That One Class

It's all started with that one ed.


12. 12

Two weeks. It's been two weeks since the day Ashton told he used to cut.

I spend most of my time at Calum's house. Ashton and Luke don't want me to go back over there but yet they don't want me staying at each other's house so they forced me to stay with Calum.

Don't get me wrong Calum's a good dude and all it's just I've been away from my house for so long.

Me and Luke are usually out on dates and when were not doing that Ashton's usually over here just hanging out.

Luke hasn't tried a move since the last time. He must've gone back to his senses. Good.

School is back to normal. The boys stay popular and I'm the nerd that gets beat up....everyday.

In school Luke talks to me a little bit but other than that all four boys completely ignore me.

Hey, their popular! That's what they do! Inside school Ashton's that bad ass team captain that all the girls go after. But out of school he's a totally different person when he's not around people from school.

To be honest I think the outside of school version of Ashton is the real Ashton. I sit at my normal lunch table in my normal seat.

With of course no food. My forehead pressed against the table and my eyes are closed. I'm not really in the mood for everybody's shit today.

I feel someone's body heat against mine so I snap my head up to see Jason looking at me. I look in front of me to see the captain cheerleader. Stacey.

She's a slut. She's fucked every guy in the school. Hell I wouldn't be surprised if Mr Dave has fucked her.

I hate that bitch. She puffs a smoke of her cigarette in my face before speaking. "Get her" Jason pushes me out of my seat. I quickly get up and make a run for it but Jason grabs me and cups my mouth.

"This will go a lot faster if you go along" he whispers in my ear. They drag me into the boys bathroom. "Why are you doing this?" I cry.

"Cause your an little emo freak. No one likes little emo freaks" she puts on a pouty face but it quickly grows into a smile. "And we have dispose of you"

And with that she sticks her cigarette on my cheek and Jason cups my mouth again to muffle my screams of pain.

She just let's the cigarette stay there. Burning my flesh. I quit screaming because I'm just going to wear my lungs out.

"Jayla?" Ashton swings open the door and marches right in. He punches Jason in the face and he runs out of the bathroom holding his nose.

Then he bitch slaps Stacey making the cigarette fall to the floor. "What the fuck do you think your doing?" He growls and Stacey runs out of the bathroom just like Jason.

Ashton's long arms develop me in a hug and he kisses my forehead. "You ok?" He asks.

"Yea" I stifle my crying and wipe my cheeks off. Ashton goes into a stall and sets a lid down then sets me on top of it. He walks back to the sink and gets a cold wet rag.

He comes back and squats down in front of me. The rag touches my burn and I instantly jolt back. "Stop that Jayla. You know I'm not going to hurt you. Stop being silly" Ashton purses his lips.

He slowly sets the rag down on my cheek. After a couple of seconds it actually feels good. "Those assholes" he mumbles. I giggle a little bit and he smiles at my sense of humor.

He takes the rag away from my cheek then uses his thumb to wipe away the remaining parts of the cigarette. His thumbs rubs my face gently while he stares into my eyes.

His face slowly inches closer to mine. Our lips inches apart. Ashton's cinnamon apple breath hits my face. His lips touches mine but barley enough to even kiss.

But his lips still taste so sweet. Nothing like Luke's. I mean yes Luke's kisses are good but Ashton' like a smack to the face.

Oh my God, Luke. I'm cheating on Luke. "Ashton.....Luke" I reassure him while pulling back. Ashton pulls back and rolls his eyes.

"Of course" he looks to the floor. "I'm sorry" I apologize. "Don't be" he says while getting up and walking out of the bathroom with me to follow.

*skip to last period*

Ah, last period of the day. Also the worst period of the day. We all sit in our usual desks. Me up front, cool kids in the back.

Mr Dave sets in his desk slowly hitting his head against the table repeating : "I hate my life. Kids are stupid. I hate my life. Kids are stupid"

Like seriously dude if you hate kids so much why are you a damn teacher? We all turn our attention to the door when the principle walks in.

He steps back in shock when he sees Mr Dave in the middle of one of his psycho moments. He shakes his head and ignores him.

"Class! Not next week. But the week after the next we will be taking a trip to London for a week!" He announces. The whole class roars with excitement.

"I will be passing out letters now. These are your permission slips. You must have then signed to go! But I already have your room mates. Who ever your room mate is will be your partner for the whole trip." He says passing out letters.

"I paired y'all boy with girl so y'all can watch over each other. Now I expect the boy partners to watch over his girl partners like their own babies. One thing we can't have is for the girls to go missing because I know if a boy goes missing he will find his way" he explains.

"It's not that I don't think the girls can't watch over themselves. It's just the fact their so presuppose and fragile" the principle waves his hands on the air.

"Yea cause think boys where we would be if we didn't have girls.....SEXLESS!" Mr Dave adds. "Dave!" The principle snaps.

The whole class snickers. "I posted the partners up on this bulletin board here" he says and everyone makes their way up to the board.

I stare at the piece of paper while I go down the list of names. God I hope it's Luke! I finally find my name and prepare my self to see who my partner is.

"Hey were partners!" I feel someone tug on my sleeve from behind. I turn around to see none other than Ashton. Dammit! At least he doesn't hate me like he used too.

I give him a smile then turn back around just to check. Yep it's Ashton. I quickly make my way back to my seat and set down.

The rest of the period consist on watching all the boys draw on Mr Dave's face while he's asleep. When the bell rings I'm the first one out of the door.

No way in hell I'm staying in this hell hole. I put all my stuff up in my locker and make my way out the front door.

I make my way through the cars in the school parking lot trying to get to the road where I can walk home. "JAYLA WAIT UP!" I turn around to see Ashton running after me.

He grabs my hand and drags me back across the parking lot to his car. "Get in" he smiles. I don't hesitate.

I look to my side to see Ashton with a huge smile across his face waiting for me to say something. "Yay were partners!" I put on the best act for Ashton's sake.

Ashton starts his car and were his house I guess. "I was wondering if you wanted to come to the party tonight?" Ashton says not removing his eyes from the road.

"What? Me? Come to a party? No. I would end up looking like a hobo compared to everyone else. It's just not my thing." I tell Ashton.

He chuckles at my comment. "Too bad you coming anyways" he smiles. "Ugh Ashton no. I don't even have anything to wear!" I protest.

"That's why......I'm taking" he chews on his bottom lip. "Im not letting you spend money on me" I growl.

Ashton looks over at me then rolls his eyes back to the road. "Come oonnnnn. I have plenty of money and I want to spend it on you" a shows a warm smile.

"You kill me Ashton Irwin. You know that?" We both laugh. "That's what I thought!" He says in a girl tone. Unbelievable this boy.

We pull up to a mall and we fight a little longer about Ashton spending money on me but like usual he gets what he wants.

It seems Ashton more interested in dresses than I am. He's picked out every dress I've tried on so far. And with every dress Ashton puts on a gay accent just to see me laugh at his nonsense.

"Ashton. I've tried on just about every dress in the store! None of them look good on me" I whine while showing him another dress her forced me to put on.

"They all look good on you it's just....there not your style" there he goes again with the gay accent. I laugh once again at him. "There's no more" I point out.

Ashton eyes dart from my dress to right above my head. "That one" he says. I turn to where he's looking to see a beautiful dress on a mannequin sitting on top of my dressing room.

It's a beautiful white and cuts off in the middle of my thigh. There fore if I bend over my whole ass is going to show. This dress is truly the best looking dress in the store.

We get it taken down and tried on then Ashton pays for it. I thank him. Ashton looks at his watch and nearly jumps out of his skin.

"Run and there and put the dress on" he says pushing me into the girls bathroom. I put the dress on and we run back to his car. "Were late for the party but I just told Luke to start without us" he smiles.

"Ashton why would you do this for me?" I ask him. "Shh no time for questions" he trashes in the back of his car and pulls out a shoe box.

He hands it to me and I open it. I gasp at the set of dazzling high heels. "Ashton wh-" I begin.

"No! No questions!" He demands. As we are driving down the road I slip on the high heels and fix my make up. I just leave my hair natural.

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