes with those beautiful blue puppy eyes then softly connects our lips. "Stop changing the subject" I pull away and look down at her.

"Ashton I can't just stop. You can't stop things like that when you know no one really wants you. When you know everybody wants you to die or just go away for the rest of their life" I watch as a tear slips down her cheek.

She hangs her head refusing to look up at me. How could she think like that? Everybody wants her here. People are just tying to put her down to be mean.

"I want you here" I lift up her head and kiss her nose. She smiles and closes her eyes. I gently wipe the tear off her cheek and lay back down.

"What are you doing?" She ask. I grab Jaylas face and guide her back down. I squish her cheeks and kiss her pink lips.

"Let's just lay here for ever and never leave" I say while pulling her to my side and hugging her.

"No Ashton we can't. Your going to go back down stairs and have fun and I'm going to go back hone" she says standing up.

"What? No! Your staying here with me" I grab her hand. "Please I need you! Don't be a buzzkill" she smirks and rolls her eyes.

"Fine"she lays back down beside me. We snuggle into each other and within in seconds you can't hear Jaylas light snores.

Damn partying must wear her out!

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