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1. morning coffee

Kim's p.o.v

"Kim!" I groaned rolling over, my 17th birthday was yesterday and I could drive completely on my own now, something my mother loved. She hated living so far out and whenever she realized that he needed something she sent me to drive the 12 miles to town and back to get whatever it was. This time it was a gallon of milk and a pound of butter, figures 7 in the morning and I'm already making runs." You're gonna have to wait." I mumbled half sleepily. I tossed my hair up and applied some quick makeup so I didn't look like some monster from the black lagoon getting her milk and butter. "Kimberly hurry up I want to make breakfast before I have to leave for work!" I snatched my keys from the hook and waved them in my moms face " anything for you your majesty." She's so pushy! " you've it that right," she laughed shoving me out of the house where I hopped into my navy mustang and pulled out. " won't even pay for the gas money in all of this running," I grumbled. I was more than pleased to be driving alone but my mother was such a hound it was now only 7:30 and my Saturday was in full swing. I switched on the radio full blast, I hadn't had coffee yet and something needed to wake me up. " won't act my age no I won't act my age!" I sang along to the music on the radio laughing at how strange I must look to other drivers. I only laughed harder when some poor person did a double take with their coffee at a red light, I watched as figures in the back laughed hysterically at the mans now coffee covered status.

Ashton's p.o.v

"Richard! You've got it all over you mate!" Luke howled at our security guards current coffee stained status. We had been cooped up in our hotel rooms and all the while Calum and Michael wanted to sleep in, luke and I sprung at the chance to go the store for some food. "She was pretty smoking Richard although, I don't think spilling coffee all over yourself is the way to impress," I teased laughing when he flicked some of the drink on me.shortly after we pulled up in the store parking lot next to a navy mustang, "sweet car." Luke admired the custom stripes and leather interior as we walked into the store. " ashton, I'm guessing you can handle getting milk by yourself without causing trouble yea?" Richard tossed me a five and went to get the rest of our list. Get the bread ashton meh meh meh, I laughed at my own stupidity and spot on mockery of Richard before heading out in search of phone buzzed and I took just a moment to

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