Not Again😞✋




3. Chapter 3: Please don't go

Jack's POV

She stood there in shock. She looked like she's just seen a ghost. She almost fell backwards. I ran up behind her and caught her.

"Are you okay Jessy?" I asked helping her up.

"I-I guess so.." she had tears in her eyes.

"Sweetheart, you're home, Surprise!" her mum yelled, but she could tell Jessy was going to have a nervous breakdown.

"I'm going to my room, I need a minute." she said letting go of me walking up stairs. We all stood there for a few moments then her mum said,

"I'll be right back guys, introduce yourselves." her mum said walking up stairs.

"I'm Jack."

"I'm Luke." The 'perfect' blonde one said.

"I'm Ashton." The curly brown one said.

"I'm Michael." The messy purple one said.

"I'm Calum." The neat brown one said. I knew who Luke was, Jessy used to talk about him. I guess he's a nice guy.

"I'll be right back, I'm gonna go check on Jessy." I said walking up the stairs to Jessy's room. As soon as I got to her room, all I heard was screaming. It was just her mum though.

"Is everything-" I opened her door and found her mum on the floor with Jessy in her hands. Jessy's arms were covered in blood, so weren't her legs.

"Please don't take her, Pleasseee!!" her mum was crying holding Jessy tight. I began to cry.

"We need to get her to a hospital!" I screamed helping Leah (her mom) up. I picked up Jessy bridal style and ran down stairs.

"Jessy!" Ashton yelled rushing to my side.

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