The Story No One Knew

No one ever wondered about those District Two tributes. No one knew their story. Nor did anyone care


2. Chapter 2

I thought about what Cato said. He was the only one in my life who stayed. Never once did he leave. He was the only one here. I sighed. "Cato, you're only 17, who said anything about marriage?"

"It's my mother's alternative. She doesn't want me going into the games. She figures if I have someone I love I'll stay." Cato bent down a picked up a frog. Most of the kids here wouldn't delay to kill it. Even though Cato is the most dangerous Career in Two, he puts it down and continues walking.

By now we have made it to our breakfast spot. It was on the very end of the district's fence line. Beyond it was hundreds of miles of mountains. All of the mountains were topped with snow, but the ground was all green.

I took a quick looked before climbing the tree that branched over the fence. Cato can't climb trees, so he stays on the other side of the fence as my watch. I wait on the Oak branch until a turkey walks by. A small one lurks by right underneath me and I throw my knife into it's neck.

"Clean kill." Cato winks from the other side of the tall electrified fence. "Toss it over. I'll skin it for you."

I push the turkey over fence for Cato to grab. In the process I hit my hand on the barbed wire and blood flows down my hand."Shit." I screech to myself.

"Butters, you okay?" Cato's says with worry in his eyes.

He is said to have no heart. He violently kills everything without a care. They say he cares for no one. Not any of the admirers that surround him at times. I know they don't actually know him. If they did, they'd be saying how sweet and caring he is.

I quickly climb back over as blood drenches my clothes. As I'm about to climb down, Cato shouts,"Jump. If you climb you might get an infection." I  look down and his arms are spread out wide. I smirk before taking a leap of faith into his arms.

He catches me and quickly sits down with his back against the trunk of the tree and me on his lap. He tears a piece of sleeve from his shirt and wraps it around the cut. His long fingers careful tie it in a perfect knot. I just stare into eyes the entire time.

I shake my head and say,"You know, the turkey was more important."

He laughs. He grabs my waist and plops me down beside him. He kisses my lips before standing up. Cato and I have never had a physical relationship, that is when we are sober. The only physical relationship we have had was in a time when we drank till our families were out of our memory. We drank till all we could remember was each other. Those few months were the all time low in my life, and probably without Cato, it would of been a lot worse. We left all that behind, the drinking, the sex. Cato and I have never spoke of it since, nor have we acted upon it. This was the first time.

I wiped my lips and stood up."Uh, excuse me, Cato?" I angrily follow him.

"What?" His deep voice stops me in my tracks. He turns and looks at me, the dead turkey hanging out of his left hand. There is only about 10 feet that separate us. My train of thought disappears. As I look into his blue eyes, another thought comes to mind. I run full speed at him and jump into his arms, smacking my lips against his.

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