That One Class

It's all started with that one ed.


10. 10

"JAYLA WHITE OPEN THIS DOOR RIGHT NOW!!" I hear my dad yell and bang on the door.

Shit! Was I asleep? I feel beside me to see Ashton is no longer there.

"JAYLA!!" I open my eyes and sit up. I turn my head to see Ashton standing In front of the door with a rod in his hands from under my bed.

What? I have to protect myself. "Ashton!" I whisper. "What?" Turns around to look at me.

He rolls his eyes. "No I didn't do anything. I woke up to those assholes yelling at you and beating on your door"

"JAYLA WHO IS THAT?" I hear my dad continue and bang on the door. We ignore him.

"Why do you have a rod?" I ask. "Well I was about to like beat the shit out of them for hurting you but I guess not" he smirks.

"JAYLA YOUR DEAD!" My dad yells and kicks the door. "Ashton you have to get out of here" I push him to the window.

"No not without you!" I roll my eyes. "Stubborn ass" I grumble and Ashton gives me a huge smile before jumping out the window landing on his feet perfectly.

"Jump I'll catch you" Ashton eyes are filled with trust and truth. Without thinking I jump out the window.

I don't feel anything. Did Ashton catch me? Did I die? "I told you I wouldn't let you fall" I open my eyes to see Ashton carrying me while already making his way to his car.

He sets me down gently in the passenger seat then races to the other side. I watch my parents come flying out the front door as we drive away.

I turn around and let out a breath of relief. It's still dark outside. "Where are we going?" I ask Ashton. "My house" he gives me a half smile.

He almost seems sad. "Well never mind let's just go rent a hotel room or something....I'm not in the mood for my parents" he groans.

"Ashton your house will be fine" I smile for his sake. He shows off his dimples and continues driving.

In a matter of minutes we are at Ashton's house. We make our way up to his front door. He has a big ass house.

And I thought Luke's house was big. Ashton gives me a worried look before we enter his house. "Ashton honey is that you?" A female voice calls from a different room.

"Go! Go!" Ashton whisper yells and pushes me up the stairs. We go into what I guess is his room and he shuts the door behind him.

I walk and sit down on the edge of his bed as Ashton catches his breath. "Ashton! Get down here now!" The female voice calls again.

"I'll be right back" Ashton holds up his finger to me. He exits and shuts the door behind him. Everything got really quiet.

I take this time to look around his room. He had posters all over the wall and he even has a balcony. I would be surprised if this wasn't the biggest room in the house.

After a couple of minutes I notice Ashton still hasn't came back. What's taking him so long? I slowly open the door and walk down the hall.

I make sure my foot steps are light and can't be heard. I come to the edge of the stairs and look down them.

A man stumbles into the area at the bottom of the stairs. He has a bottle in his hand and looks like he drunk off his ass.

"Ashton! Show your damn self!" He's groggy voice yells. The man clumsily spins around looking in all directions.

All the upstairs lights are off so he probably won't see me. Or at least that's what I thought. I step back and of course step on the one board that creeks.

The man shoots his head up to look at me. "Hey girl!" He yells and chunks the empty bottle at me. But it only comes half way up the stairs then shatters.

I squeak a little bit and run down the hallway. I can hear the man large footsteps coming up the stairs.

Holy fuck! What am I going to do? I can't see anything in this damn hallway.

I finally come to the end of the hallway. I look around frantically but all I can see is doors. I hear the door creak open to my right.

I shift my eyes to the left trying to avoid anything and everything. Something warm grasp my waist and cups my mouth then pulls me into the door.

I watch as the door shuts back. What if this is like a murderer or something? I'm so going to die?

The person presses his body against me as he gripes me tighter. I immediately know who it is. Ashton. He uncups my mouth and pushes a loose piece of hair behind my ear.

I feel his warm lips press against the back of my ear. "Shh shh" he whispers.

We hear some rambling outside the door. "Ashton! Where the hell are you?" The man goes on. "And where's that damn girl!?.......I must be seeing things"

The man sighs and stumbles off. Ashton reaches up and turns the light on revealing that we are in a tiny closet. "He's gone" Ashton huffs.

I trip on something and fall out of Ashton's hands, into the floor. "Damn your clumsy" Ashton giggles to himself but I don't find this funny.

I sit up strait them Ashton sits down in front of me. I stretch my legs out then Ashton's try's to but both of our legs can't fit.

Ashton picks my legs up and sets them in his lap then spreads his ten million times longer legs around me.

"Was that your dad?" Ashton throws his head back and chews on his lip. "Yes" he finally mumbles.

"Well he seems nice" we both let out a chuckle. I look around the slightly dimmed room. There are boxes everywhere with Ashton's name on them.

I pick up a box and open it revealing the pair of brand new cherry red vans. I pick up another box with Ashton's name on it.

It also says do not open. Eh who cares. I open the box revealing all the condom. I gasp.

"Ashton!" I look up at him. "What? I'm a boy!" He smirks. There must be at least a hundred condoms in here.

"Where do you get all these from?" I ask. Ashton pokes his bottom lip and out looks around as if he's searching for an answer.

"Hmm. I really don't know" he smiles. I shake my head. I close the box and toss it back where I found if.

"Ok I'm going to ask you this question and you better answer it this time Ashton!" I point at him. "Luke's not a virgin anymore" Ashton interrupts my thoughts.

It's like as if he was reading my mind that I was about to ask him something about Luke. But wait....Luke's not a virgin anymore?

But I didn't have sex with him. Who did? I feel tears coming to my eyes. I know me and Luke have only been dating for three days but this really fucking hurts.

I thought like loves me. "Ho-how do you know that?" I sniffle. "Jay I told you he was going to end up hurting you" Ashton smiles as if this was funny.

This is not funny! "Ashton your lying" I cry. Ashton just shrugs. "Luke is not the boy you think he is Jayla" Ashton pats my leg but I yank away from him.

I shrink up into a little ball and dig my face into my knees. Why did Ashton have to tell me that? He could have just lied to me!

Ashton leans his back into the door and pulls me into his lap. "Forget I even said that if you want to. But it's the truth" He's such a bitch!

"Ashton? I thought I heard your sneaky little ass!" We hear the man yell. Ashton looks at me wide eyes. "Shit!" He says.

The door swings open making us fall onto our backs. Which little slut have you brought home this time?" Ashton's dad picks me up by my hair.

"Dad! Stop it! Your hurting her!" Ashton yells and try's to pry me from his dad's strong grip.

"You know what Ashton? It's not fair you get to have all the sex! This one is mine!" He slurs his words while dragging me down the hall.

I scream at the pain and wriggle around. Ashton try's to get me away from him but his dad pushes him down.

"DANIEL IRWIN! WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS!" The female voice booms. We all turn our attention to a rather beautiful lady that looks like she's in her forties.

He quickly drops me and I flip to the ground clutching the top of my head. "Look at what you've done to this poor girl! Go to your room! Your drunk!" She snaps.

Daniel sighs and goes into the room beside him, shutting the door behind him. "Jayla!" Ashton crawls over to me.

"I'm ok" I breath and rub his arm to calm his breathing. "Would y'all like some tea?" The women helps us both off the floor. "Yes mrs Irwin" I shake my head.

She smiles and exports us down the stairs. We both sit in a chair and Ashton digs his face into his hands. "I told you we should have just gotten you a hotel"

"I'm sorry" I shift in my seat. Why am I such an idiot? I should have just listened to Ashton! "Oh my God I need a razor" I huff.

Oh Dear Lord did I just say that out loud? Shit! Ashton snaps his blood shots eyes up at me. "Don't you even think about it!" He growls and slams his hand down on the table making me jump.

"Ashton you can't stop what I do" I growl right back. Ashton stands up and kicks the recliner I'm in, making the foot rest pop out and me to lye down.

He gets on top of me and straddles me. "I said your not gonna Goddamn cut!" He pins my wrists above my head making me wince at the pain but I bite down on my lips showing nothing.

Ashton stares into my eyes as if looking for something he lost. "You've cut since the last time I told you not to" he stats. Which would be a sad fact.

He pulls my sleeves down revealing my chopped up wrists. Ashton gasps but holds in his breath. "Tell me why you did it?" He whispers without breaking eyes contact with my wrists.

I think for a couple of minutes. "Life" I shrug. "Then that means you want to end your life.......but I'm not going to let you" Ashton's eyes well up with tears making mine do the same.

I watch as a tear slips down his cheek. I'm glad he's not afraid to cry in front of me because I sure am!

Ashton takes my right wrists in his hand then brings it up to his lips. A new kinda feeling rushes through me with every kiss he puts on my cuts.

This feeling.....this is the best feeling I've ever had. I love it. I never want it to end....never! After kissing all my cuts on my right he switches to my left.

This time, instead of stoping he moves he kisses up my arm and to my neck. Being Ashton and his slick moves he finds my sweet spot on my neck.

He sucks and chews at it. I let out a small moan. Stop it Jayla! Don't let him hypnotize you! He's just trying to get you to have sex with him!

Think about your Goddamned boyfriend for Christ's sake! You not like this Jayla. Your not going to cheat on your boyfriend.

My conscience is right. I can't do this to Luke. He would be shattered into a million pieces if he found out. I feel Ashton get hard against me.

I put my hands on his chest and push him in the floor. He crosses his legs then gives me a confused expression. "Ashton I can't cheat on Luke. I won't cheat on Luke"

He throws his hands in the air. "What the actual fuck Jayla? He cheated on you!" Ashton shouts.

"No he didn't! Ashton you can't just come in here and do this! You do things to me that I'm not familiar with!" I clutch onto the side of the chair to keep my balance.

He huffs. "Whatever" and rolls his eyes. "Tea!" A cheerful voice interrupts the tense silence. Mrs Irwin hands me a cup of tea.

I take a sip of it and I must say damn this is good. "This is so good Mrs Irwin!" I smile. "Well thank you dear! Ashton it's about time you bring home a girl with manners!" She lightly pops Ashton on the wrist.

"Mom she's just a friend and Luke's girlfriend" Ashton says making a face. "Oh" is all she says then goes back to sipping her tea.

We all sit in silence watching the lit fire in the fireplace while we finish our tea. Ashton notices I'm done when I put my cup down on the table.

"Jayla's spending the night here" Ashton says while standing up. Mrs Irwin gives him a questioning face. "Because her parents are mean and do bad things to her and plus I have to watch her and make sure she doesn't cut" Ashton jumbles his words together.

Ashton takes my hand and we leave the room before his mom could say anything. He practically drags me up the stairs and into his room shutting the door behind him.

Ashton walks over to his bed and collapses on it. Where am I supposed to sleep? I don't wanna be all weird and lay down beside him so I just lay down in the cold floor and curl up into a ball.

"What are you doing?" I look up to see Ashton's eyes poked over the edge of the bed. "Sleeping" I roll onto my back.

Ashton huff and gets off his bed. He walks over to me then picks me up and puts me under the covers.

"Just because your Luke's girlfriend doesn't mean we can't sleep in the same bed" he mumbles while I watch him tuck me in.

He keeps mumbling to me but I'm to overwhelmed about him in general. The way he looks in the dim light. The way he's so sweet to just tuck me in.

"Right?" Ashton says while walking back around to his side of the bed. "What?" I ask. Ashton let's out a loud laugh. "Nothing" he smiles and pulls the covers over him.

We lay in silence while staring at the ceiling for the next couple of minutes. "Ashton I don't know how I'll ever repay you" I whisper.

"I do" he moves his head to where he can look at me. "Ashton I swear if it's anything dirty-" Ashton cuts me off. "No it's not....come here" he wraps his arms around me and pulls me into him.

"You don't have to repay anymore if you sleep in my arms. See nothing dirty" he kisses me on top of the head. I nod and smile against his bare chest.

I close my eyes and listen to his steady heartbeat. How did I end up here? With Ashton Irwin. The world is full of surprises I guess.

I fall asleep to Ashton slowly rubbing his hand up and down my arm. He's so sweet.

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