Not Again😞✋




2. Chapter 2: The 'Big Surprise'

Jessy's POV

It was 9th period. I walked into class and sat in the back were mine and Jacks seats were. I was usually the first one in class, I may be a 'bad girl' but I like to get good grades. The bell rang, everyone ran in to class, Jack was the last one in.

"Where's you late pass, Mr. Binder?" Mr. White asked looking at a newspaper.

"Right here, Mrs. Colvin had to talk to me." he handed Mr. White the pass and sat next to me.

"Alrighty class we'll be working with partners for a class project, I'll pick your partners-" he got cut off by his phone.


"Yes, this is he."

"What, okay I'm on my way now." he hung up the phone and started to pack his bag.

"Class, I have to leave, my wife is in labor, you can all have a study hall, but don't mistreat it, I'll have Ms. Phelps come in an watch you, I don't want a bad report, now have a great vacation." he said an left. Everyone started 'WooHoo'ing and yelling. Jack and I just sat there for a few moments and got up and left.

"Hey my mum has a 'big surprise' for me when I get home, wanna come?" I asked Jack walking on the edge if the sidewalk.

"Sure why not." he smiled and nudged me.

"I'll race ya!" I yelled beginning to run.

"I'll beat ya!" he yelled running beside me. We got to my house and I ran through the door.

"Ha!, I beat you!" I laughed then I bumped into someone.

"Sorry m-" I looked up, it wasn't mum, it was Luke Hemmings.

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