20 Letters.

I thought my best friend had committed suicide, 20 letters have now shown me otherwise.


5. Dream

Julianne is standing in front of me.

She's crying, she's pleading, I don't understand what she's saying, and I can't hear the words that are coming out of her mouth.

I try to walk towards her, but she steps back further away from me every time I move.

"I'm not coming back." She suddenly says.

I don't understand. Why isn't she coming back? Where is she going?

A bright, white light suddenly plumes out from behind her. She turns her back to me and faces it head on.

"Don't go in there! It's dangerous!" I scream at her.

She cranes her neck to look back at me. My heart drops when I notice the marks. Dark, swollen, and red marks harshly cover the skin around her neck. I-It looks so painful.

"I can't breathe Alexander, I need to go." I hear her say calmly.

"Julianne, wait!" I shout as I race towards her. "Who did that to you?" I need to see if she's alright, she looks like she's in so much pain. Who would do this to her? Who would make her go through so much pain?

She touches her neck tentatively as she walks slowly into the light. "I don't know, that's what I need you to figure out for me. I'm sorry, but my time on Earth has come to an end, I can't stay here any longer; Good bye Alexander."

I'm so close to her, I can reach her. I'm so fucking close! She disappears before I can pull her back towards me. I shudder as she is completely engulfed into the light and then disappears from my sight forever.

I stare in dread as the light closes in on itself and explodes loudly into the space around me. I drop onto my knees, and suddenly; I'm falling. All of my memories of Julianne fall with me as I drop into nowhere.

I look to my left then and scream. I see an image of Julianne's body lying in the damp, dark forest behind her home. A rope is tied tightly around her neck, a broken branch is attached to the top of the rope, her mouth is hanging open, her eyes are wide, glazed, and blood-shot red; they're staring right at me.

"Look at it Alexander, look at it! What do you see?" I suddenly hear her voice yell to me.

"No! I-I can't!" I scream as I cry.

The memories suddenly all turn to that one image of my best friend dead in the woods. "Alexander, look, please!" Julianne pleads one last time. I can't ignore it, my body shakes as I set my gaze slowly back onto the nostalgic image.

The rope. The rope made it look like Julianne had hung herself from the tree, and that the branch attached to it broke off when she fell, when she died, because her body became too heavy for it to hold her up.

I'm nervously analyzing the rope when her body begins to move. What's happening? It looks like a scene in a movie being re-winded. The image stops moving and I see a black figure over Julianne, its hands are wrapped tightly around her neck. I can't make out what it looks like, it looks just like a shadow. Its hands are wrapped so tightly around her neck!

"Let go of her you bastard!" I scream and writhe, feeling helpless as I watch my best friend die all over again.

Julianne stops moving after a while and lays lifeless on the ground. The shadow suddenly has a rope in its hand. It ties it into a Neuse, wraps it tightly around her neck, and then ties the top to a branch lying a few feet away from her.

I'm speechless. I-I can't believe what I'm seeing. The shadow runs away out of the frame then, and the same image from the start is set back in front of me. My best friend dead, lifeless, cold, murdered.

My throat is raw as I begin to scream in pain at the top of my lungs.

Someone set up her murder to look like a suicide. Someone really killed my best friend.

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