That One Class

It's all started with that one ed.


11. 11

Ashton POV

I spend the rest of my night watching Jayla sleep. Why does she have to torture me like this? The way her blonde hair fall in her face.

The way her small chest pumps up in down against my side. I can't do this to her though. I know she loves Luke.

She will never love me. I would rather her be with Luke and happy than with me and miserable. The way she refused to believe Luke cheated on her almost broke me.

But to be honest Luke did cheat on her. The morning of the tornado I walked in the locker room too put up my stuff. But also to to find Luke making out with one of the cheerleaders.

But I'm just gonna leave it be. For right now.... If I say anymore about it, it will break her but if she's finds out her self it will break her.

I honestly don't know what to do. "I hope you get hit by a car" she mumbles. I flare my nostrils and purse my lips to keep from laughing so hard it wakes her up.

She's been saying crazy shit like that all night in her sleep. But hey I wouldn't blame her. The way her parents beat her and kids make fun of her at school.

I would want to kill myself to. But she's strong. "That's very funny Luke" she sarcastically mumbles then rolls over to where she's practically on top of me.

Hey! That's fine with me though! I know she wants Luke. So I'm going to get him for her. I can't stay here and watch Jayla practically kill her self from the inside out.

She thinks she cheated on Luke with me. But fuck that's no where compared to what he did to her. That's the reason me and Luke got in the worst fight we've ever had back at his house.

He knew I knew that he cheated on her. And he knew that I was going to get Jayla as far away as possible from him. But I can't do this to her. Any other girl....but not Jayla.

The fake guilt she thinks she earned by supposedly cheating on Luke is really no guilt at all. She's just putting sham on herself like she was taught to do.

By those damn demons she calls her parents. It's like a knife to the neck just thinking about Jayla punishing herself for something she had never done and will never do.

I slowly get up making sure not to wake Jayla then throw another blanket on top of her. I tuck her in nice and tight to make sure she don't fall out of bed.

I get my phone and text Calum to tell him what happened then I text Luke and tell him I'm on my way. I lock the door before shutting it behind me.

The last thing I need is for my dad to be torturing the poor girl. I make my way down to my car and then I'm off.

I pick up Calum and Luke but Michael wanted to stay in bed so we left him. "So tell me exactly why Jayla's at your house?" Luke growls. I open my mouth.

"I seen Jayla laying on a bus bench while I was walking. So i picked her up and toted her to the closest house I could think of. Which was Ashton's. Because I know how her parents are and stuff" Calum say before I could say anything.

Thank God for Calum or I would be up a creek without a paddle right now. Luke takes a good look at Calum. "Well you could have just called me to come get her" Luke scoffs.Calum just shrugs.

Jayla's POV

I shiver when a cold hand touches my face. The hands brushes all the hair back from my face. I feel the bed lean down a little and I open my eyes to see Luke smiling at me.

HOLY FUCK! I thought I was Ashton's bed? Was that all just a dream? Shit! I am in Ashton's bed! "Hey baby" Luke whispers. While stroking my face.

I sit up and look around the room to see Calum sitting in the floor in front of Ashton's tv, playing a video game and Ashton in his chair with his head in his hands.

Whats up with him? Calum pauses the game and looks up at me. "I told Luke how I found you last night at the bus stop and I brought you here" he smiles acting normal.

" parents ran me out of the house" I lie. I can't start another fight between Ashton and Luke. I've already screwed everything up.

I look over at Ashton who is smiling under his curls. But it quickly fades. I'm just about to get up when Luke crashes his lips into mine.

The kiss is passionate, rough. Luke breaks the kiss only to push me back down on the bed and get on top of me then crashes our lips together again.

Luke holds both of my hands down on each side of me. Luke moves his kisses to my jawline. Then down to my neck. Why is this boy being so horny this morning?

Crap! I hope Ashton didn't leave any hickeys on my neck. Luckily Luke doesn't say anything so he must've didn't.

"stop it. Your being kinky" I say squirming under Luke. He hooks three of his fingers on my pants. I feel him tug on them.

"Luke I said stop it!" I growl. But he keeps doing it. God what's gotten into him? "She said stop!" Ashton voice booms over the whole place.

Luke stops what he's doing and looks up. We both look at Ashton who is shooting daggers at Luke. Damn.

Luke looks back down at me me and bites his lip. A huge grin creeps across his face. In one quick movement he stands up and throws me over his shoulder.

He opens the door and walks out of the room just to go into the opposite room then shuts the door behind him. "What are you doing?" I ask him.

He takes me off his shoulder and presses me against the wall. We kiss as I watch Luke's hand creep over and lock the door. He picks me back up and I swing my legs around his waist.

He nibbles at my neck while grinding against me with the hard bulge in his pants. Luke's hands grab my butt and squeeze it. I let out a moan and he spins us around then lays me down on the bed.

"Luke what's gotten in to you?" I keep questioning. "You" he smirks. Luke isn't usually like this. He's never been as forceful as he is being now.

He pulls his shirt off and chunk it to the floor. He unwraps my legs around him and lays them on the bed while examining my still fully clothed body.

"Id bet you look good naked" he giggles. I roll my eyes and pull my shirt off. "Beautiful" he whispers while examining my still covered boobs.

I'm only doing this to tease him. There's no way in hell I'm letting this go to far! Luke gets on his knees then grabs my legs and yanks me down closer to him.

Luke bites his lip once again while he places his hands on my shoulders and runs his long fingers down my arms to my hands. He then let's them linger to my waist while he slowly connects our lips.

His hands go down and clutches my butt making me squeal into his mouth. He chuckles. With one quick motion Luke literally tears my jeans off.

He leans back to take a mental picture of my body. "Perfect" he flashes his person whites. Luke places his hand down by my head while the other one stay at my butt.

We kiss and his tongue sneaks it's way into my mouth. I'm to caught up in the moment to notice Luke's hand moving closer to my G spot.

Luke catches me by surprise and presses two fingers hard against my lace black panties.I gasp against his lips while he smiles against mine.

He starts rubbing in circles. "Luke this is going to far" I whine. "No it's not" he says while rubbing even harder.

Luke's other hand comes down and starts to slip off my panties. "Luke your mom called. She said she wanted you home" the sound of Ashton voice sounds through the door.

Luke let's out a loud sigh. "Maybe later babe" he smiles. "make sure you get Calum to take you home" he says before putting his shirt back on and leaving the room.

I wait till he shuts the door behind him to burst out in to tears. I roll over onto my stomach and cross my arms. I did my face into my crossed arms and cry.

"This is all my fault! Why do I have to screw everything up? I'm such a retard! I don't even need to be on this planet!" I cry so much it feels like I can't breath anymore.

"Jayla....are you ok?" I feel Ashton's warm hand on my side as he sits down next to me. I don't bother to hide my body even though my body is more than Likely the ugliest body he's ever seen.

I don answer Ashton. "This is not your fault and you haven't screwed anything up! Your not a retard so stop saying all that bull shit! Your a nice sweet girl with a ......" Ashton takes a long pause and gulp.

"Nice ass" he mumbles the last part. I can't help but burst out laughing. "What? Stop laughing at me! I wish I had an ass like yours! I would be queen bee if I had your ass! And I must say it looks even better with lace panties" I roll back over and we laugh until we nearly choke to death.

"And oh look a there! You have a nice set of boulders too!" I punch Ashton in the arm. "Stop it your making me cry even more!" I giggle. Ashton pokes out his bottom lip and pouts.

"That hurt!" He whines. "Get over it!" I chuckle. "Ashton will you go get me some water please?" I ask him. He takes a long look at me then finally stands up.

"Sure" he smiles and walks out the door. I quickly jump to my feet and look everywhere for a bathroom. "Dammit!" I growl. I run into Ashton's room and must I say Calum looks startled as hell.

I mean I would to if a half naked girl just randomly ran in the room....that is if I was a boy though! I quickly spot the bathroom and run in it, locking it behind me.

I go though Ashton's cabinet looking for a razor to end all this shit while I listen to Ashton run up the stairs screaming my name.

I hear a door slam and then Ashton's large feet run into his room. "JAYLA GET OUT OF THERE NOW!" He yells and beats on the door.

He continues beating on the door. "Ashton I'm sorry I have to end it!" I cry. "N-n-no you don't!" Ashton hits the door one more time. You can tell he's crying by the sound of his voice.

"Yes!" I say when I finally find one up at the top. I press it against my skin and draw multiple lines. "Jayla! Jayla!" Ashton hits the door. "Jayla stop. I will do anything." He says. "Anything" he repeats.

"GODDAMMIT JAYLA I USED TO FUCKING CUT!" I drop the razor to the floor at Ashton's words. "Y-you used to cut?" I choke a little bit.

"Yea" he sniffs. "Here" I hear Calum voice muffle then the door knob begins to shake. I watch as the door slowly open. Ashton steps in and takes me in his arms.

His face is red. He's been crying like a baby just like me. He picks up the razor and throws it down the sink. Ashton wraps his legs around me from behind as he cries into my neck.

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