That One Class

It's all started with that one ed.


1. 1

I swerve though all the people in the hall way, avoiding all eye contact I can. I hate school. I have no friends. Yea I know, sad.

I'm that one nerd that always gets best up and has a weird thing for the hottest douche in school.

Sadly......that happened to be Ashton Irwin.

But I can't complain much I have just one person who will speak a few nice words to me but then will go back to his little popular group.

And that, Would be Luke Hemmings.

Ashton and his group of popular people don't beat me up. They see it as a waist of time. Even though Michael used to beat me up but he stopped.

I catch a glimpse of Ashton talking to a cheerleader with his arm around her waist. He's so hot with his toned arms.

My thought are interrupted when someone shoves me into a locker. My head hits hard and u fall to the ground.

"Oh look the nerds on the floor!" One if the boys yell and laugh.

I feel my cheeks heat up. Without a word I stand back up and trot to my locker.

I get my books and rush to the last class of the day. Sex ed. We start our first class today. And of course we get the famous Mr Dave.

Mr Dave is the schools psycho teacher. He lost his mind years ago and now we have him as our sex ed teacher.

I walk in and take a seat at the front of the class. The bell rings and everybody comes running in. I take in Ashton's cologne when he walks by.

Oh my God. Why out of all people I have to like him. I twirl a piece of my bleach blonde curly hair.

I hear the boys in the back of the room talking about Ashton having sex last night. I turn my head to look at Ashton. He sends me a sharp glare the I quickly turn back around.

The tardy bell rings but Mr Dave still hasn't came in yet.

Luke, Michael, and Calum all sit around Ashton. Ashton is like their leader. Practically the whole school bows down to him.

"I hate my life" Mr Dave says while marching into the class room and throwing his suitcase. The suitcase flys across the room and hits John Dewy in the head.

The whole class chuckles. "Ok your going to have this class and you are going to like it!" Mr face yells while picking up a marker.

He writes on the board 'using protection'.

"Now how many people in here are actually virgins?" He growls. "I bet none of you filthy little sluts are!"

I slowly raise my hand along with about two other people.

"Cough....of course Jayla White.....cough" I hear Ashton snicker. My cheeks turn bright red and I lower into my seat.

"Come on dude. Don't do that" Luke says sticking up for me. "Don't you come on dude me!" Ashton growls.

Him and Luke are best friends why is he so mean to Luke?

I sense Luke lower into his seat too. "Alright now that the girls are finished fighting we will continue with class" Mr dave scowls.

"You might not think it but you have to use protection over those tiny things you call di- penises" he correct himself.

"That's not what she said last night" Calum bursts out laughing.

"I wish my wife would say that about me. We haven't had sex in over ten years" Mr Dave throws his head back.

What the hell? No one wants to know when you and you wife have sex!

Calum high fives every one in Ashton's little popular group. "But no one cares when you horny little shits have sex! So shut up!" Mr Dave laughs at his comment.

The rest of the class period goes by slow. The whole time I couldn't focus on Mr Dave because all I could hear was Ashton and his group talking about how he's fucked most of the girls at school.

The bell rings and everyone jolts for the door. "Before you leave take a condom!" Mr Dave yells while shoving a box in everybody's face.

I take a condom and make a bee line for the door. Only to get shoved to the ground by one of the cool kids.

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