snow girl

is a girl about to follow her dream of being a professional snowboarder or will she be distracted by a cute guy who just moved to town?


1. a new place, a new house, a new school

The car pulled up outside my new house in Alaska. I just got here and it looks beautiful, the one thing i'm most exited about is the snowboarding arena. My mom always tells me to stop spending time on ridiculous things like snowboarding and boys but i still want to be a snowboarding champion no matter what my mom says. I walked through the door to my new house and said "it's a fresh start and this time there won't be any mess ups". once i had finished unpacking I talked to my mum in the kitchen about school i asked her "which school will i be starting next month" she replied "I don't know, whatever school seems best around here" my mums usually no help with things like this or in fact anything at all, all she seems to care about is what her friends are up to. later that day i grabbed my snowboard and headed for the slopes, when i got there it felt refreshing to be in a new place, also it was very cold  and snowy. there were a few girls on the slopes wearing the proper gear but the thing is i didn't have any proper gear as i used to live in Miami so we had no snow, which meant i had no gear to ride with. the two girls said "hey come hear we've got extra gear if you wanna ride with us" i said "thanks i'll be up there in a minute, just let me grab something to eat first." the girls came down to the cafe and ordered some pizza with fries and soda, where as i asked for chicken with fries and a lemonade. I collected my order and then I sat down and ate my food, the girls came and sat with me and said "are you interested in joining the snowboarding team" i replied with a massive "YES omg yes, yes, yes." when we all finished eating we got onto the slopes and started snowboarding, then i fell and hit my arm, it wasn't broken but it hurt. After my mini injury I saw someone coming but it wasn't a girl it was a boy, I hadn't seen a boy that cute since my ex boyfriend "leon" but he wasn't that cute he yelled up to us "Hi ladies" and I just looked mesmerised by him the other girls were saying "oohh" and "oo la la" i almost whacked them in the face. 

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